22 July 2012 @ 04:18 pm
✰ The Third Fairy Tale ✰  
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►►► 1338 Benny Road (MORNING);
[ Donned with her latest clothing, Amy makes for a certain house on a certain street. It's probably one of the more popular ones, if the Doctor's reputation precedes him, but it's far too long since she's visited with him. While she'll more than likely insist he owes her one for what happened back then, in actuality she's quite concerned with his well-being. It isn't every day that he fails to protect those he loves and she's sure he's brooding around in bed. With the thought of dragging him to Rory's after, she's a woman on a mission, and doesn't let too many things distract her on the way. Short and dismissive to those she comes across, she's proven she's not really in the mood to talk. Once there, she doesn't bother with knocking, instead she's at the handle of the door, jiggling it with the attempt of opening it. Breaking and entering, what a scandalous crime. ]

[ After her visitations of the day, Amy recalls something one of her housemates said to her a few weeks ago. Now that her fingers don't feel as though they'll fall off with a bit of warmth, she's in the kitchen busy working on dinner. On the menu tonight? Shepherd's pie, so don't get too excited. At least it's not fish fingers and custard a television dinner or anything else that's cheap or easy to make. ]

That was weird. [ What a greeting, huh Mayfield? Especially this late into the evening! ] The whole coming back from the dead thing. I didn't think dying was like that at all, but what did I know? I can safely say I've died and come back though. Is that considered an accomplishment? I'm sure if people from the past could come back to life, they would, and then things would get bad. Real bad. Tell me, have you died in this place? What was it like for you?

[ A pause. ] That's a pretty personal question, isn't it? You don't have to answer it. Sorry. Sorry I mentioned it.
27 May 2012 @ 01:39 pm
✰ The Second Fairy Tale ✰  
[ While Amy isn't terribly fond of her job, she's got little choice but to approach the long list of people. With a pile of folded notes in hand, she's decided to skip out on the casseroles and baked goods, carrying instead a bag full of lollipops. Going from door to door, she'll knock and wait expectantly with a wrapped up piece of candy extended towards the door. ]

Gonna be brief, but my sympathies for your poor grades, problems in bed, and or your sick parents. Studying and church is recommended solutions and I've got to get going. [ Really, she's got a long list here. ] Unless you have a real problem, then I guess I can stick around and help.

[ And if you're someone she's already met before, then she's probably taking back the lollipop. Has to save those for the people with the real problems. It makes up for the disappointing lack of advice she has after all. ]

This place is strange. Pretty strange. I've seen a lot of strange things, but this town really reels in some winners. How many of you have met someone for the very first time, but they claimed they met another you from before? That's strange and not to mention rude too. [ Speaking of rude: ] I didn't introduce myself last time and really, I think an introduction over the phone is all sorts of silly. I'm Amy Pond-er-Nightroad I guess now. I live at 1648 Albright Lane and have more than enough children at my age.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's do something fun.
14 April 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Freaky friday  
[A voice comes over the phone. A Scottish, fiery voice, that is sounding rather cross indeed.]

No! No, no, no. I’m going to talk, back off Pond. Shoo.

Yes, hello, Mayfield. The Doctor speaking. Fun day, isn’t it?

And by fun I mean rather uncomfortable and slightly disturbing. Go to bed and you wake up in your mother-in-law’s body. Okay, make that extremely disturbing. I’ve always wanted to be ginger but not like this. I suppose that’s called cruel irony, isn’t it.

...Right. If you see me toddling about Mayfield, it’s not me, it’s a mad Scottish ginger inside my body. Ignore anything and everything that she... er I say until this is sorted out.

[ The sound of a struggle may be picked up by those with keen enough hearing. After a minute or two, there’s heavy breathing that might belong to the Doctor. ]

Just shut up. Shouldn’t you be more focused on trying to fix this than whatever damage to your reputation I might do?

Speaking of your body, is it always supposed to feel this weird? Okay, okay, I think I’ve got this breathing thing under control now. And your hair just won’t stay out of my eyes, er, your eyes! Oh, I can take off this ridiculous bowtie too and there’s not a thing you can do to stop me.

Don’t touch it!

[The girl’s voice sounds as though she’s trying to fight for the phone.]

I had to regain that, you know. Can’t just pop on down to the store and buy another one. And my hair? What about your hair?! It’s all long and red and... getting everywhere.

And your clothes! Completely ridiculous. Tight and itchy. How do you do anything in this skirt? It seems ridiculously short. You ought to invest in some trousers.

It’s not that short. Besides, it’s better than trying to choke yourself with this thing. You can just regain another later on, alright? Oh!

[There is a crash and the phone clatters to the floor. The sound of shouting and scuffling on the other end.]

[Action-Outside 1338 Benny Road.]

[“Amy” and the “Doctor” are sitting on the porch. Both of them are disheveled and carrying a few bumps and bruises from their previous scuffle. At the moment they’re both scowling, arms crossed, and determinedly glaring in opposite directions. Though "Amy" seems rather unable to stop playing her ginger locks.]

Kindly don’t damage my body anymore than you already have Pond. I already have to deal with spring and I’d rather not have any bruises. By the way, how’s that going for you?

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✰ The First Fairy Tale ✰  
►►► 1648 ALBRIGHT (HOME);
[ Amy Pond was a girl who had grown used to seeing the world throughout time, so it didn't come too much of a surprise when she woke up in a strange town. Vexing, but not alarming. What might take her by surprise could be a number of things held within the confines of this house. People who she's surely never met before, strange items she's never happened upon in her entire lifetime, and the decor. Definitely the decor. It doesn't take her long to discern the basics of the situation. The technology (or lack of) indicates she's on Earth (hopeful at least) in the 1950's. The photographs show her that she's a mother of a house full of strangers and that man holding an arm around her is certainly not her stupid-face. Housemates and common visitors to this residence may discover a woman in her early twenties with coppery hair checking every room and every single piece of paper for more details. ]

Doctor! [ A lady with not much of a Scottish accent boldly exclaims the word as though it were a proper greeting. ] It's a bit too soon for this kind of joke which is everything but funny! You hear me, raggedy man? [ There's a pause, as though she's considering just how stupid it was to yell over the phone with the hopes he'd hear her. ] Ahem.

I was told that everyone in the town communicates through these phones. That every call in this manner can be heard by every individual at the same time. If that's the honest truth, then I need some answers. First, I suppose, is seeing if there's anyone else who's stuck here. The Doctor, Rory Pond-yes, that is your name while I'm this sour with you, and River Song. That sounds about right, doesn't it? [ Another clearing of the throat follows. ] Second, I need a tailor because I'm tired of floral already.

[ Well, it doesn't take her long to get the full story on Mayfield and the strangeness behind it. Not wanting to risk being droned, she'll do what she can to not stand out. Throughout the town of Mayfield, one might find this woman engaging in any of the following activities:
(A) After being informed over phone (quite the passive aggressive chewing out she might add) that she really needed to do her part as a good neighbor and as a member of the Mayfield Ladies' Club, Amy is now browsing through the market. She's paused in the frozen foods section with a box of Gorton’s Fish Sticks in hand, murmuring under her breath that they're called fish fingers, not sticks.

(B) Are you a recent addition to Mayfield? Well, it turns out that Miss Amelia Nightroad apparently "missed" coming to your home to make things better the week before. That's why she's here now with a wooden basket full of various jams and muffins. With an unfolded piece of pink stationary in her other hand. She'll glance at it and then back towards whoever answers the door. After a pause that can only be described as awkward, she'll shove the basket right towards the other party.

(C) Towards the later evening, she can be found swinging in the park, looking up towards the sky. She seems fascinated with the sky and lost in her own thoughts all at the same time. ]