26 September 2012 @ 03:27 pm
Case 6: Guesswork/Trigger  
[Action A: John Doe Park: Open]

[Once again, Shoutaro finds himself in the park, a new memory in his hand.]

Why'd they send Trigger? Can I....?

[Having never fathomed using Trigger by itself in the Lost Driver, this was the perfect opportunity to test it. So...without a second thought otherwise...]



[Shoutaro quickly checks himself over as the twangy music of the memory subsided. His body isn't too different than it is while using the Joker Memory. And the Trigger Magnum is clipped to his chest as it should be.]


[Action B: MacCready & Sons Law Office: Open]

[Shoutaro's office is a right mess. Covered in the various pieces of evidence and testimonials he's taken or observed from the town. On the wall is the now larger poster board he's trying to fit this on to.]

Man...Phillip would have my neck for being so sloppy in doing this.

[Come in and bug him about the mess if you want. Or just drop by for a visit...that works too.]
10 June 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Case 5: Machine/Zombie (Backdated to Saturday June 9th)  
[Action A: 3472 Erwin Road.]

I've never heard of mail on a Saturday before...

[Shoutaro is holding a small box in his hand, on the doorstep. Hell examine it for a second, then carefully open it. Out pops a set of keys.]

Huh? Why did...wait. These are MY keys!

[His head snaps up, and he's running to the garage, throwing it open. Inside is a black and green motorcycle.]

Hardboiler. Long time no see...

[Action B: Anywhere in town.]

[Looks like the bike came not a moment too soon. While out searching for a helmet so he doesn't crack his noggin open, he'll spot the zombie outbreak.]

Man. It's just one thing after another.

[If anyone needs help zombie-pounding, or is in need of saving, make yourselves heard.]
20 April 2012 @ 04:01 pm
case 4: Henshin/Hero  
[Action A: 3472 Erwin Road. Locked to housemates.]

[Shoutaro is cleaning a bit on his porch, when he spots a box next to the stoop. He picks it up, spotting his name on it.]

Could this be...?

[He dashes inside to open it up...]

[Action B: John Doe Park: Open]

[Shoutaro is standing in the middle of the park, looking around. He wants to make sure there aren't any people nearby.]

It didn't look damaged...but I should take precautions before needing to use this...

[Since the Lost Driver he received is as garage-made-looking as it looks...and he isn't anywhere near technologically-capable to actually CHECK the driver...he has to test it out. There is literally no way he can really truly just check it.]

Here goes....

[He clicks the Joker Memory.]


03 April 2012 @ 04:30 pm
Case 3: Pranks/Jokers  
[Action 1: Tuesday PM: 1130 Taylor: Locked to Bazett.]

[Shoutaro is poised outside, ready with his note. He sets it down and prepares to ring the doorbell....]

[Action 2: Wednesday AM: 1489 Kramden: Locked to Mae]

That was so much work. Really beings me back though....

[Shoutaro chucks the last TP roll over his shoulder and tosses the note onto the doorstep before ringing the doorbell and bolting towards the nearest hiding spot, leaving the soap bucket by the window.]

[Action 3: Thursday AM: Locked to Mion]

[Shoutaro checks the envelope one last time to make sure things are in proper order.]

Sorry Philip...this isn't supposed to be a dishonor to your Father...

[He throws the letter onto the doorstep and rings the bell, dashing off to hide and watch.]

[Action 4: Open. Location Anywhere.]

[Catch Shoutaro around town!]
28 March 2012 @ 03:33 pm
Case 2: Flyers/Meetings  
[Action 1: Around Town]

[If you are to walk around town today, you might see a flyer on some of the buildings or poles. If or when you read it, it'll go as follows.]

Are you tired of this town's mysteries? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Or are you having some troubles aside from the obvious ones?

Then come to Shoutaro Hidari's Detective Agency. We solve all cases Hard-Boiled Style.

If you have some information about the town you'd like to share, I'm up to building an information network. We can share with each other about what we find. Everyone is welcome to pop in, but people with investigative/minds for puzzles and the like are high up on the list.

We are located in MacCready & Sons Law Office.

[Action 2]

[Shoutaro is sitting with his back to the door, cooly waiting for people to reply. He's even added a nice sign for the agency, which thankfully the drones have yet to question him about (though he IS ready for that eventuality.). If he hears a knock at the door he'll answer.]

Come on in...
15 March 2012 @ 09:16 pm
Case 1: Awakening/Investigation  
[Action: 3472 Erwin Road]

[Shoutaro groans as he reaches up to pull his hat off his face. He remembers falling asleep at his desk. Which at the moment is not feeling like a chair at all. Maybe Phillip and Akiko moved him?

But, moving his hand reveals not a fedora covering his face, but a starchy pillow instead. He sits up, groggily taking in the surroundings. Stark, white ceiling with....really strange-looking wallpaper. A room that he's never seen before in his life. And an even stranger woman sleeping beside him.

He, of course, takes this in his usual, Hard-Boiled stride.]


[Action: Downtown Mayfield]

[Shoutaro has (eventually) found something suitable to wear in his so-called wardrobe, including a semi-decent fedora...nowhere near as stylish as his own several. He's made his way downtown to get away from the 'people' in his house.]

This has got to be a dream. It's just got to be. What in the blazes is this place?

[No amount of posturing is going hide his anxiety, or frustration at waking up in this place. Maybe you can come over and try to calm him down a bit?]