12 August 2012 @ 11:55 am
[Well, this call's calm at least.]

My family. It appears they are all drones. And this is... not the same house. The date has changed...

I don't understand... has something happened? Has the town done something again?

[Is time pulling another trick on her? Goddamnit, time. stop that.

No. Wait. Pull yourself together, Aigis.]

... My name is Aigis. I would like to confirm that I am still in Mayfield... and how long it has been. My... memories are... confused. [Why the fuck is she in a different house?]

If possible, I would like the locations or the fates of Minato Arisato-san and... Kaito-san. [The robot one, but who'd know that. And she won't call him that over the phones. She has a longer list, but ahaha, those two get the first check.]