11 August 2012 @ 06:13 pm
4th [action/phone]  
723 Anderson
[Outside of this humble abode sits a car, Corran, and his astromech droid, Whistler. Corran has Whistler rigged up on a stand so he can look down at the car's engine in the same manner Corran is.

Both are fiddling around without issues until there's a loud POP. Corran jerks back and Whistler floops off his stand, screaming and hitting the ground with a THUNK.

Corran rushes over to right the droid.]

What happened there?!

[A very....rude noise comes from Whistler.]

What do you mean it was my fault?

[More indecipherable twittering]

Of course I remembered to ground the battery, see? [nope]

....oh. You need to remind me about these things. I've never seen something be so primitive yet so complicated.

[He looks at the droid, which hoots triumphantly.]

We're never going to get this done, are we?

Phone Call
If anyone has any idea on how to overcharge a car so I can get more speed out of it, let me know. The hunk of junk moves too slow for my comfort. I just can't figure this out and having more speed would be nice.
10 June 2012 @ 06:39 pm
3rd [Action/Phone]  
[Action around Mayfield]
[The Force is strong with this one, thanks to regains. Unfortunately, telekinesis was never strong with Corran and moving a pebble was considered a great achievement to him.

Telekinesis would have been nice to have right now. Pushing the zombie-like things away from him would be nicer than lopping their heads off with his lightsaber but he has no other choice. Using the Force to enhance his reaction times, strength, and speed was something he could do very well though. Especially since he was a surprisingly good lightsaber duelist. It must have run in the family.

Still, he ends up having to talk to himself...or anyone that is nearby, Corran supposes. It doesn't need to be too awkward.]

It sure would be nice if [SLASH] these things ever got tired. The running [SLASH] thing kind of wore me out first. I'm sorry if I know you but I'd rather not die either. [SLASH] ...maybe if you actually died in the first place. [The ones he cut down just moments before keep pulling themselves to their feet or dragging themselves along.]

[Phone Call]
Is there anyone out there who's got some kind of organized resistance going? Protect those who can't fight, stave off any problems before they happen, that kind of thing? Just tell me where to go and I'll see if I can give a helping hand. Hopefully I don't end up getting the short end of the stick before then.
09 April 2012 @ 04:48 pm
2nd [Action/Phone]  
[Action/723 Anderson]

[At 723 Anderson, Corran finds a familiar silver cylinder in his mailbox.

Oh yeah.

He pulls it out carefully and gives it a look up and down before even considering to flick the enticing switch that's on the cylinder.]

Can't be...

...then again, I can't imagine that many people telling something untrue so, well, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

[Flicking the switch, the silvery blade of the lightsaber flares into existence with its characteristic snap-hiss. Corran throws it through a few loops and moves, the blade whooshing and humming along the way. Then he twists the handle and the blade grows to three times it's normal length.]

That's more like it. Looks like they even fixed the burnt out crystal inside too. [A few more swings.] Yeah, now we're talking. I just need some more practice...
07 March 2012 @ 01:52 pm
1st [Action/Voice]  
Action for 723 Anderson
[What was with this place? Until Corran was entirely sure, he was keeping his mouth shut on things that weren't exactly public knowledge. You never know when another clone of Iceheart would pop back up and start interrogating people again. Seeing the tricks she tried before, Corran wasn't beyond thinking she would throw him on a technologically backwards world.

Whatever the circumstances, he peered around inside the house and outside, keeping an eye out for bugs and other surveillance devices. All he found was the communication device. Taking a deep breath, he called on some Jedi patience but he had to do it without any force abilities because he was cut off from that for some reason.

What he would do was sit here on this porch and call out to people. Those who answered could answer questions. That was good enough for him.]

No Whistler: Check.
No Lightsaber: Check.
No Force: Check.
No X-Wing: Triple Check.

I'll have you know that my X-Wing was personal property. If I have to drown whoever stole it in red tape to get it back, I'll do it. While I'm filing the paperwork, it'd be great if you told me where you're hiding the ysalamiri. Nice new trick with those, by the way. I figured someone would start using them sooner or later in mass.