11 October 2012 @ 07:47 pm
2nd robbery - Phone  

They're seriously begging me to rob them, dammit!! And why are there no trains here?! I need trains! I need plains! I need guns! I need to get moving! I'm goin' fuckin' crazy! I haven't been stationed in one place without being able to go anywhere since I had this heavy fever and shit! Kid! Dammit! Where is that bastard! Aaaah!! Where the hell'd my smokes go!? I want to travel! Feel a horse's saddle under me and leather creakin' and though I dun like the posse, they're better than this! I'm going crazy at this damned boring place!!  

17 July 2012 @ 10:39 pm
1st robbery - the fuck's this shit?!  
A – Brooks, 7133 – Housemates only

[ So somehow, he found himself in a house after that... party... And he still have no idea of where he is, because hell, he never got any answers from that bartender. ]

Fuck, ain't there any booze in this house..?

[ Yeah, he's currently looking after alcohol. Not that he knows what a fridge is, so when he come across it, he'll back quickly and stare into it. What the hell sort of fucking monster is that? ]

[And it's in this predicament Latvia can find his new not!dad; completely confused, wanting his gun to shoot that weird thing, and he'll most likely cause the kitchen table to topple over soon. ]

B – Phone – Open

So this is what a ”phone” looks like? How do they even work? We sure as hell never had any in Utah when I grew up - even if I heard it being mentioned later - and there never were any in Bolivia, either.

The fuck's up with this shit, seriously!

C – Outside the Mayfield Bank – Open

Banker?! They want me to be a fucking banker!?

[ That is indeed shouted out in the middle of whatever crowd is there. ]

Why the fuck'd they want me as a banker?!

[ Because damn, he is - was? - famous for being a bank and train robber, for god's sake! ]