03 May 2012 @ 01:53 am
◊11th Ride◊ Alien Youth  
A: 773 Bunker Street

[Varon sighs as he grabs his books for school. It's not a dejected sigh but rather a sigh of frustration. He really isn't looking forward to getting fitted for a suit. He's been listening to the others in his class talk about it with excitement. This wasn't something that he could get excited about. He looks at the tickets in his wallet and shakes his head with his eyes cast up the ceiling.

He knows his not!father is a chaperone. That isn't the problem. His reputation is going to be blown sky high in a grand explosion of probably being laughed at for his dancing ability, something that he had to learn as an assassin and another useless skill that his former employer made him learn. He hopes that his not!father thinks that he needs lessons...which might be inevitable.

He quickly closes his wallet and shoves it in his back pocket in a hurry. Out of sight, out of mind. He grabs the car keys and walks out the door. His nerves are so high on edge he skips breakfast and hopes to dodge the inquisition.]

B: Mayfield High

[The same conversations he hears over and over again fall on deaf ears. He's at his locker and he's doing his best to ignore the drone girls swooning and hoping that he would ask them to the prom.

Varon rolls his eyes while he scans his books. The same questions follow him.]

Do you have a date? I would like to go with you.

Not gonna happen.

[He slams the locker closed and walks away.]

C: After School at the tailors

[Varon sits in the waiting area with a newspaper covering his face and torso. He isn't looking forward to this at all. He hopes that his name is overlooked and he could go home with the excuse that they didn't have his name on their list.

It's not that he's unfamiliar with it, it's just the opposite. Back home, he had to be fitted for suits, but it's not one of his favorite things. If it isn't for Fujino, he would have left a long time ago and forget the whole thing.

The dreaded moment arrives and his name is called...]

D: Back to 773 Bunker Street (evening)

[He enters the house and places the keys on the hook. He didn't bother to pick up the phone this time. He walks straight into his room and closes the door to hang up the suit.]

This sucks.
12 April 2012 @ 07:35 pm
◊10th Ride◊  
A: Morning @ 773 Bunker Street

Yo! You gonna want these drivin' lessons or not!

[Varon only offers once so anyone in the house that wants them better take it or he'll change his mind and not offer it again.]

B: Mayfield High

[It's pretty much the usual scene. He's trying to avoid fights this time with the Drone Boys that stayed in their little gangs. He's not in the mood to mess with them this time. He's already missed a lot of school from a nasty bout of the flu. His ribs are still hurting from his previous fights but doesn't show it.]

C: Mayfield Hardware

[Varon is already behind on his project since his illness and he's still feeling the lingering fingers of that fever. He was never this sick before. He coughs but moves on. It wasn't anything dire, just annoying at best.

He picks out a toolbox, more tools and a cutting torch. His other tools were starting to show signs of wear and some were broken already from the use. He drops them on the counter to pay for the hardware.]

Make it quick.

Right away, Mr. Ushiromiya.

[Varon rolls his eyes. He can never get used to that weird last name as the cashier rings up the order. After the order is rang up, two men came to give Varon a hand in putting the items in the car. At least service hasn't suffered like it did in his time. He slipped a five bill to each of them and nods them away.]
24 March 2012 @ 11:02 pm
◊9th Ride◊ Electric Dreams in a Blackened Sky  
Action to Bunker Street to start then to the rest of the neighborhood.

[Varon has started his training in full force now that the weather has been warming up and so has he. The ghosts didn't bring him down and never will. His spirit isn't broken in anyway. He starts off with a warm-up on the front lawn with some shadow boxing and stretches. Being the weekend, he has a lot of free time.

After a few minutes of good and solid stretches, he starts off on his run through Mayfield.]
16 March 2012 @ 01:31 am
◊8th Ride◊ Hole in the Sky  
A: [Mayfield High]


[Everything seems okay with the Aussie teen as he walks through the halls. On the surface, he seems cool and collected but below the surface is a raging storm about to collide on the shores of tranquility at any mentions of drones. His home life isn't going to so well since he feels alienated even when he tried to reach out to them on more than one occasion.

He gathers his books from his locker and slams it shut, startling the drones that surround him. the only things good in his life are Fujino and his building projects.]


[The quitting bell rings and he's waiting for Fujino as she gathers her things. All during class, he was not only quiet but he hasn't done anything to cause any trouble. This is uncharacteristically rare for him.]

B: [773 Bunker Street]


[The morning time, he hasn't prepared anything for the family like he generally would and his morning workout is in the garage this time and not his usual jog around the neighborhood. No one bothers to talk to him anyway so he quit trying.]

After school:

[After his usual routine of taking Fujino home and spending some time with her, he returns home and says nothing. He hangs his keys on the hook next to the door and goes straight into his room.]

C: Around Town Evening

[Varon finally comes out of his room and goes for a run. His energy level is high but his mood is less than cordial. The drones don't even get a sideways glance their way from the teen even if they were being polite and offers him a good evening. He eventually stops at Fujino's house at the end but anything in between is fair game.]
01 March 2012 @ 11:41 pm
◊7th Ride◊ From the Inside [Phone]  
[Private to Olivier Armstrong]

Yeah, this is Varon. We met briefly and you gave me that work-up 'bout the town after you shoved milkweed under my nose. Sheppard said I'd be a good candidate for the Resistance. I'll be brief.

She's seen me 'round on campus and interviewed me. I got plans worked up...mostly notes about what's goin' on an' things. I've been a prisoner when I was thirteen so you don't have to worry 'bout me crackin' under pressure. I've got somethin' worth protectin' here and I'm wantin' in.

A call back is appreciated.

[Private to Asagami Fujino]

Um...this is the first time I ever did this but I wanted to wish you a good night. I'll pick ya up in the mornin' for school.

[Open to all]

Listen up. Anyone so much as touches Fujino will have to answer to me. She's mine, got it? Anyone got a beef with that, I'm all ears.
27 February 2012 @ 12:29 pm
◊6th Ride◊ 29 Ghosts -- I'm Going Mad [ Monday post droning]  
[Action 773 Bunker Street]

[Like any other morning, Varon woke up early this time he is in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone and not just for himself. Yes, this also includes Sgt. Frog, Varon affectionately calls him.

Setting the plates first, he begins his preparations. In a large way, Varon is making up for his destructive behavior.]

[Fujino's House / Before School]

[In his hand he has a neatly folded piece of paper. He taps the paper to his thumb as he sits in the car outside her house and debates if he should give it to her or not. Deciding against it, he puts the car in park and turns it off. He'll handle this personally instead of using a letter to take care of his problem.

Approaching the front door, he confidently knocks on the door.]

[Mayfield High / lunchtime]

[Varon went about his business as usual. He internally guarded himself in case anyone started rumors of his droning. He thinks about the conditions and his actions. He didn't want to think that he is that soft but maybe it is something that he hid away ever since he was little.

He thinks on a possible way to balance the two. Now that he's not under the influence of the Orichalcos, he takes his time thinking. He picks a spot away from everyone, waving off and ignoring everyone around him.

While he munches on his home prepared sandwich, he takes out his notebook and pen and begins writing.]
25 February 2012 @ 03:17 pm
◊5th Ride◊ Give me a moment to find my peace.  
[Action to Household / Saturday night]

[Varon has tossed everything off his shelves from the fake soccer trophies to the pictures of his supposed teammates and friends. Everything about this place feels fake and he can't stand looking at it anymore. The false smiles, the pretense of having a family...all of it.

He growls and punches the mirror of his dresser that causes his knuckles to bleed from the glass shards. He doesn't stop there. Next, he takes the trophies and throws them out his window, causing even more glass to fall. All the frustration and hate he feels from this place is enough to cause not only damage to himself but to his supposed belongings.

Drones passing by stop and stare as one trophy zooms past the head of one by stander as he yells out.]


[They didn't move. This passive display the drones give sends Varon over the edge once again this time he vaults out the window and running toward the drones. His bleeding knuckles balled into tight fists.]


[Just then they break and scatter with the girls screaming in a highly dramatic fashion. Varon stops his pursuit and watches, making sure they never return.]

[Action around town / Sunday afternoon droned]

[Later that afternoon, Varon is picking up some items at the hardware store to fix the damage he did to the house. He's smiling with that fake plastered smile and he's humming some happy little tune. He's even polite as he passes people by.]

Good afternoon, folks. Church was swell today.

[To make matters even worse, he's wearing sleeves on his shirts, his hair is combed out and he has on a tie.]
18 February 2012 @ 10:48 pm
◊4th Ride◊ Backdated to Saturday Morning  
773 Bunker Street and neighbors (meaning all who happen to pass by and notice)

[Varon has set up the barbecue grill with the intentions to have a little fun while he works on the car. Seeing that it hasn't been driven in a while, the gas has gone bad in it since it has a fifteen day limit before it begins to separate. He has two 5 gallon jerry cans filled with fresh fuel from the gas station and a can of ether to clean out the carburetor for priming.

His intentions are to flush the entire fuel system out, clean the plugs and hope that the seals didn't go bad. He managed to start it up once and took it to the part but the idle was way too rough to stay running for long and had to push the blasted heavy car back home.

Before he starts working on the car, he starts up the grill. While he waits for the coals to cherry, he starts his trek into the garage to get the needed tools. This is the type of work he lives for.]
15 February 2012 @ 03:41 am
◊3rd Ride◊  
A: 773 Bunker [Action to Household and anyone that sees.]

[Varon got up early to make himself breakfast. He took the advice he received from Olivier and a few other veteran residents. At least he views more than one answer of the same value as the truth and purchased milk from the store. He's been craving it immensely since the milkweed was given to him that broke the daisy's hold on him.

His actions in the kitchen were not only for himself but for his little sister Yui if she decides to come to breakfast. At the very least, it was something for him to do as he thinks about what he's going to say to Fujino when he sees her. Everything just felt weird. He made scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. It was a simple breakfast and he skipped the danishes.

After he finished, he cleaned up his mess and made the plates, setting them on the table. He started his meal in silence. He did his reading assignment as he ate, slowly turning a page and taking mental notes. It wouldn't take him long to write out his essay for history. History comes easy to him.

Once he finishes off his plate, he closes his book and cleans up his plate. Today was soccer practice and he needed to have his head clear.]

B: Mayfield High Morning [Open to anyone]

[His bag is clutched tight in his hand. He didn't want to make a scene so he arrived to school early. He took out his soccer ball and began juggling it with his knees on the yard. Every once in a while, he would kick it against the brick wall off to the side, taking careful aim not to hit the windows.

Once the ball came back, he kicked it up again to resume his juggling exercises with his hands in his jacket pocket. Eventually, a crowd did gather to watch him but he paid them no mind as he continues.]

C: Soccer Practice [Open to anyone.]

[Varon has been chosen captain and had his team work on wind sprints along with him. Being one of the fastest on the team meant a lot of pressure is put on him to keep the team going. He sometimes would have to carry the team if one decides to drop, which does happen when one of his teammates misses the ball.

He swooped in and took the ball from the opposing team that threatened a move and kicks it out from the other in a sweeping slide, pushing the ball out of the way to another teammate. He rolls out of the way in order to avoid being trampled. The coach blew the whistle to stop the play and calls Varon over.]

Son, that was an illegal move.

What are you talkin' about? I didn't touch it with my hands! It's perfectly legal!

Not for high school soccer it isn't. You put yourself in danger and that's not allowed.

Tch. Whatever.

Son, you've got to be more careful out there.

Yeah. We done?

You're good, but remember that to keep those stunts to a low roar.

[Varon rolls his eyes and jogs back onto the field.]

C: Everywhere

[Varon is roaming around, getting his bearings of this town and has materials for the camera project. It's mostly scrap metal that he managed to find and other parts in a burlap sack. This is only the beginning and he has every intention to start fabricating the inner workings. He has already constructed the body. Now it was getting everything else put together to make the camera work. It keeps him busy and sharp to his future fabrication projects. He didn't want to lose that skill.

Fighting is just another thing to pass the time and the cuts on his face proves that point. He has two now that he's sporting from his fights with Naruto and Almaz. To him, it's just another day. He's free for pestering since he's out looking for what seems like random things.]
13 February 2012 @ 11:05 am
◊2nd Ride◊ Is this...  
[Action to 773 Bunker to Mayfield High]

[Daisies, white daisies are everywhere in his room. He doesn't do anything with them other than try to ignore the flower. Where they came from didn't matter to him either. He liked them so that stood the reason why he never threw them out.

His eyes glance around to find his satchel. Surprisingly, his room is clean except for a few pairs of stray socks littering the room here and there. It's a habit that he can't seem to break that stems back to his early childhood.

He sniffs the daisy with a smile. Somehow, it brought back some very good memories. He really didn't want to get rid of them. He shrugs and picks up his things for school and opens his door.

Breakfast consists of an orange, a glass of grapefruit juice and toast. He didn't feel like eating much and he suddenly felt the urge that he was late for something. He looks at his watch, gobbles down the toast, grabs his bag and runs out the door.]

[Action] Mayfield High

[Mid-day, Varon can't seem to concentrate on anything. His chin is resting on his hand with a very bored expression. His eyes keep track of the clock. Lunchtime is approaching but it's not food that's on his mind. He had to see Fujino again. His restlessness soon manifests into fidgets and doodles on his school work.

Murmurs and whispers with a few passed notes here and there about the star soccer player offers little to break him from his day dreaming. Once the bell sounds, he grabs his bag and runs out the door.]

[Phone After school]

Got a question for ya. Do you know if Mayfield High's holdin' a dance for Valentine's Day? I missed mornin' announcements.
11 February 2012 @ 12:23 pm
◊1st Ride◊ Another Day [Action to the Ushiromiya Family and Bunker Street]  
[Varon tears through his room and grabs all of his shirts from the Polos to the short sleeved casual shirts. His own t-shirt has the sleeves ripped off the moment he discovers it. He knows he's not in Doma Headquarters or at his shared beach house. This place...confuses him.

After throwing all his shirts onto the bed, he starts his hunt for anything sharp to cut off the sleeves. Nothing looks comfortable to him at all despite the weather outside. The moment he looks around the house he stops and stares at the family portrait.]

What. The. Hell?

[He approaches it slowly and at first he thinks it's just another trick the Orichalcos pulls when he is sleeping. He's had dreams like this before but seeing the portrait with his supposed little sister in it, his eyes widen and he tears through the house in panic.]


[This dream is way too vivid to be a dream. He's feeling what he's feeling and his gut is telling him that something is very wrong.

He throws open the front door to see a quiet suburban neighborhood. He is definitely not at home.]


[The Australian teen is definitely not in the mood for games.]