13 May 2012 @ 02:41 am
[ showcase #15 - back to the past ]  
[ Outside 1768 Beaver Street - Morning ]

[ A Warbler sings a happy song from its perch on the T-38 Talon parked in the drive, a splash of yellow against the trainer's grey fuselage. The plane's owner is standing on the front porch in his pajamas, from all appearances trying very hard to keep from screaming.

Uh, again. ]

[ Above Mayfield - Morning ]

[ Keen eyes might spot the ribbon of green light zipping through the sky. At least they left him the ring and a power battery, but as Green Lantern finds the ceiling somewhere around the stratosphere, he's increasingly unhappy. ]

No no, no no no no no.

[ Visiting Old Friends - Afternoon ]

[ Hal left a number of people behind when he was mercifully sent home. He's stopping by their places now for a visit, pressing the bell with his thumb and waiting with barely-disguised impatience. ]

[ Olney's Tavern - Evening ]

[ Because there's not enough time in the day to get soused. Hal's sitting at the bar, starting a collection of bottles and keeping a sharp eye on his fellow occupants. ]
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