06 June 2012 @ 01:20 am
☆彡 first shooting star  
[Action; 5721 Cunningham]

[There's something vaguely familiar about this situation as Mato wakes up in the morning, but she initially brushes it off as one of those weird dreams one might have after a late night movie marathon. Either way, this isn't her house, and this isn't her room- where's her calendar and star wall decals? Where's anything of hers? All of this stuff looks way too girly for her tastes.

-- Well, obviously she's been kidnapped as part of some grand scheme... that Mato isn't too terribly sure as to what it involves, just that abducting her was part of it, obviously. After getting dressed in the least girly-looking clothes she could find in her closet, Mato cautiously investigates the house, looking to confront her supposed kidnappers apparently.

Still, Mato can't shake off that feeling of deja vu; why does she feel like she's been through this before?]

[Action; around town]

[Later on, with a basketball acquired through unknown means (though more than likely snagged from a drone), Mato can be found searching for a place to practice. She's still feeling bummed about all of this, but nothing will keep her away from her favorite sport... hopefully!]