15 August 2012 @ 07:10 pm
♫ Ninth Song: IT'S A TRAP!!  
[ACTION] at the park

[There is a wooden box, which is big enough to store a teenage body in, propped up by a stick. Said stick has a string attached to it, but never mind that! LOOK AT THOSE CARROTS UNDER THAT BOX! Free for the taking!!

If one were to pay attention to that silly ol' string, one could find Gakupo hiding in the bushes, waiting for his prey. He looks pretty determined!]
11 July 2012 @ 01:15 pm
♪ Eighth Song: Aftermath  
[1335 Benny]

[Gakupo made it out of that awful place barely alive and functioning. Rin and Len had taken him to the hospital to get the necessary care he needed. Severely dehydrated, malnurished, and overall in crappy shape. He has been in there for a couple of days, but snuck out. There is still something bothering him.

He still hasn't seen Gumi yet.

Not wanting to leave such a task to anyone else, Gakupo goes to her house to see if she's there. Hopefully unharmed. He knocks on the door, and whoever answers will encounter a weary looking man with purple hair.]

[On the way home]

[He's walking pretty slowly. What a lazy pace! But you can't really blame him. He takes a rest on a nearby bench and sighs in relief. Wow, walking is hard.]

[1331 Benny]

[He's home, and in his room. Snuggling an eggplant.]


Did everyone... [He trails off.] Are there...

[He stops again and sighs, continuing after a moment's pause.]

I hope everyone that was stuck in that...horrid carnival, is alright.

Lucas, I seemed to have lost the prize you gave me. Or it disappeared. Somehow, the latter seems more plausible. In either case, I apologize.
13 June 2012 @ 06:05 pm
♩Seventh Song: Aftermath [PHONE] [ACTION]  

It seems that I wasn't myself a week or two ago. I want to apologize for being such a jerk and hanging up barbecue covered meat all over the place. And setting off fireworks. Oh, and if anyone sees my marbles anywhere, I'd like them back.


[Around town, he set up a small booth, giving away his eggplants in apology for being an evil mastermind. He looks pretty sad as he polishes one in his hand.

These are his babies!]
01 June 2012 @ 04:30 pm
♯Sixth Song: The Man of 256 Faces  

[1331 Benny]

[Upon finding himself in an unfamiliar town and unfamiliar clothing, 256 thought this was a delightful change of events! Who cares if he doesn't know what's going on! As long as he could have fun with it, then why not? Upon changing into a suit he found in a closet and tying back his hair, he explored his new area.

He found a picture of himself, some other boy, and...HIS NEMESIS!]

My old friend is here? Excellent! All the more savory shall my victory be!



[There are several pieces of uncooked meat hanging from trees all over town. Pork chops, steaks, sausage links, chicken thighs, and bacon strips. They're all dripping with barbecue sauce that included seven herbs and spices.

Just to throw that darn detective off the trail, he throws in several trampolines, marbles on the ground, chewed bubble gum on doorknobs to most homes (his jaw is tired!) and a few garden rakes for innocent bystanders to step on.

All the while he's firing off firecrackers he made himself. They're extra colorful and LOUD!

Have a lovely day!]

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07 May 2012 @ 04:15 pm
♭Fifth Song: My People! Lend Me Your Ears!  

[Whether it's in front of your house, in front of the supermarket, next to the library, near the park, or in the hair salon, there is a Gakupo sitting on a chair with a guitar tuned and ready. Next to him is a sign made with purple lettering:


[He's ready to dish out some tunes!]

(ooc: Gakupo is anywhere in Mayfield. Just specify in the subject and I'll roll with it! /o/)
20 April 2012 @ 06:30 pm
♬ Fourth Song: Poison Joke. The joke's on him! Again!  
[1331 Benny]

[Gakupo is busy sprucing up the living room table with a vase of blue flowers he found outside his home. They were beautiful, and thankful for whomever planted them! Within the next few hours, Gakupo finds his world very different! He only felt woozy for a moment, then BAM!


What's going on?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!


Can anypony help me?! Twilight, you seem smart, FIX ME!!

[The sound of something falling over and thuds and crashes can be heard all of a sudden.]


[Around Town]

[Anyone can catch a purple pony running around, enjoying the wind in his mane, and the thunderous gallop against the pavement. Being a pony rocks!]
03 April 2012 @ 08:40 pm
♫Third Song: Pony Pranks [Backdated to April 1st]  
[Phone Call] For Poland

[In a nasal voice]

Congratulations, Sir or Madam. You've just won a Free Pony Ride down at the Park! Please claim your prize in the next thirty minutes! Bring photo ID!

[Letters] For the Vocaloid family!

There's a birthday party we need to perform at in a little over a week! We need to decide a setlist. Please meet at my place April 4th! There will be snacks!


[In Gumi's letter]P.S. We're all doing the same amount of songs.


[MEANWHILE, Gakupo is doing what Len suggested and is now wearing a purple dress with a yellow, wide brimmed hat and large, round sunglasses. With his hair down, he does pass off as a girl easily.

He doesn't want to become a drone! Bad enough he already thinks he's lost his memory.

Curently, Gakupo is shopping for eggplants. He's running low on them at home.]
05 March 2012 @ 09:45 pm
♪ Second Song: Juggling School + Home life  

[Gakupo, dressed in an ensemble courtesy of Rarity, seems to be a high school music teacher, and what better way to introduce...or...reintroduce himself than with a song.

He wastes no time in trying to find any electric guitar (which is rather hard, he finds something) and setting it up in his classroom. He even came early to do so. Gakupo busts out this melody, rockin' to the beat and not caring how odd he looks.]

[Option B: 1331 BENNY STREET]

[He looks weary, as he walks back home.]

How do humans get through the day on one charge? Is it the food they eat?

[Option C: PHONE]

Are eggplants in season here?
17 February 2012 @ 10:00 pm
♩ First Song: Clothing  
[Gakupo is staring at a reflection of himself outside of a shop, because one moment he just went out to meet a friend, and the next he's in an entirely different outfit. He panics and looks around for...something! Anything! Where is his cellphone?!

He checks his person. Nothing...except for a paper with an address on it. What is this for?

Gakupo spots a payphone and runs to it, slipping inside quickly and picks up the receiver. Oh, right. No money. Well, the operator must be able to help him, right?]

This is the operator, how may I direct your call?

Ah, yes, I need a bit of help. [He looks down at himself before continuing.] I think someone stole my clothing!