10 August 2012 @ 05:57 pm
Kitty-robics! Cats-ercise! Nya-thletics!  
[Action - 1649 Albright]

[There's a package on the doorstep for Nyanpire, but it's several times larger than him. And heavy, very heavy. He's trying his best to shove it inside so he can open it, but there's no real progress being made. It's stuck against the bottom of the door frame.]

Help! I need help! Nyaaaaaaa!

[Action - Park]

[Mayfield was a pretty scary place. The phone had some people saying some pretty serious stuff. Something bad could happen to his friends and any moment, and he didn't want that! He'd have to protect them! And the only way to do that, tiny-tiny as he was, was to get stronger. Up until now, he hadn't been too sure how to go about this. But he had just gotten back the giant pile of fitness gear and health products that Masamunya had bought for him. So now he was gonna use them! And get strong! And protect everyone!

So there's a little kitty with little kitty-sized weights on his legs, and a sweatband on his head, and a wagon full of highly questionable vitamin supplements nearby. The kitty is working out quite hard, doing side lunges and squats and running around in circles... and occasionally just falling over and panting and looking quite exhausted.]

N... nyaa... it's hard to be strong...
01 July 2012 @ 02:04 am
Indigestion Strikes  

N...nyaa, I feel terrible... [Are you at all familiar with that 'urp'ing sound that cats make when they're about to throw up? That's the sound that's coming through on the phone. Urp, and urp, and then... yeah.

Then there's a bit of pitiful whining, before Nyanpire speaks again.]

Greed... Greed told me it wasn't good for me, but... but I ate the pie, and the hot dogs, and... and the milkshakes, and the pie... Nyaaaa, I'm sorry.... It tasted so good...

[Action, 1649 Albright, Saturday afternoon]

[Getting something in the mail was normally a joyous occasion. At least, it was for Nyanpire. It was always a little piece of home that made him smile and was even fun, like his yarn or his favorite ketchup. But the box that was waiting for him contained a simple green candied apple.

The one Masamunya bought him at the summer festival. The one that he hadn't even liked.

Nyanpire wasn't even sure what emotion he was feeling now, but it wasn't a good one. It was a completely lousy one. So there he sits on the front step with his candied apple in his paws, taking the occasional sad and sulky lick.]
02 June 2012 @ 03:30 am
Behold the Dark Nyanpire  
[Action A - Around Town, Daytime]

[This morning was a bad morning. And today was a bad day. Where did his DARK POWERS go? Where were his minion-kittens to boss around? This whole thing sucked, and he was gonna take it out on everyone today.

Nyanpire is mean and out for blood in a completely non-adorable fashion, Mayfield. Pet at your own risk. He's not gonna ask before he drinks, oh no no no.]


Animals of Mayfield! I'm tired of being treated like a pitiful-pitiful pet. You are, too, nyaa, I knyow it! We're way better than almost all the humans in this place! It's time for us to have a REVOLUTION!

[This would maybe be a bit more inspiring if it weren't in a tiny little voice... but this tiny voice means business. There's the sound of something thumping on the other end of the line.]

The Animal's Army of Mayfield is gonna assemble! And we'll be running this place in NO time, nyaa! Come to the park tonight, nyaa, and show me if you've got the stuff to RISE UP!

[Action B - Park, early evening]

[The Dark Nyanpire makes good on his promises. He's on a bench in the park, frowning in a kittenish fashion, keeping a keen eye out for animals ready to take up the banner of REVOLUTION.]
22 April 2012 @ 09:20 pm
[Poison Joke] - Extra Helpings Today!  
[Backdated to April 20th - Afternoon, Around Mayfield]

[It was all the fault of that bucket of flowers at Ilsa's place, but that wasn't really so bad. Another day as a human? Okay! He liked being that cowboy guy. So he'd be himself, but also human, and it'd be fun!]

Nyaa, I'm human♪, huuuu-maaaaan♪, it's so nice-nice, gonna have a straaaawberry miiiiilkshake♪....

[So yeah, he's skipping through town, having a dandy time.]

[Same day, Malt Shop]

[Still, just because you look human doesn't mean the town thinks you're human. They're not letting him in to order that strawberry milkshake.

He is very sad. He is standing around outside and moping and pouting and whining. This wasn't a fun thing, after all.]

N-nyaaaaa, not faiiiiir....
14 April 2012 @ 01:05 am
Are Cowboys Cooler Than Vampires?  
[Action A - General vicinity of 1444 Mitchell, Morning]

[It was pretty upsetting, to wake up in the wrong bed, in the wrong house, full of drones treating you funny. For you see, being a cat, Nyanpire was used to being regarded as a pet by the drones. But they were calling him "dad" and "dear" and it was really freaking him out.

Also, the being a human thing was freaking him out, too. A whole lot. He's on the front lawn, still in his pyjamas, staggering around and flailing at the air and making a huge fuss.]

This is all wrong! Aaaah! Wrong, wrong, wrong! HEEEEEELP! Ilsa! Edward! Ilsaaaaa! AAAANYONE!

[Action B - Around Town]

[Alright. Alright. The flipping out had been gotten out of Nyanpire's system. He had gone back inside, managed to get dressed (though the buttons on his shirt were done up unevenly and he forgot to zip his fly), and was now going to make the most of being a pretty big human dude.

For instance, he was gonna walk ALL AROUND THAT GROCERY STORE and NOT GET KICKED OUT. It's pretty awesome. He has like, a dozen bottles of ketchup in his cart.]

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02 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
The Prankpire Lurks  
[Nyanpire didn't really get the survey he had to fill out. And he didn't really get the message he received in the mail. But hey, he didn't usually get mail, and if he was getting mail, then it was probably important that he do what the mail said. Pranks? Tricks! He could play tricks! He could be sneaky-sneaky and play lots of tricks....]

Locked to Netherlands )

Locked to Yamame )

Locked to Ran Fujimiya )

Locked to Thrall )

Locked to Panty )

After the pranking, 1649 Albright Lane

[Pranking is hard work. Nyanpire is half-asleep on the front porch, stretched out and basking in the sunshine. Maybe... maybe he'll play more pranks on his friends when he's all rested up...]