03 May 2012 @ 01:58 am
[Phone; morning]
[ Yes ladies and gentlemen, here's your local tennis-playing diva, coming up with an offer you simply cannot refuse (at least according to Taki). ]

Good morning everyone! Today, I have an offer to make you all.

I do nails, as well as hair, and if I do dare say so myself, I am really good at it.

So what I am asking of you, my dears, would you let me care for your hair or your nails? I would love to do both. Especially now that prom is coming up and Rarity-san is making such lovely clothes.

Ah, and Cain-san, Niou-kun, I count on you letting me take care of your nails and hair until then. Rarity-san, I would love to get a chance at your beautiful mane as well.

[Action; anywhere; most of the day]
[ Taki is wandering around school, and after that around town, checking people out.

Mind you, he's being quite subtle about it -- and then he comes up to you and opens his mouth. ]
Hello sweety.