17 July 2012 @ 02:57 pm
2nd Spare - Normality  

The familiar is supposed to be comforting, right? But humans adapt pretty quickly, so what's "familiar" can change in a short amount of time...

Well, I can't say this is unfamiliar.

To those who don't know: Feferi and Grimsley have been droned. Permanently, as I'm guessing by their lack of distinguishing features. Well, Grimsley's hair is still a bit silly, but the princess really is a lot less interesting as a human...

To those who do know: Do Soul Gems dim here? If you don't know what one is, you're better off not asking.

That'll be all~ Have a nice day.


[You might see Nico wandering around town. She's wearing non-50's clothes and at intervals pausing and holding up a light blue gem topped with a hexagonal design in her hand]

Not here either... I suppose that's a good thing. Unless it's broken.
12 May 2012 @ 12:55 am
1st Spare - What Will I Do Without the Internet?  
[Action; 5722 Cunningham Lane]

[There's a moment of shock when she wakes up, but realizing there's no immediate danger, the sensation passes. In any case, this is a strange situation.

Examining her room and area, she can't find any of her possessions. Was she kidnapped? This doesn't even seem like Japan though... and at such an important time too.

Oh, well.

In any case, Nico is wandering around the house calmly scoping the place out, though her quick movement belie some of her concern with the situation]

Hello? Anyone here?


[The first thing heard is a rather bored monotone voice of a young girl:]

Ah, oh no, what a frightening witch's barrier I seem to have fallen into.

Just kidding. It's pretty obvious this is something else... so who else is here? I don't really think I'm special enough to warrant kidnapping just me, so are the rest of you girls here? This is certainly an unexpected twist.

...I can't believe I'm using a phone with an actual dial on it.

[Action; Around Town]

[There's a young teenage girl being harassed by a pair of drone boys around her age. The reason? Rather than a dress, she's wearing shorts and a hat that clearly got swiped from some drone boy's closet. While the drones call her a tomboy and childish insults for not dressing like a girl, she just stares off with a bored look on her face.]

...you're really kind of annoying, huh?