01 February 2012 @ 12:08 am
second punch  
[Williams Road; backdated to the 31st]

[After leaving the laboratory, the first thing Ichirin does is swing by her Mayfield home and pick up Unzan, her familiar, who hadn't been sent to the laboratory with her. If you're in the same general area as the house, you may encounter her in the street before she reaches her destination - she looks miserable, and she'll regard anyone she meets with heavy suspicion.]

[Anywhere around town; backdated to the 31st]

[She's retrieved Unzan, who is now floating behind her looking concerned, and heading in any direction that looks good to her. By now her paranoia and depression have entirely consumed her thoughts, and the urge to commit violent acts is bubbling underneath, ready to spill over at any time. She looks just as unstable as she feels, with a pale face and nervous expression, though nothing else seems to indicate anything is wrong.]

[ooc: Picking EITHER of these options can potentially result in Ichirin (or, if she has him, Unzan) attacking your character, as she is extremely unstable! The second option in particular is POTENTIALLY FATAL, as Unzan is far more powerful than Ichirin is right now, so be warned!!]