27 September 2012 @ 01:54 am
3rd point | backdated to 26th  

Yesterday was the worst damn birthday ever. [Guess who sounds the most happiest person in the world today...? Yep, not Akaya.] I got cake and some presents, but what's the point in a place like this?

[Besides, he's still creeped out by his drone-mom being all "My sweetie's growing up".]

On top of that, the rest of my "family" has turned into those damn drones. I'm the only real deal in this crappy house.

[Not pleased. Definitely not pleased.]

This place is fucking stupid. I miss my own family and friends...

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04 September 2012 @ 04:33 pm
2nd point  
[Action: The Park]

[If anyone happens to be in the park after school hours, they'll notice a young guy standing around with a tennis racket on hand. He looks pretty annoyed... then again that's not really anything new with Akaya. He hasn't been in a good mood for a long time. Today just happened to be a really, really bad day.

So, what is Akaya doing with a tennis racket in the park? He could be hitting some balls to the wall near him, but he doesn't seem to be looking in the direction when he serves one.

... and hits a poor drone.]

Whoops, sorry. My hands slipped.

[He doesn't really sound sorry at all. They're just drones. No one cares what happens to those, right? So he'll do it again... and again. The things he says after hitting someone change from "Sorry, I was distracted" to "Ah, I used too much power" and even "Gosh, what's wrong with me today, I'm really sorry."

Well, at least he isn't using his full strength to hit the balls, so it shouldn't be that bad.

Let's just hope he doesn't actually hit anyone and piss them off, right?]
18 July 2012 @ 09:58 pm
1st Point  
[Action: Anderson Lane]

[Akaya has the habit of falling asleep on busses. Well, this is what happened just before he was taken to Mayfield. He was going to school, but instead he fell asleep and went to the last stop. This is perfectly normal as he's gotten that way to an enemy school as well.

Well, this time seemed to be different. He woke up.. in a room? Did he just have a weird dream about sleeping on the buss again? That's what it seemed like. Then he looks around. His room seems a bit different from normal... or maybe he's imagining things. Oh well, no time to think about it! Time to get ready and go to school.

He ends up walking out of the house. He didn't really paying attention to what the place looks like cause he's too sleepy. That goes for his clothing and all the other stuff as well... silly boy.

... it's the outside and fresh air that makes him realize that he's probably not in Japan anymore.]

-- Wh-What is this place?

[Feel free to bug him. He's probably going to stand outside of 724 for a while.]

[Phone: Open]

... hello? Senpai? Akaya here. Are any of you hearing this?

This may sound crazy, but I think I've been kidnapped. I don't have my own clothes and they keep saying I live in this house -- and this is definitely not my house!

It seems like I can just walk out of here, but I'm not sure if I should! So please help...?