08 June 2012 @ 07:56 pm
[General Store - Friday, early afternoon]

[ Nitori is loading up on food - and by food, she's getting cucumbers. You may see her in the vegetable section, weighing each and every cucumber in hand with a close eye. Go up and bother her? ]

[Greased Lightning Garage - Friday, Late Afternoon]

[ Since she can't exactly go into the hardware store (they just laugh at her!), Nitori has taken it upon herself to peek on the mechanics at work. It's better than taking her family's car apart again! ]

[Around the Neighborhood - The Weekend]

[ Nitori is getting desperate for something to kill the summer with, so she's going door-to-door and knocking. Maybe someone will have an odd job for her... or at the very least some scrap metal. And each time the door opens, Nitori will jump and smile sheepishly. ]

G-Good afternoon! [ She waves nervously. ] I hope I'm not intruding!

[Phone - Private to Hayate Yagami]

Good evening Miss Hayate-San! I'm sorry I haven't contacted you sooner! Have you started on my project yet?
14 April 2012 @ 11:39 pm
[913 Bilko Boulevard - Friday, early morning!]
[Anyone living in or around 913 Bilko Boulevard will notice it.  Indeed, it will be very hard to overlook what the little Kappa has been up to!

The car that was sitting in front of 913 Bilko Boulevard the night before is gone, it's parts scattered haphazardly.  Nitori is sitting crosslegged on the lawn, with a few tools scattered around her. She looks very invested on her work, with her tongue pressed firmly between her lips.

... w-well, she was planning on putting it all back together again!!]

[Elementary School - Friday]
[Unfortunately Nitori still has to go to school.  In fact, after her fiasco with the - y-yeah - she is all but shoved out the metaphorical door and out on her way.  Which is fine with her!  A place where the humans go to learn?  How interesting!

... However, it appears that her family has neglected to tell her where the high school is, and she couldn't be bothered to ask for directions.  But that's okay because she's found the Elementary School!   That's good enough - right?  It's elementary after all!  Get it?  Elementary?  Heheh - 

Nitori wanders the hallways nervously, eyes darting around at all the humans (most of whom are much smaller than her - odd).  She has a dress on that clashes with her bright blue hair, a hand-me-down bookbag in one hand and a dingy baseball cap firmly place over her head.  

She keeps rumbling around until, eventually, she has to stop someone.   Because... she has no idea what she's supposed to do?]

... Excuse me - [Dramatically flings book bag over shoulder.]  I was told that this is where the humans go to learn, so if you could kindly point me to my sensei, it will be much appreciated.

[Around Town - Weekend]
[ Ever get the feeling that someone - or something - is watching you?  

Don't worry, that's just Nitori.  Watching you.  Why is she watching you?  Because you're interesting to watch, that's why.

You're free to notice her.  Or not.  You're also free to lead her on a goose chase around the town. Anything really.]