09 September 2012 @ 09:19 am
second hunt | backdated to after Day 3  
[ACTION, 749 Partridge Drive, Sept. 5]

[So, here's the thing about killer drones: when you go up against a mob of them armed with only a knife and another knife sticking out of your shoulder, there's a good chance you're going to die. Even if you've got a witch on your side. Sam's learned that lesson the hard way, but now he's waking up in his bed, in his house, and sucking in a deep lungful of air.

He's alive. He's alive, which really shouldn't be possible. But then, he's seen and heard a lot of strange things, both in and out of Mayfield.

Still, there's no denying the fact that he was dead. Nor is there any denying the fact that he can barely feel his pulse, and when he sits up, he has to grip on to something to steady himself, his sight blurring for just a moment before it clears up as he tries to catch his breath. Then the mother of all headaches comes on.

Housemates, your newly resurrected not!dad is trying to make his way down the stairs, though he's looking a little pale. Which is pretty difficult when you're suffering from a headache, shortness of breath, and trying to fight off unconsciousness.

Everyone else, feel free to visit him over the next few days. Just expect to see that he's...not doing so hot.]

[ACTION, Mayfield High, Sept. 8]

[From all the chatter his drone kid has been directing at him while he's been sick, he's got a job at the high school as a teacher, which means that as soon as he's feeling better (or at least can stand for long periods of time without falling over), he'll be showing up for the first time at work.

Anyone who comes into their Social Studies class is sure to be in for a surprise, because Sam is sitting at his desk and reviewing the lesson plan, with "Myths, Legends, and How They Affect Various Societies" written on the blackboard. He's still a bit pale--death will do that to you--but at least he's feeling better.

As soon as everyone's sitting down, he stands up.]

Uh, hi. First things first, I'm Sam Winchester, and I'll be your Social Studies teacher for the year. [He pauses, just letting the words he's just said sink in.] We'll be studying various myths, legends and various kinds of lore, and see just how it's affected society. So, I'd like to hear at least one or two from you guys.

[Actually, this is kind of just an excuse to get his mind off of the fact that he died and to record at least some lore. Especially the ones that feature monsters and how to kill them, just in case he runs across one.

Other teachers are free to encounter him either in his classroom, writing something down in a notebook, or in the canteen, where his food looks more or less untouched as he goes over what he's written down, or even in the hallways, where he's leaning against one of the lockers and just breathing in and out.]
16 July 2012 @ 06:24 pm
first hunt  
[ACTION - 749 Partridge]

[The first thing Sam sees when he wakes up is a roof and four walls, which is enough to startle him awake. The last thing he remembers is entering a diner, then bright light, then--nothing.

He figures Yellow-Eyes probably has something to do with it, and the thought makes him clench his fists. But a quick survey of the room (and, for good measure, rummaging through the drawers) turns up a big stinking pile of nothing, not even weapons. The closet? Full of clothes from the fifties. And there is a woman next to him on the bed, which is doubly weird.

What the hell?

So, after hastily getting out of bed and throwing on some clothes, Sam will commence searching through the house for something, anything. At some point, he'll also find the salt and start sprinkling salt lines all over the house for good measure.

It worked before.]


[So he doesn't have a cellphone on him. That's fine, there's a telephone in the house. Granted, it's as fifties as the rest of the place, but it's still a telephone.]

Hey, Dean? Bobby? Can you hear me? I think I'm stuck...somewhere that looks like it's from the fifties. Could be Yellow-Eyes, but I sorta doubt it. [At this point, he'd say, "Call me," but there's no trace of his cellphone anywhere. He's pretty sure it's because it didn't fit with the fifties theme.] And don't worry about me, either, I'm fine.