25 July 2012 @ 02:31 pm
[Loosha has been in a bit of a down mood ever since the carnival began. First, her friends were gone and she was lonely. Then, Luke came back with half his hand missing and a really sullen attitude that she just can't seem to shake him out of. Of course, she hasn't tried everything yet. And so that's what she's setting out to do: Try Everything.

Of course, she doesn't know everything that can make humans happy, so she's trundled out into town to do some people-watching. She figures there's no harm in doing so since everyone already saw her at that party. It's research!

So, what are you up to, Mayfield? Whatever it may be, this stories-tall dinosaur-manatee-seal-walrus-thing is very curious and is not being subtle about it.]
17 June 2012 @ 10:52 pm
my parents are deaaad  
[Loosha wakes up in the lake, and finds herself in a very strange mood. Like... like she loves ALL OF THE HUMAN MEN, and she doesn't care who knows about it! It's very empowering really, and she wants to exercise it. And so...

Today Mayfield's men may find themselves inexplicably pestered by a large sea creature. You may see her flopping up your driveway and opening her mouth to spit out a bunch of fish on the doorstep, then slap on the door with her flipper while squeeing.

Or if you're out and about, she may saunter up and try to give you a ride on her back! Because everyone wants to ride a dinosaur right, it's totally not kidnapping.]
15 June 2012 @ 01:12 am
[726 Anderson Lane]

[Look around, Puzzle Party Death family. The pictures in your house have been replaced, and they are quite peculiar. One features Luke opening a Christmas box with Lil' Slugger peeping innocently over his shoulder as a tiny manatee pokes its head out of the box. Another shows Edward in the park, throwing a frisbee as a normal-sized manatee... somehow sails through the air after it. And then, there's the one of Susan, smiling proudly next to a gigantic dinosaur manatee, who is balancing a ball on her nose at the Mayfield-Westport-Plainsville tri-county dog show.

Also, the backyard fence is broken, and there is a big fat belly trail that seems to have been dragged across a few other yards.


[John Doe Park]

[Are you going out on the lake on this nice summer's day? If so, you just may be in for a lit-tle surprise...]