25 January 2012 @ 06:17 pm
1st Divine Message  
[Action, Closed; 2236 Stevens, Master Bedroom, Morning]

Closed to Ouka and Kyouka )

[Action for housemates; 2236 Stevens, Kitchen, Morning]

Closed to 2236 Stevens )


[Ouka holds the phone high above the ground, trying to keep it far from Kyouka. With the commotion, it happens to be off the stand, so listening carefully should reveal what they're saying.]

We can't just announce ourselves to everyone in here. We don't even know where we are...

[The other voice on the line sounds like a little girl... a very angry little girl who is jumping up and down to try to snatch the phone from the stupid four-eyes who won't give it to the rightful owner and master of this house!]

Are you suggesting we just hide in the shadows in fear of a brave new world? I, Kyouka-sama, won't forgive such cowardly actions! I am going to let everyone know we are here whether they like it or not!

[And now she's trying to climb up him to get the phone]

[She is succeeding.]

Wha--S-Stop that! You're not as strong here, so you'll get hurt if you fall!

Then it's your duty to catch me, just like it's your duty to hand- over- that- phone!


OoC Cut for Length )
[Action - Kyouka; Around Town]

[Anywhere around town, you might run into a young-looking girl, about three and a half feet tall, running around energetically, harassing drones, inspecting shops, climbing light poles... oh no, she's spotted you. SURE IS KYOUKA, GETTING UP IN YOUR BUSINESS]

So are you one of the interesting ones or one of the super boring robotic pod people? I really don't have time to waste on any more of the latter category, so kindly out yourself, fall to your knees and go into sleep mode if you're just another programmed robot flunky!

[Action - Ouka; Around Town]

Not even America looks like this anymore. This clearly isn't the Great Japanese Empire, but to be in such a place... it's almost like time-traveling.

[Recon time.]

[Ouka's investigating the town, trying to see just what brought him here. Though he won't admit it, his suspicions are not unlike Kyouka's. Among the many people who have something against him, more than a few are mad scientists. Still, only a few of the people in this town could pass for robots.]

[Though this is clearly supernatural in nature, Ouka's main priority is getting out. Reporting to the Bureau can wait until after that.]

[And if he takes the opportunity to see where convenience stores and supermarkets are, well, that's just being efficient and doing two roles at the same time.]

[Anyone walking through Mayfield will be subject to a friendly (if somewhat nervous) wave from him, as well as a few questions if all goes well.]