13 March 2012 @ 07:13 pm
3rd Miauen  
 [Action - All around town]

[A certain catboy is up to his usual routine, walking--or teleporting--around looking for mischief.

What one is likely to notice, though, is that today Schrodinger is wearing a Hitler Youth uniform. If people didn't know he was a Nazi before, it should be obvious now.

He's likely to approach anyone he sees and give them a friendly greeting.]


It has come to my attention that many of you seem to have great difficulty understanding the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment. I'm almost starting to get bored of explaining it! [Except not really, because he's found that the results of trying to explain it to people in Mayfield are often hilarious.]

So, let me ask...how many of you are already familiar with it? 
28 January 2012 @ 09:33 pm
2nd Miauen  
[Action - All Around Mayfield]

[Hello Mayfield! The Major may be dead, but his loyal messenger sure isn't! And Major or no Major, he's always up for a little mayhem. 

Now that he has his teleporting back, you're likely to find the catboy popping up all over the place--in your garden, in your shower, in Caesar's room...and if you happen to be dying from old wounds resurfacing, Schrodinger may stop to watch. He certainly won't offer any help, either; he'll just smile and offer a patronizing word or two.

Even if you're not dying, he may stop to offer a patronizing word or two, actually. Especially if you've been noticeably altered by Mrs. Johnson or you're someone the Major harasses on a regular basis; because without him around to do it, who would?]


[There's a few seconds of...purring? Yeah, it's definitely purring...before Schrodinger begins to speak.]

Trouble in Valhalla, eh?

[He chuckles.]

It's good that they're fixing that then, isn't it? I want to personally thank all of the test subjects for making it possible!