11 August 2012 @ 03:03 pm
Fourth Oath of the moment: Only war  
1 On the phone, filtered from drones. Anyone who wishes to learn close combat as an Astartes does, let me know. I have the proper tools now for full instruction now.

2 2237 Stevens Road, back yard [ A huge, articulated metal cage now stands in Garviel's backyard, along with some sort of strange, cybernetic-looking thing made out of pale human flesh and absurdly elaborate metal parts. It has blade-limbs, and a strange visor in the place of eyes, bulked out with gene-bred muscle and metal hoses that run all over the torso, back, arms and legs. It squares off with the huge, unarmored astartes, who is stripped to the waist, the black neural connections of the surgically implanted carapace beneath his skin showing clearly. He holds a eagle-etched Spatha and a roaring chainsword as he growls at the Servitor. ] Level 10, maximum lethality.

3 Makeout Point [ Evening, an armored figure stares down and out over the town, holding a huge cannon-like weapon in his arms, a silent sentinel cast silver in the moonlight. Dare you approach? ]

2 2237 Stevens Road, front yard [ Garviel is out cleaning off a huge battletank, picking some remains of bone and other material out of the treads of the adamantine treads of the Land Raider. The tank is large enough to dwarf the huge space marine. ]
27 May 2012 @ 11:39 pm
Third oath of moment: Wolf at bay  
1.[ Phone, filtered, and the voice is disguised by his helm. Only those who've spoken to him extensively are likely to realize this is Loken ]

I have some questions for you. Which is stronger, fear or hope? I also wish to know, is it better to protect people in compromise with evil, or to oppose the evil, and break it, knowing some of those you would protect will die?

2. Location: Makeout point, time: Midnight. [ An armored figure in white plate stares out over a town, heavily armed and searching for something, anything, really. Finally, he looks to the moon. ]

3. Location: 2237 Stevens. [ Garviel is sitting in the garage with the door open, working with tools on his armor's chest plastron, stripped to the waist, exposing huge, slab-like muscles stippled with neural-access points, as he slowly but surely carves delicate things into the inside of the breastplate. ]

4. The Park [ Garviel is running through his sword practice in full armor, wielding a one and a half meter long blade together with his chainsword, moving so quickly the weapons whirl about him like a silver sphere of death. Dare you approach? ]

5. L'Deplaisant [ A huge fellow in a suit that barely fits him approaches your table, and rumbles in a very deep voice. ] May I take your order?
20 February 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Second oath of Moment: Look to the skies for your salvation  
Action, makeout point

[ An 8 foot tall armored figure is running full tilt towards the edge of the point, a huge armored backpack (even more huge than his previous one), is strapped to his back. What do, Mayfieldians? ]

Action, Zemekis office building An armored figure seems to be flying in an arc towards the top of the office building, jetting from from some sort of backpack device, and lands atop it with a notable crunch. It stands, moving around, and looks down at the townspeople, silent. It doesn't appear to be assaulting the building, or the people, just... practicing. Do you come up to take a peek?]

Action: 2237 Stevens, evening Garviel is unarmored now, just, just staring at the droned version of Flonne with a flat look on his face. His fist clenches, every now and then, and finally he looks away from her, stepping out to his backyard, and looking up into the night sky. ]

Action: The highway. Garviel is cruising along the strip before the highway repeats in his combat bike, pausing every now and then to scan the terrain, obviously doing what appears to be reconnaissance. ]

Phone, filtered to resistance members and his friends: : I know our last undertaking against the town was less than successful. Who is still willing to try again?