10 May 2012 @ 08:42 am
[action; around 850 Goldberg; morning]

[If anyone in the house is awake and attentive, they'll hear a thud from the back yard; and if any of the neighbors are out this early in the morning, they may see a teenager climbing out his window and jumping down to the ground. Out of all the places to wake up, an cozy and innocuous house was not what Ted was expecting after last night, and the window being unlocked, he's decided to get a look at his surroundings before anyone notices he's gone. He's wandered through several of the neighboring yards, and no luck -- all the houses look exactly the same, which is not exactly answering any questions. There might be more to see in front of the houses, but Ted's not sure he wants to be spotted until he has an idea of what's going on.]

[Fair warning: he might be trespassing in your back yard, looking somewhat suspicious and very baffled. And also a little worried, because the houses look so similar he can't remember which one he came from. Oops?]

[action; Mayfield High; noon]

[Ted arrives at school just before lunchtime, shepherded into a nearly finished class by a responsible drone who disapproves of young men wandering about during school hours. He takes the seat given and spends the remainder of the class looking uncomfortable and listening with a weird sort of fascination to the unfamiliar history being taught.]

[When the lunch bell rings, he stands up but doesn't move, unsure where to go. Anyone feel like helping him?]