08 June 2012 @ 12:06 am
[Phone to everyone]
[After a few weeks of being here, Denmark is officially capable of using THE PHONE. He is so proud that he feels obligated to broadcast the most menial things over it. It's like giving your grandma a twitter, guys. Just don't.]

Is there a way to make the crazy women in yer house stop talkin'? I don't know what a dinner party is, but it sounds all sorts a' suspicious. I don't want one.

[There's a loooong pause.]
Norge flashed me forward about a thousand a' so years, but he didn't tell me everythin'. If any good food has been created without my knowledge, I should like to try it.

Any suggestions, denizens?

Also if Sweden comes back I am goin' to punch him. Don't tell 'im, it's a surprise.
13 May 2012 @ 12:43 pm
én [wake up+action]  
[Denmark rolls about for a bit before he starts to drift awake. As he last recalls, he was sleeping under a tree in front of a fire while Sverige kept watch. The ground felt far too soft and warm, this was his first indication that something is off.

He jolts as he notices the woman beside him and pushes himself off the bed, which he didn't expect to be so far off the ground. He peers up at her from the bed and decides he must have drunk a tiny bit too much the night before.

Now he takes time to glance about the room. This is wrong. Very wrong, but also terribly interesting. All of these things he's never seen in the tenth century. Has he landed himself a rich, eccentric woman? Is this a new land that managed to advance ahead of him? There's only one way to find out. Exploring.]

[Denmark is waltzing the streets shirtless. Luckily for the children, he decided his pajama pants were comfortable enough to keep. Besides, it's so warm out here.

He has his mailbox slung over his shoulder as a weapon and he's constantly stopping to look at things. If you happen by him, he'll have a few questions to ask.]