22 October 2012 @ 10:35 am
Adventure 006: I Have a Headache  
[Action:  Walking to/from Pharmacy]

[Sherlock has had a migraine for several hours now.  Migraines are not completely unique to Sherlock.  He gets them on occasion - even his mind can't store everything.  The problem is:  going into his Mind Palace only makes it worse.  In fact, he notices that anything related to 'home' causes the pain to spike.  He has found some very dark sunglasses and is now in route to the Chemists - he is afraid to drive, but he needs something for the pain.  On his way, he is observing others.  Because why would thinking about home make the pain so much worse?

...On his return trip he does the same, but walking faster, now that he knows there maybe a cure to his pain, he wants the pain to end as soon as possible.]

[Action: At Pharmacy]
Warning for Drug Paraphernalia )

[Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard (locked to Housemates)]

Warning for Drug Use )

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12 September 2012 @ 02:27 am
Adventure 005: Healing is Boring  
ACTION: Sherlock's hospital room.

[Sherlock's leg was pretty badly damaged from the way the leg had been drawn across the shark's teeth. He was darn lucky that the shark hadn't taken a bite out of his leg. He still had both legs. Sherlock had lost a lot of blood and though a transfusion probably would have meant a quicker recovery, Sherlock refused out of his distrust of Mayfield. He had requested to be treated by 'real medical personnel' and not the drones.

He has been more or less unconscious since they were able to escape the Island that the First Portal led him. Things were easier when he was unconscious - for everyone in hospital. Now? Now he's stuck in hospital and going a bit stir-crazy. Although he's asked for 'real medical personnel' to look after him, the drones are refusing to let him leave, even though he constantly says,"I'm fine. I've had worse." Which isn't really true. This is rather bad and he really should be in hospital at least until the infection clears up. Although the wound had bled a lot, sea water is a bit not good for major wounds.

Now that he's aware of his surroundings, he's making a right nuisance of himself. Yelling, especially at the drones - since they don't seem to care anyway, and fighting every treatment that is offered - including eating and taking the medicines for pain and infection. He has even tried to take out his IVs to escape, which has had the result of him being restrained to the bed. He's stuck. And quite displeased with this fact.

His hospital room is open and obviously, he can't stop visitors from entering. In the end, visitors would be better than boredom, but Sherlock is not in a good mood - all have been warned.]

Filter one: Housemates Only:

Maladict, are you safe? I am alive and in hospital. Conan, this does not give you the right to break any of the agreements we reached at the family meeting.

Filter two: Open, but filtered away from drones:
To those who helped me while we were on the Island, I am grateful for your assistance. Does anyone know what the object was? Does anyone know what happened in the other portals? What other items were found? What do they mean? Have they helped us to solve anything related to the letter?
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Current Location: Mayfield Hospital
26 August 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Adventure 004: Event and Problem Parenting  
[Action: all over town.]

[The Event - for what else would one call it? - has been interesting. But not really telling. Other than the places that were locked to the citizens remain unaffected. Which would tell him something, he's sure, if he could find the right person to talk to. The Drones are worse than worthless these days, so he avoids them at all costs. But there has to be someone, somewhere smart enough to be an assistant as he tries to piece this information together. So, he is wandering around town hoping to encounter such a person. Of course, they might have to come to him.]

[Phone: filtered from drones.]

Has anyone taken any readings on what is going on? I'm specifically looking for readings on the radio static or voices that are coming through and on the 'Phasing' for want of a better word. I would like to meet anyone who is doing scientific research on what is happening.

[Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard - locked to housemates]
Family Meeting )
28 July 2012 @ 12:35 am
ADVENTURE 003: Jobs are Dull  
[Action; Pharmacy.]

[Sherlock had heard about the possibility of being droned, so here he is at work. And he's actually, you know, working. He's not here for his own gain, nor to do research. And he's actually pointing customers in the right direction, after telling them something about themselves they'd rather keep hidden. He doesn't sound like he wants to help. He sounds more like he's here under threat of punishment - which is pretty much true.]

Need help with anything?

[Action; City Bench.]

[Sherlock is reading a book - or pretending to. He's actually watching drones and people milling about. He's hoping to try to think his way out of this place. And he's hoping by observing others, he'll learn something.]
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15 July 2012 @ 08:29 pm
ADVENTURE 002: The Seven Percent Solution  
{{OOC: After Sherlock is allowed to leave the Shindig and after a trip to the pharmacy.}}

[Action; Random back alley somewhere in the downtown district.]

Warnings for descriptions of current Drug Use )

[Action; Later - much later; outside 915 Bilko Blvd.]

[Sherlock is slowly staggering his way back to the house. He's sort of remembers where he lives. Maybe...]
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09 July 2012 @ 01:37 pm
ADVENTURE 001: I'm not often this confused....  
{{OOC:  Forward Dated to after the Plot}}

[Action; 915 Bilko Blvd.; locked to Housemates]

Locked to Housemates )

[Action; around town - Later]

[Once somethings were explained to him - yeah, he doesn't buy it yet - he stormed out of the flat house. He just needed to wander the streets. He needed to wrap his head around things. He was muttering as he went. One of the phrases was:]

I'm sorry, John...