23 September 2012 @ 02:34 am
A: 1447 Mitchell Road, backdated to Friday

[For a change, mail in Mayfield is almost like mail at home, and Canada's actually quite pleased with the parcel she opens at the kitchen table. It's just a hat, really, a cute little beret France gave her, once upon a time, but it's good to see it. Her mother had mailed it to her initially, and now it was getting back to her via mail. Sometimes things go well, at least.

She's just going to be wearing it over her braided pigtails for the rest of the day, from pancakes onward, don't mind her.]

B: phone

Hello, Mayfield. I don't suppose anyone knows what might happen if someone here were to, for example, attempt to set fire to any important structures the locals like to keep us out of. I'm just a little curious.

[She's just a little 'hasn't set anyone's house on fire lately for the greater good', she means.]
08 August 2012 @ 10:11 pm
01. (return)  
A: 1447 Mitchell Road

[There's a small, bewildered moose in the kitchen, a large maple tree in the front yard, and a nation with a polar bear patiently knocking from the inside of the master bedroom door.]

Nederland? Hilda? Is anyone around?

[Although she's not sure why she's here again, even after years, her memory's sharp enough that this isn't terrifying, not like it was the first time. Just slightly bizzare. At the same time, there's a little bit of hope for her, too, to think she might see some of her friends here again.]

B: phone

[Canada clears her throat nervously, some time later in the day as she does her preliminary checking up on everyone.]

Um, well, don't worry if you don't remember me, but I seem to have been brought back here, after quite some time. Or... not very much time, by Mayfield's calendar. Anyway, it's Canada, and I really hope everyone's doing alright here.
15 May 2012 @ 09:01 pm
vierentwintig - Mother's Day  
[It was startling to wake up this morning.  Not only did he feel off, Mother's Day marked just past a year since he'd arrived in Mayfield.  A year of time . . . it was a short amount, to a nation, but long to be away from his people and home regardless.  

. . . and then Holland remembers last Mother's Day.  A day where he spent the majority of it being compelled by a certain girl with bright pink hair to do whatever she asked.  He hadn't seen Nena since . . . was it Valentine's Day?  Possibly, since he remembered feeling as though they were good friends, under Mayfield's influence.  After all, the last time he'd seen her before that she'd shot out the windows of his house.  He still had the gun she'd given him, too. 

And that's why he's going to try as hard as he can to slip out of bed and out of the house without meeting Canada or Hilda.  It doesn't really go as planned though.]

A - for housemates at 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Good morning.  That was just the sound of notdad tripping over a polar bear in the hallway and falling down half a flight of stairs.  The hell, Kumarie.  She was usually in bed with him and Canada.]

B - Open to all - around town

[Now that he's feeling about as awkward as he possibly can, it would be a great time to run into any other ladies he's gotten to know in town.  He might even be compelled to wave a greeting, only to quickly shove his hand in his pocket and look away, embarrassed.  

What, he didn't say anything.]

C.  Belgium's house -  5718 Cunningham - open to all residents

[He just wants to see his sister.  And maybe bring her half the tulips in his front yard.  It wasn't half, but it was a lot.  Holland might even let himself into the house and arrange them all in the kitchen, where he'll start to make something tasty, stirring something on the stove.]

22 March 2012 @ 07:00 pm
A - 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Holland had regained a good number of things in almost a year of time in Mayfield. He had two rabbits now, his old friend Poffertje and another one of his pets, Soesje, both rabbits named after cream-puff like pastries. At least Poffertje was happy; he needed a lady-friend.

He'd also gotten by with comforting items like his pipe, his scarf, and even his coat . . . and this morning he gets something more. There is an envelope shaped like a card in the mail, and when he opens it on the porch, he's greeted by a picture of a field of tulips. For a moment he's distracted by the flowers, the relaxing colors and they weren't laid out too badly either . . . it definitely looked like something from home.

And that's when he hears the loud crashing and shouts from the kitchen. He'll run into the house, only to be met with an enormous pile of tulip bulbs filling the kitchen.

He could use those. ]

Don't damage them!

B - Mayfield Elementary School

[Holland is going to walk his new notdaughter Romana to school. In the cute little dress that Canada picked out, with her cute little pigtails she's. . . well, still Romana, but cute. Eat your heart out, Spain.]

C. Phone - Morning

For anybody who knew Italië Romana, she's back now only she's very small and she's living in my house now.

Spanje, you can't come over.

D - The Pharmacy

[Holland is hard at work, or hardly working depending on the time of day. For now, he's stocking shelves, a seemingly endless job. Now would be the perfect time to talk to him and ask him about his awkward personal life.]

E - Phone - Afternoon - to all

I'm staring a gardening business, because it sounds like a lot of people want to learn. You can come to a free demonstration at my house, 1447 Mitchell Rd. at 10 A.M on Saturday. Free pancakes.

[ooc: There will be a log for this. Also he may or may not have discussed the pancakes with Canada beforehand. . .]

17 March 2012 @ 04:06 pm
A: phone

I know not everyone here is from Earth, but today's Saint Patrick's Day and I for one am far too fond of Ireland to spend it sober. It's just disrespectful not to drink, really. [And she hasn't had a drink in forever, which just seems weird in and of itself.] So who's in for meeting me at the tavern? Wear green.

B: Olney's Tavern

[The beer here is awful, of course, but there'll be a peppy, slender blonde with a green ribbon in her hair ignoring the fact that women aren't "supposed" to be drinking and looking like she's trying to drink the whole town under the table. If she can get anyone to join her in a round or two of decent drinking songs, that'll be happening. It's only respectful, you know. Not that it's fun at all.

Come join her?]
17 February 2012 @ 11:11 pm
A: 1447 Mitchell Road

[After a peculiar week, Canada is determined to end it well for the household, which means being up bright and early to make breakfast, before anyone else is usually up. That done, she gets the drone child up, then heads to Hilda's room, to knock at her door.]

Hilda? Breakfast is ready.

[Netherlands can do what he wants.]

B: outside 1245 Williams Road

[She had wanted to come visit with Taiwan, to check on her and the cafe and make sure things were all back to Mayfield normal. But then she ran into Taiwan, not herself in that depressing way drones always were. Now she's just standing out front with her polar bear and moose calf, looking rather upset.]

C: outside 1447 Mitchell Road

[The best thing for blues associated with a droned friend? Tree time. Thankfully, Canada had regained just the perfect tree earlier this week, and so along with the generic local tree that used to be there, the front yard of her house is now sporting a gigantic, sprawling sugar maple tree. It's bare for the winter, but buds are starting to sprout where the leaves will be, given a few safe months.

Today (and all weekend, more likely than not) Canada can be found up there, curled up between the branches and watching people go by.]

D: phone

Hello, umm... I was wondering: what's everyone's favourite thing to do to cheer themselves up? Especially if they miss someone. Or a lot of someones. Do you think that requires anything special? Or will the normal sorts of cheering up do?
01 February 2012 @ 11:11 pm
A: 1447 Mitchell Road, backdated to Jan. 31

[She was missing yesterday, being operated on and stuck in the factory with all those other poor souls, so when she finally makes it back to her house the next day, she's looking a little ruffled around the edges, but not unharmed. Physically.

She certainly does seem confused when Kumarie and Moose want her attention, though. Animals are cute and all, but not really her thing.]

B: phone, backdated to Jan. 31

[Well it sounds like Canada, but the tone is a bit wrong. And way too loud.]

Hey everyone! I know you're all freaked out over the horrible things going on around here, but I wanted to promise you that the heroine is on the case and I'll have everything back to normal in no time. You're all really lucky to have me, you know, but how grateful you'll all be when I fix this will be thanks enough.

Stay strong, Mayfield!

C: around town, Jan. 31, Feb. 1

[If you look like you're struggling at all, or even just sad about whatever activity you're performing, you'll suddenly have a blone popping up, trying to assist you.]

Here, let me help!
25 January 2012 @ 07:46 pm
A: 1447 Mitchell Road

[Canada doesn't feel well when she wakes up, but so long as the bear's not acting funny, she's not going to worry too much. At least not about herself. Her housemates seem to be a different story.

So Hilda, don't mind if she winds up fretting over you at breakfast. You probably need it.]

B: phone

Rather than getting angry about people doing stupid things, I just want to open up my home to anyone who wants someone looking after them today. I don't know what's going on, but if you're all suffering anything like my housemates, I've got training as a nurse. I can help, at least to keep you comfortable. I'm on Mitchell Road, at 1447.

[There's a little pause, and then some self-indulgent worrying, because the situation warrants it.] And, umm, has anyone seen America recently? Is he still a drone?

C: around town

[If you're on Canada's Worry List (don't worry, you get automatic inclusion if you're from the British Empire, or Romana, or her adopted humans here – Lan Fan and Ilsa, among a few others) and she hasn't heard from you yet today, she'll be making the rounds to try to check on you, even though her cough has started to be considered "consistent" and she's looking pale, even for a nation that's about half snow on a good day. She's diligently ignoring how sick she feels to make sure of everyone else, though.]