19 October 2012 @ 04:41 pm
32nd Magic Bullet  
[Mayfield's been uncharacteristically quiet lately, and while that's definitely something to enjoy, it also has the unfortunate side effect of being incredibly boring sometimes.  So today, Yuna has decided to make a bit of her own fun now that fall is in full swing and there are plenty of leaves on the ground.]

[Action; Saturday morning]

[From mid-morning into early afternoon, Yuna can be found out in the front yard of 2237 Stevens Road busily raking leaves.  In fact, she's also venturing into the neighboring yards to rake up all of theirs too.  Slowly but surely, over the course of a few hours, she'll have a pretty impressive pile built up in the middle of the front yard.]

[Action; Saturday afternoon]

[Now that her pile is ready, there's just one more thing to add to make this picture complete - a miniature trampoline she happened to find in the garage.  Yuna drags it over near the leaf pile, grinning the whole time, and then kicks off her shoes and gets to bouncing.]

Hehe, this is gonna be great!

[Action; five minutes after the previous prompt]

[Unsurprisingly, it looks like things didn't turn out quite the way Yuna thought they were going to.  She's sitting in the middle of a shallow pile of leaves, groaning and rubbing her behind.]

I thought they'd be softer...
27 August 2012 @ 09:26 am
Follies in Cooking  
1. [Action - Rin's Household]

[Rin was feeling adventurous in her cooking that day, as she mixed together a bunch of things in her marinade. A little of this, a little of that, some wine, maybe a lot of wine. She was working on making a sauce from the wine too. When it was all done, there was a faint blush to her cheeks as she had tasted some of it, and continued to taste all through cooking.

But it was just cooking right? Nothing for it!]

2. [Action - Anywhere in Town]

[Rin was giggling as she stumbled, leaning on the fence. She had definitely gotten drunk on the fumes and the constant taste testing and she was leaning on a fence, trying to get herself steady. Her cheeks were flushed and if she knows you, she'll probably give you a happy smile and a biiiig hug.]
09 August 2012 @ 09:55 pm
Investigation 14: They Really Shouldn't Give Her So Much Free Time  

Since the library is completely useless, I've put together some basic information on Earth history and the political climate in 1950s. Hopefully it will help explain some of what the town tends to talk about. If you're interested, I'm at 2238 Stevens Road.

[Action: 2238 Stevens]

[Anyone interested in taking Sarah Jane up on her offer will be greeted at the door and let into a living room filled with random electronic bits and bobs]
22 July 2012 @ 06:39 pm
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Hajime goes out to get the mail this morning, and, to his surprise, there are two small packages addressed to him. He knows others have been getting things back from home, so he quickly takes them inside, parks himself at the kitchen table, and opens them up to take a look. At this point, he's not too worried about any potential disastrous effects from his packages--he's already gotten back the worst of what he could regain.

The first, slightly heavier envelope, contains an assortment of odd-looking playing cards. He's clearly pleased as he flips through them; he almost has all of his cards back now. Only the Royal Undead are missing, and as far as he can remember, he never had the King to begin with... The second envelope was roughly the same size, and he's assuming the remaining two cards are in there.

To his surprise, a photograph slides out. He kind of locks up when he sees it; this is really the first he's seen of his adoptive family since he came to Mayfield, and this picture in particular is rather important to him. He likely won't notice anyone coming into the room for a bit and is ripe to be surprised.

[B - John Doe Park]

[Hajime is spending a rather quiet afternoon out in the park. He'll be out through the early evening. You might find him out and about photographing things. He might also be seated on a park bench, changing the film in his camera or examining the cards and photograph he just regained.]
16 July 2012 @ 07:28 pm
First Ribbon  
[Stevens Road and Surrounding Area]

[There was nothing to be said about waking up in a household full of drones. For Makie Sasaki, it was downright unnerving as she pushed the door open, dressed in some kind of frumpy housecoat as she carried a frying pan with her. Well, being abducted wasn't on her to-do list right now, and she was grumbling.]

I thought we were done with the whole abductions thing. But no. And now they have my pactio card and my ribbon and my clothes... this can't get any worse.

[With a heavy sigh, she started going door to door, knocking on them.] Excuse me? Anyone home? Anyone that isn't a creepy guy saying he's married to me? With kids? That don't look a thing like me? Hello?
12 July 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Esper 001  
A. action 2235 Stevens Road

[The wind gush thorough window, Terra awakes to find herself in unfamiliar surroundings. Inside of panicking, she calmly arose out of bed. She haunted by pictures of herself with unfamiliar people. Where is this place? She thought. Why is she dress in these strange clothes? Terra wish she knew what do.]

B. Phone

Hello anyone there I need help. I’m looking for my friends. Locke, Celes, Relm? anyone?
Current Mood: blah
Current Location: 2235 Stevens Road
11 July 2012 @ 08:24 pm
the 1st case  
{2235 Stevens Road}

cut for p4 spoilers )

[ He'll eventually get himself dressed into something less dorky than the silly pajamas he apparently woke up in and make his way downstairs. He looked through every scrap of paper available, learning amongst other things that this was apparently his home now. And he was probably stuck here for a while. This was also perfectly fine with him. After confirming a few more things, he'll go ahead an help himself to breakfast. Anyone in the house should feel free to join him, if not question him.]


You know, I can't really complain. The house is a lot better than my tiny apartment back home. But do I really have to act as a husband and father? I mean, I'm not even thirty yet. [ Yes, he's being sarcastic, geez! ]

But anyway, this is a pretty crazy situation. One minute you're doing boring paper work, and the next you're in bed with a stranger. N-not that I'm used to that sort of thing! I swear! Ugh, I'd better hang up before I make myself sound any worse.
11 July 2012 @ 04:56 pm
Regains of an Interesting Methodology  
[A. Stevens Road - Locked to Housemates]

[When Rin got the boxes at the front, she was worried. Three for each of them? Well, excluding Scott but still. Bringing it into the living room, she set them down and counted them out. Three for Nozomi, three for her.]

Nozomi! We've got mail!

[Opening the first one, she blinked at the sight of a cell phone adorned with butterflies up the side.] What the heck is this?

[Phone - Drone Lock]

Is it common to get a whole bunch of things that you didn't expect you would get? I got a pile of stuff in the mail today, and so did Nozomi.

[Phone - Marisa]

Marisa, you know how you said you wanted to check on my magic and stuff? I got something new in the pile. It's, well, it kind of looks like I get a massive power upgrade sometime in my service as a Precure, since I've got a whole new costume, transformation device and magical attack.

[Phone - Yuna]

Hey Yuna, I got something cool in the mail. Want to get together so I can show it to you?
25 June 2012 @ 07:12 pm
09 - Regain  
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Well, that wasn't something that showed up in the mail often--an envelope with Hajime's name on it, and that envelope wasn't a bill or other sort of "normal" document that might be addressed to the man of the house. He'll just sit himself down at the kitchen table and open up that envelope. There's nothing inside except a photograph of an odd, stringless bladed longbow. The sight of it makes Hajime smile, and he stands up from the table, forming his transformation belt as he does so. He needs to test this.

He transforms into Chalice, and, for the first time in quite a while, wills that bow into existence. It appears in his hands, seeming just as normal as ever. He's making a few experimental swipes with it, though he's careful not to break anything.

...so, yeah, there's a fully-armored Kamen Rider waving around a bow in the kitchen. Have fun with that, household.]

[B - John Doe Park]

[Okay, maybe he should have waited until he got outside to see if even summoning the bow worked the way he thought it should. It's now time to give it a better test. Hajime is once again Chalice. He has a few targets set up, and he's firing small blue bolts of energy at them. You might also catch him attacking a roughly-constructed dummy as he uses the bow as a melee weapon. The dummy isn't lasting long.]
24 June 2012 @ 11:43 pm
04 - Off To Have A Little Fun  
[Action A - 2240 Stevens Road and surrounding area, Saturday Evening]

[Natalie rose for the evening, she washed and dressed and groomed herself, and then she went downstairs to go and check the household. Hm, children clamoring for her to make supper, drone husband not home yet... and mail on the table? Ignoring the household for the moment, she picked through the bills and the advertisements, and then gasped in delighted surprise when seeing an envelope addressed to her. Without a moment of hesitation, she tore it open.]


[A piece of paper with a bloody gouge out of it. She held it up to the light with a bit of perplexment. All confusion was quickly gone, however, as a ripple of familiar power coursed through her. Magic. Blood magic. Cruac. A little bit of her power had been unsealed. Oh, it was going to be a good evening, wasn't it?]

Mom! Mom, we're HUNGRY! You've gotta make us something!

Mmm, right, right, of course, of course...

[Still with a smile on her face, she strolls to the kitchen. There's a moment of consideration at the butcher block where the knives are kept, then she pulls out a nice, sharp all-purpose chef's knife. Which she carries about with her as she pulls two TV Dinners from the freezer, removes them from their packages, and tosses them in the oven.]

Why are you only cooking two, mom?

They're for you and your brother, dear! I'm not hungry tonight... and daddy won't be, either.

Okay! Can we have ice cream for dessert?

As much as you want, darling.

[And how wonderfully convenient that she hears footsteps coming up the front walk right then! She just about skips to the front door, knife still in hand, and throws it open. It's her drone husband! How wonderful, just what she needs right now!]

Welcome home, darling!

Honey! How unexp-

[He has no time to express his dronish surprise. In one smooth motion Natalie sinks her fangs into his neck, sweeps him off his feet so his chest is bared, and plunges that knife right into his heart. Power requires sacrifice. Power requires spectacle. It's time to gather her power.]


Aaaah, did I miss anything while I was out? I think I might have... the phone lines are still hopping. I think I'll just listen in...

And there's a carnival! A real one! Isn't that pleasantly obvious of them? I don't know about you people, but I'm feeling reckless enough to want to go and explore it. It'll be fun, I'm sure!
17 June 2012 @ 01:06 pm
27th Magic Bullet  
[Action; 2237 Stevens Road]

[Father's Day again.  If it's anything like the last time, Yuna doesn't really want to have anything to do with it.  But she also doesn't want to just stay at home in her room all day, either.  Even still, as soon as she wakes up she's already feeling the effects of the event creeping into the edges of her thoughts.  With a sigh, she hauls herself out of bed, gets dressed, and heads downstairs to make breakfast for Garviel.  It's not his fault she's been torn from her world and from her own beloved daddy, after all, and he actually has been a pretty good substitute father, all things considered.  She does her best to get everything cooked and on the table before he comes down and notices her, and leaves a little 'Happy Father's Day' note by the plate of eggs and bacon before heading out for the day.]

[Action; Mayfield streets]

[Summer's a good time for exercise, and since Yuna's interested in just bypassing as many people as possible today without getting herself enslaved to the whims of every guy she passes by, today she's out on a bike she found in the garage at home.  Unfortunately she's still under the effects of the event, so she'll still have to stop for any guy that calls out to her, but she's motoring along pretty well.]

[Action; Makeout Point]

[Usually, Yuna comes up here to train, but today she's just trying to relax and have a little time to herself.  She parks the bike against a tree before walking to the edge of the hillside, hugging her knees as she sits and stares out over the streets of the town.  After a while, she pulls a photograph out of her pocket, spending a good long time staring at it before sighing deeply and burying her head in her hands.]
12 June 2012 @ 01:39 am
08 Apple Crumble [Back-dated to Saturday Zombies]  
Part A | Around 337 Brady Lane

[Well looky here. Zombies. This is just great. Applejack's seen Nightmare of the Dead before, and that was a good reference for the last time there was zombies swarming Mayfield. Last time Theo kept the house pretty safe from them too, so she figures this will probably a good place to keep an eye on things.

Most of her friends can probably handle this too. It's not like they're new or can't....


And now there's an orange blur as a pony runs out into the street.]

Goldarn it, this town just enjoys making things difficult, doesn't it?!

Part B | Anywhere in Town

[There is a frantic orange pony running down the streets. Occasionally she checks the street signs with nothing but a look of annoyance. So much so that at some point, she feels the need to shout her frustration.]

Why can't Ah find Stevens Road?!

Part C | Outside 2239 Stevens Road

[Applejack has finally made it to where her little sister said she lives at and is now trying to find her. This involves pounding on doors and shouting. Hope your housemates are understanding Apple Bloom!]

Apple Bloom? APPLE BLOOM?! You okay! Are you here? Oh please don't tell me she's out in the town during this...
08 June 2012 @ 11:25 am
Another Friday  
[1 - 2242 Stevens and Area]

[Rin was feeling a little put out that she hadn't received anything in the mail, but it wasn't so bad. She wasn't looking forward to anything else that marked her as a potential villain later on. As such, she was finishing the laundry, not trusting her drone mom to throw out the boys clothing like shorts that they had, or worse, donating them to some kind of charity. They were hers, darnit. She couldn't play futsbal in a dress.]

[Phone/Action - Private to Madoka]

Madoka, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the flower shop today. I can show you around and help you with your garden. It is a little early for seeds but we could probably get some seedlings instead. What do you say?

[Phone/Action - Private to Yuna]

Hey Yuna, I was wondering if you wanted to go and play some sports or do something like that this weekend like we talked about earlier in the week when we were kind of out of our minds. Gimme a call back? I'm going out to find flowers with Madoka first so we can make it a date.

Er, I mean not a date, I mean just as friends and stuff. Yeah. [Ogod all the awkward. That AU did a number on her.]

[Phone/Action - Private to Gohan]

Hey Gohan, I was just wondering if you'd like to do something this weekend. I've got plans with a couple of friends but it is summer after all now so... gimme a call?
08 June 2012 @ 02:59 pm
First Cutie Mark Hunt - Action  
A - 2239 Stevens Road

[Hey, residents of 2239 Stevens, did you have an annoying dog or cat in your house or a pet captive who was perma-droned? Well, that pet has mysteriously disappeared! And the drone kid in your house is holding a bowl of dog food in his or her hand and trying to hand it to this strange yellow pony with red hair, who is looking very disturbed, confused and rather frightened]

Come on, Apple Bloom! Time for your breakfast! There's a good dog!

But I've told ya! I'm a pony, not a dog!

Come on, it's your favourite!

No, it's not! I don't eat dog food! What part of 'I'm a pony' do ya not understand?!

B - Around Town

[Apple Bloom has decided to explore Mayfield and get a better view of her surroundings. So she can be seen entering the bakery.

As a result, you will see a poor baby pony being thrown out of the Achewood Bakery Door and onto the grass.]

Ooooof! [Wow, that hurt! Thankfully, Apple Bloom hasn't chipped her tooth this time]

[From inside the bakery] Honestly, the Aikawas should take better care of their pet, letting her run free like this!

[Apple Bloom rubs her mouth, sighs and mutters to herself] Is everypony in this town gonna treat me like this?
08 June 2012 @ 12:35 am
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 4: Falling to pieces  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road]

[Floyd wakes up for yet another day of madness in Mayfield. Having walked downstairs he hears a slight tap at the front door. He quickly runs and opens it but finds nobody there, just a package sitting on the porch addressed to him. He takes it inside and into the living room.]

I must be super important in Mayfield now if I am getting my very own post!

[The boy excitedly unwraps the package, and inside all he finds is what appears to be a picture of a crash test dummy missing its arms and legs.]

Oh! This must be from a fan of my superhero work! How nice of them!

[Floyd has yet to cotton on to what the photo actually means, and probably won't for a little while longer. Maybe some of his housemates will help him in figuring it out!]

[B - Front Lawn of 2239 Stevens Road, later that day]

[Following on from the earlier madness and exciting following the package Floyd has decided to cut the grass in the front garden, in his mind he is doing this to earn pocket money from his not!parents. In reality he is just a delusional idiot.

He is happily whistling a tune as he pushes the grass cutter and is blissfully unaware of anything happening outside his own mind. If anyone disturbs him it could lead to a rather shocking and humorous series of events that the person will not forget for a long time.]
13 May 2012 @ 09:17 pm
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 3: Mother's Day in Mayfield <3  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road, Sunday Morning. Mothers Day!]


[Floyd covers his mouth on realizing how loud he just shouted. He doesn't want to wake up Kreutzer before he's even entered her room after all! After a few seconds he pretty much leaves a Floyd shaped hole in her bedroom door as he star jumps into the room.]


[The poor boy clearly has no clue how much this will annoy Kreutzer, but that is Floyd for you, blindsided to logic by his good intentions!]

I brought you this breakfast of an apple! I assume like teachers Mothers like these as gifts too! But don't worry Mom I have something else for you too! But it's downstairs in Dad's private office! Don't ask me how I got in though!

[Floyd flashes back to hiding the lock he pried off earlier underneath the sofa before snapping back to now.]

So hurry and get up! I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG drinking coffee so I could finish making it for you! And I spent all the money I have gathered buying stuff to make it too! Oh and here is your card!

[Like a ninja Floyd jumps over and places one of his trademark 'Wait, a two year old didn't draw this?' pictures in front of Kreutzer. It looks kind of like her with a plate of cookies, but with Floyd it could honestly be anything.]

[B - Around Town, Later that day.]

[Floyd is out walking around town whistling happily. It seems all the men in Mayfield have suddenly started being much more considerate and embracing of the life they are currently being forced choosing to enjoy while showering the women with love and attention. Basically the men of Mayfield have started acting JUST LIKE FLOYD!!!]

I guess me being here has helped set an example... clearly all the men have realized how much of a good role model I am and have decided to act just like me!

[Yes, Floyd's ego and stupidity are just that big. But even if he's told otherwise he won't believe it, he likes to think he could make the world a better place like that!]

Who knows maybe I can help out my fellow Mayfieldians with the Mothers Day celebrations! Ah to spread happiness and love to everyone truly is a life worth living!
08 May 2012 @ 01:40 pm
What A Day  
[A. - 2242 Stevens]

[So... Scott was droned. Again. She hoped it wasn't a common coincidence. She should really call his date once she figured out who it was. As such, it was down to her and Nozomi again for who knows how long.

Recently, Rin had been thinking about herself, being a magical girl. Going into her room, she pulled the mask from its hiding spot and looked over it, sighing to herself.]

How am I going to tell Nozomi about this?

[B. - Around Town]

[Darnit, even Teddie had been droned. What was this, a wholesale? And even Dr. Doof wasn't around anymore, his drone... not even here either. She was in a bit of a funk and thinking about her problems when she might run into you, not really thinking about it.] Oh, sorry.

[C. - Rec Center After School]

[Rarely anyone came here anyhow and it was good enough for Rin. Despite the teenagers all telling her she couldn't play since she was a girl, Rin took up a ball anyhow and kept shooting into the right goal. And then she did some laps, trying to get back into a modicum of shape. This was, to be honest, frustrating and the week was possibly going to get worse.]

[D. Phone]

Um, to those who know Scott Pilgrim, he's been droned. Again I think. I remember he had a date for the prom so I was hoping to get in contact with the girl who he was going with and let her know? Thanks in advance.
30 April 2012 @ 11:56 pm
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 2: School Daze  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road, Monday Morning. The Aikawa's Breakfast Table.]

But Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I don't wish to go to the local educational facility!

[You can tell by Floyd's voice he is just putting this on. He loves the idea of school and all the new friends he will meet (And no doubt inadvertently cross personnel space boundaries with) this morning.]

Being serious though, I plan to go and hug every single person I meet. Including the teachers. And the principal. And I think I have finally finished my song and dance introduction for when I get through the front doors!

[Yes. Floyd is INSANE as he normally is, perhaps more so given the ratio of new people he will meet at school. Can his not!parents talk ANY sense into the young lad???]

[B - Mayfield High, Later that morning...]


[Floyd is outside the school building as other students flow in before the bell goes. Anyone with any common sense is no doubt given him a wide birth and avoiding any form of eye contact, others however may be excited at seeing such a new and enthusiastic person in school!]

I can't wait to meet my teacher and give them the apple I picked from the floor after my father threw it at the back of my mothers head the other day! They will love it!

[Yep, and he has already mentioned the awkwardness of his home life. Two for two. Hopefully some kind person will come and take him under their wing and stop him from becoming the target of any and all bully who currently goes to the school!]
25 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
3rd Adventure: Cade buys a car!  
When Cade got his sword back from the postmaster, a lot of his memories got replaced with false ones from Mayfield. Many of these involved driving, and with there being no horses for sale in this town, Cade is beginning to think he should get a car...

[A: Used Car Lot]

[Cade thinks this place looks very legitimate! They have cars and everything, and not even that much rust!
Surely, one of the fine gentleman working at this establishment will be willing to help someone, who is completely and utterly new to cars and car-buying, make the best choice for his dollar!]

[B: Downtown Mayfield]
[Who needs silly driving lessons? Cade is doing just fine, driving for his first time around Downtown Mayfield! Sort of...
Well, that stop sign looked like it needed to be replaced anyway.

Just make sure you are looking both ways before crossing the street today, ok? And maybe stay off the sidewalk, too.]

[C: Greased Lightning Garage]
[Cade pulls his slightly dented Plymouth into the Greased Lightning Garage. He might have a dent or to that needs fixing now.
Also, are cars supposed to make so much smoke come out from under the hood? It makes it really hard to see where one is going...]

[D: The Malt Shop]
[Cade sure worked up an appetite with his little automotive adventure today. Some sharp looking fellow the other day was telling him about the wonders of "shaken milk milkshakes", and so he is eager to try one out. He may have to ask the opinion of another random customer on what he should try first...]

[E: 2239 Stevens]

[Apparently, its going to take a lot longer to fix his car than Cade expected, so he's walking home. On his way, he passes through Stevens street, and remembers his friend who he accidentally stabbed the other day in a tragic case of mistaken identity.  Cade decides he should see if he's home, and make sure Frostbrand didn't permanently screw up the poor guy's leg.

Cade knocks on the door of 2239 Stevens. Anyone home?]
15 April 2012 @ 08:52 pm
7 Things to Fight For - Freaky Friday Edition. (Backdated)  
[A. 2235 Stevens Road]

[Another day another.... Wait. The sun isn't coming in the window like normal. Dammit. Did that stupid drone screw up how she'd set things up again? An annoyed groan will slip out as her arm comes up so that the crook of her elbow can cover her eyes and wait... what? She doesn't... Completely sound like her and that arm wrapping around her eyes doesn't feel... Right.

Something's wrong. Quickly, Fang's shifting, throwing her legs over the side of the bed to see... Why is her skin not tan? And... And why do her legs seem so short?

Normally this would be the moment where Fang darts out of bed and heads for a mirror if it weren't for the fact that she nearly trips over her own two feet.

However, once she does get to that mirror she's shocked. It doesn't take Fang long to rip through the room, finding something, ANYTHING, to wear and, with a better feel on movement, she's zipping out of the house and into the street. Only then will she take a moment, glancing around quickly, obviously on high alert as she attempts to figure out just WHAT THE HELL is going on here. Do you dare approach the guarded looking girl?]

[B. Phone]

The 'ell is goin' on 'ere!?! [The pronunciation will definitely ring of a certain non-aussie, but the actual accent is awkward and somewhat lost, making the words sound pretty strange at best.]

[C. The Park]

[Yup, there's one rather unhappy and somewhat guarded looking little raven haired chick venturing around. She seems to be looking for someone at least though, maybe you can help her find them?]