22 April 2012 @ 01:53 am
Four ❅  
Outside 1651 Albright Lane, early morning.

[Today, as Victor woke and checked the mail as he always does (however futile it may be, with all the mail being fake bills and what not), he received a letter from the post office. He cautiously opens it and no sooner is met with a large case appearing in the middle of his lawn. But this isn't just a steel case - it is a display case. A display case holding a suit of armor within it.

Victor isn't doing anything with the suit he sees just yet. He is only examining the large case with it inside on his lawn. Though he does end up going back inside quickly for his freezing gun, just in case someone tries to tamper with his equipment. Or...at least he thinks it is. It looks like something he would design.


Has anyone ever been returned something they did not previously own or recall owning? Something from their future, perhaps could be the best way to put it.

[Because he has quite the conundrum on his hands with the new suit of armor that was delivered. The design and the bulk are structured similarly to his own robotic armor and yet this new one is far advanced beyond his years.]

Albright Lane; Night time

[Victor isn't a fool. He knows well that there are wayward stragglers wandering around at night, as often as they wander around during the day. But, he's less worried about them and more worried about being pestered by drones. So, it's better to do this at night. Not like anyone can do much to him.

And thus outside Albright Lane at night, if you happen to live on the block or just passing by, it shouldn't be hard to notice a subtle blue glow coming from the front lawn of 1651 Albright. Upon further inspection it appears to be a man in a large robotic suit, squatting down on one leg in front of the lawn. He seems to be tinkering with the mechanics of his suit and the lid that covers his face is completely shut. His eyes too are obscured by goggles and it may be hard to discern that the man behind the covering is actually Victor Fries.

If you wait long enough he will stand up and begin moving around the block, albeit slowly. He also takes out his freezing gun at one point and aims it to a tree by the roadside, blasting a ray of ice at the wood and covering it with a thick layer of ice. All the while the goggles he wears turn bright red when he tests the gun.

Equipment working at normal levels. All readings are normal. Thermal activity is normal. Tree bark frozen at negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

[His voice when speaking comes out mechanical and yet there is a very distinct deepness to it. It is not a voice a drone would ever possess. He has to be honest with himself - this feels rather nice. Having his equipment back and not having to live in it to survive. It is something he can become accustomed to.]

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03 March 2012 @ 09:25 pm
Three ❅  
[So today outside of 1651 Albright Lane, you are going to see quite the sight if you pass by.

Ice sculptures all decked out across the front lawn. Yes someone has been busy and he's still working on one as you nay come by. All of the sculptures vary in size, but the shape is consistent - the figure of a woman, with hair up to her shoulders, carved in all different manners. The drone wife ended up putting something sweet with his dinner and now Victor has reverted back to the days of his youth. A young man in boarding school, studying cryogenics and lovestruck over the woman he wants to marry someday. And finding the freeze gun, one thing led to another and ultimately to the creation of all these statues. All of them nicely made, for his assumingly amateur level of sculpting.

Gawkers and onlookers are welcome, along with anyone who may want to speak to the strange acting man with a heart of ice, but no touching of anything is permitted. Less you want to have consequences, then by all means. While Victor has not yet reached his breaking point and turned into a villain, he is not going to be appreciative of someone trying to break apart his mini-monument garden of Nora. Also he's wearing a pair of spectacles, as seeing without them can be rather difficult, and is dressed in a dark blue winter coat. Needless to say, something strange is occurring.

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28 January 2012 @ 02:01 am
Two ❅  

I'll make this short. [Says a detached voice through the grainy phone speaker.] Yesterday, Friday the 27th, Mayfield conducted experimental surgeries on a batch of residents. If you saw missing people, that is where they were. I don't know how many were there, but it must have been more than a dozen at best. Surgeries were --

[His speech is cut off by violent coughs and what may sound like something being hacked out of his mouth. It only lasts several long seconds, before he goes on. His voice is still detached as before.]

-- they did things to us purely for the sake of torture. There was a female doctor who said as much, in more 'professional' words. My memory of the operation is still clouded, but my body is rejecting whatever she did. If nothing else, I will be dead soon. If not, then it will only be because they intend to make me suffer.

I don't know if more people will be taken or not, but that seems like a good possibility. You will awake the next morning in an old building with everyone else in a room not fit for post-operation treatment. There does not seem to be much to find. To save yourself unnecessary grief you may want to stay in the room you awake in. But, if anyone who was there on Friday did find something, you should make clear of it.

If there are going to be more people, then they were likely already taken.

That is all I know on this matter.

[He coughs again and clears his throat before slowly continuing.]

...I have request. I need a medical aid who is properly trained to take blood samples with a syringe. I will give you payment if necessary.

[Phone; Filtered to Karina Lyle]

Have your memories been returning?
14 January 2012 @ 12:48 am
One ❅  
arrival to mayfield, skippable )

Action; During the nighttime sirens forward to the 16th

[As soon as he leaves 1651 Albright Lane, he immediately begins walking around the town, looking for people to speak with. Maybe someone here can help him decipher what is going on. Surely there will be people about with the sirens screeching as they are.

...Though he will naturally be wary at first. After all he is an escaped criminal, though not of his own will. But he doubts that many people will even recognize him without his suit or...well icy exterior so to speak. So if he sees someone who doesn't look like some sort of authority figure (which may as well be anyone not in a police uniform or a bat suit) he'll try to get their attention with a shoulder tap. Though his voice will be low regardless and doing his best to hide his facial features under the hat. Which may not help given the loud sirens.

Excuse me!

Phone; Morning of the 16th

So I take it sirens won't be screeching every night? It would be hard to sleep under those conditions if we are seemingly trapped here. And I am assuming there is no way to make one of these fake people leave a bed?

[A frustrated sigh. He goes on.]

I don't know why I'm here or who sent me here, and I'm sure you have as little knowledge toward that. I don't really care. But-- [He pauses, trying to contain his voice and keep it leveled as possible. Being in his not destroyed body is making him feel a lot more human than he use to feel.] --But, if you happen to see a petite blonde woman named Nora for whatever reason, can you tell her that Victor is here? I ask of nothing else.


Also I assume one cannot change their occupation? I doubt I would make a very suitable guidance counselour for the youth of this dollhouse fantasy you call "Mayfield".