15 May 2012 @ 12:12 pm
first diamond -- action  
A: 772 Bunker Street. Early morning.

[Dearest housemate, you may or may not notice the shapely blond pawing through the closets with a disgusted frown on her face. And yes, she's currently clad in nothing but her underwear, muttering darkly to herself.]

First I get swept away to who knows where- [Her eyes unfocus slightly as she tries yet again to access her frustratingly nonexistant mutation.] I'm completly powerless, and without a stitch to wear.

[She drags a hand through her hair, glaring at the very full closet of dresses and cardigans.] Fantastic.

B: Around town. The Afternoon.

[Emma is now picking her way through town, a look of disdain upon her face. In her opinion, she's currently a fashion nightmare, but she's still looking pretty well put together.

... Come say hi?]