06 August 2012 @ 02:33 am
{ episode VI - the empire strikes back  
{ Action ; 724 Anderson - Morning }

[ Housemates might hear what sounds like a piece of furniture falling over in the master bedroom. Vader all but explodes from the room shortly after, the doorknob banging against the wall. Walking rather stiffly and somewhat bandy-legged, pulling on a spare shirt, he very nearly trips multiple times over his own feet on his furious search through the residence. ]

This can't be, it can't be the same...

{ Action ; Around Mayfield }

[ Kriff this. He's disoriented and afraid and furious. Without the Force his anger isn't a fuel, it's suffocating, but he's pelting hell for leather down the pavement as if he's got a whole squadron of Seps on his tail, gulping air. Anyone in his path might get shouldered out of the way.

Murkhana is still fresh in his mind, the Emperor's orders ringing in his ears, fighting with the abrupt wash of memories that flooded him as soon as he awoke. He hadn't been back in the galaxy more than a few hours, how can so much time have passed here? And Padmé- his wife is gone, an empty shell in a house full of other empty shells. He's failed, again.

Coming to a sudden stop, he presses white-knuckled hands to his temples. Agitated, he releases a noise of frustration, the sound welling up almost to a scream.

Yeah, so... approaching the guy in the midst of a psychotic break might not be the greatest idea. But hey. It's Mayfield. ]
08 June 2012 @ 11:55 pm
{ .05 - Zombiefield II - Plague  
[ 3474 Erwin Rd - Friday Afternoon ]

[ Anaki- Vader happens upon a mysterious package-make that packages-in the front yard when he arrives home from work. The first gives him pause, the well worn cover of his old copy of The Jedi Path staring up at him from inside its manila envelope.

He deposits it on the porch with shaking fingers, and tears his thoughts away to regard the much larger shipping crate seated on the flagstones, the sign of the Empire on its side.

It proves easy enough to open, latches flipping with the brush of his thumbs. Lifting the lid, he peers inside to find a selection of four silver canisters, the sort that would hold oxygen for an EV suit. Something tells him to close the whole thing, to back away and return it to the Post Office for something, anything else, but the feeling passes. Who would Skywalker be, if he didn't ignore obvious signs of danger.

Gingerly, he reaches in to pull one of the canisters free, looking at its side for any identifying mark. He gets sight of a single word, "Blackwing", before liquid sloshes within it unexpectedly, and his hand slips. The whole thing falls back into its slot, jarring the rest. All of the valves suddenly burst like a dropped bottle of pop, getting Vader briefly in the face with an aerosol spray.

He recoils, but it's too late. As the canisters continue to spew their contents into the air, Darth Vader finds himself on his knees, coughing wetly into the grass. ]

[ Around town and 1127 Taylor - Late Friday night ]

[ Vader manages to stumble his way through town, losing whatever he had for supper on his steady march. To any unlucky passerby he must seem a sight, his color ashen, the veins in his face standing out as grey lines, blood and bile dribbling freely from the corners of his mouth.

Sheer cussedness allows him to get to the front walk before he missteps and rolls his ankle, coming down hard on the lawn.

He has to see her, he has to... ]

[ Around town - Saturday Morning ]

[ If you're out and about this fine day, you might just run into Vader, though much of who he was would mean little to him now. Dead and not so pleasantly zombified, he's spattered with gore from a recent drone feast and walking down the road with a determined, predatory gait. ]

(( ooc: Zombiefield II is a go! Check here for more info and have a party! ))
01 June 2012 @ 03:07 am
{ .04 - AUfield - Possibilities  
[ John Doe Park ; Morning ]

[ There is dew on the grass this morning, glimmering in the light of dawn.

Anakin Skywalker is running hell for leather through the park, a regular part of his daily ritual. Though there's little to set this particular morning apart from all the rest in the two months he's resided here, this one felt different.

How? eludes him presently, something he muses over while he wends his way back to pavement, the wet soles of his sneakers squeaking mildly against the ferrocrete.

He feels lighter somehow, full of energy in the way he used to after waking from a nightmare, but it's different now, unfettered by unease or ominous premonitions. There is no dead star dragon of fear clawing at his heart- he had stared into its glittering black eyes and not only conquered it, but made peace with all of his emotions in turn. It was his lack of mastery over them that almost allowed him to fall prey to Palp-Sidious's machinations. Anakin refuses to ponder where that dark path might have led. Gaining speed, he vaults off a park bench, mindful of keeping his footing when he lands, and takes off again.

This morning in Mayfield he feels free, and what a marvelous feeling it is. ]

[ Greased Lightning Garage ; Afternoon ]

[ By the time lunch has rolled around, he's entirely forgotten about how peculiar he felt that morning.

Now, the peculiarity of everyone else, that's another kettle of fish entirely. Though Anakin has a friendly smile for his coworkers and even the drones that stop in, inwardly he's... well, bewildered.

During his break he parks himself in a quiet patch of shade, settling in to meditate. Even without the presence of the Force, the action has still served to center the young Jedi Master.

Of course, to anyone else, it looks like Skywalker's dozing off on the job. ]

[ Around Mayfield ; Afternoon to Evening ]

[ He doesn't require any further confirmation- something has gone wrong in the town, and even if he can't get to the bottom of it, Skywalker is checking on everyone he knows.

He might stop by their homes, their place of work, even in the street if comes across them. ]

Are you all right?

(( ooc: Anakin is from an AU where he held back and waited at the temple for Mace Windu and his team to arrest and inevitably kill Chancellor Palpatine. He's a Jedi Master now, the proud poppa of twin bb's and an ever-devoted husband to Padmé.

For Option #3, if you think your character might know a non-douchebag Skywalker, have at him. C: ))
04 May 2012 @ 11:34 am
{ .03 - something to prove - action post!  
[ Garage - Morning ]

[ Vader is at work today, filling the time with, well... actual work. Though it isn't unusual for him to not be talkative, his coworkers might notice he seems unfocused and distracted. More than once he's jammed a finger, walloped himself on the head or dropped a tool in an engine and had to fish it out, muttering vituperous imprecations in Huttese while he felt around for the wrench he'd been handling. He won't ask for help- his pride is a heavy, almost suffocating weight.

At the moment he's at it again, reaching deep into the engine of a Buick out front, the sun beating on his back. He minds the latter very little, Earth's single sun not a patch on Tattoine's twin stars. Metal bites against his knuckles, but he's not to be deterred, frowning in concentration. It would be so much easier if he had the Force at his beck and call. ]

[ 1127 Taylor - Afternoon ]

[ He nearly trips over himself going up the steps, pausing at the front door and ready to ring the bell. But...he finds himself drawing up short, uncertain. Despite his sudden excitement, his thoughts keep returning to the words of his former master, delivered from his wife. That was a day he wasn't soon to let himself forget. ]

[ Diner - Early Evening ]

[ Quite honestly he's not all that hungry, so he spends a great deal of time hemming and hawwing over what to order, ignoring anyone who might be behind him in line.

Darth Vader is not a great customer. Who knew. ]

[ 3474 Erwin - Late Evening ]

[ Neighbors might see a figure climbing his way out onto the roof from an upper window, before carefully scooching his way up to a spot where he can sit comfortably.

Vader's doing what he does best, brooding. Folding his arms over the knees he's pulled to his chest, he watches the moon rise, bright and shiny like a silver dollar hanging in the sky. ]
03 April 2012 @ 03:23 pm
{ .02 - twin suns of Tattoine taught me everything I know  
[ Action - Early on in Prankfield ]

[When he was younger, still a Padawan under the tutelage of Obi-Wan, Anakin had something of a reputation as a prankster. He was the Chosen One, too smart for his own good and often with too much free time. The Devil (or at least childhood mischief) found work for idle hands to do. And so, while he considers the letter and its urging somewhat beneath him, Vader still decides to wade into the fray, perhaps for old time's sake.

...it might also have something to do with the stinkbomb he had to deal with the other day.]

[ For Thrall [personal profile] omg_thrall - Morning ]

[A thick layer of used motor oil has been spread on the front stoop, the porch steps and the front walk. Have a party with that.]

[ For Blind Mag [personal profile] mightyfineprint - Morning ]

[He's been watching her closely, dogging her footsteps. When she steps out of class for lunch, he works quickly, moving things around in her classroom until everything is arranged on the other side of the room. An annoyance for a sighted, and a minefield for the blind.]

[ For Feferi Peixes [personal profile] cullscuttlefish - Afternoon ]

[Short and sweet. Sourcing a large rubbish bin, he fills it with water and leans it against the front door. Ringing the bell, he hops the fence, continuing on his way.]

[ For Crowley [personal profile] eyesofaserpent - Night ]

[Getting an early start, Vader works neatly and precisely, carefully directing a flashlight in one hand while working a screwdriver with the other. A poor substitute for a hydrospanner, it nonetheless does the job.

Next morning, Crowley will find the starter for the Bentley in the front seat, tied up in a red bow.]

[ Action - Around town ]

[If you haven't pranked him yet, prank him fast. Since helping Padme home, he hasn't left his sickly wife's side until now.

Darth Vader's stride is long, his posture evincing the important task he must fulfill. Interrupt him at your eternal peril, Mayfield.]

[ Phone; Filtered to Obi-Wan Kenobi ]

[The situation is desperate. He doesn't know what's afflicting her, can't help, and without his Force abilities even his middling talents as a healer are absolutely useless. When Padme seems to take a turn for the worse he swallows down his pride, his anger, and goes to make a call. Obi-Wan isn't a healer either, not to the degree of Vokara Che or Barriss Offee (both dead now he knows, the realization without satisfaction for him), but they were on Lanteeb together, and the Master Jedi came through in the crisis. Vader knows it's worth a shot, anything for his wife.

His tone is brusque.]

I- Padme needs your help.
02 April 2012 @ 04:07 pm
#3 - Prankfield  
 [A] - [for Anakin [personal profile] chosen_to_fall , Fujiwara no Mokou [personal profile] reflames , Mion Sonozaki [personal profile] envyspites , Will Schuester [personal profile] bustsamove , and Ilsa Higa [personal profile] ooeeooahah  ]
[Once he'd gotten home from downtown, Keith had found the letter and what Shirley had done made much more sense. 

What a strange town. . .

While not exactly competitive, an idea suddenly struck him. He was used to games - Hero TV, for example - and he enjoyed them. Maybe if he could help some people but still play the game, it would be worth it.

Which is why the people in his letter are going to get a knock at the door, or a ring at the doorbell. When the door is opened, the only thing that will be on the porch is a pastry box and a note.  You've been ding dong ditched!

 The pastry box has pie!  Delicious, normal pie, to make up for the trick. The note reads: 
Have a nice day. 

p.s. You may want to stay inside. 

It may be possible to catch him though; maybe he's tripped, or maybe this house has something magical about it, or maybe there's a sneeze from those bushes or behind that fence.  But he's trying very hard for a clean getaway!]
B. - Anywhere
[That was better.  It was a bit strange how he felt so much better after leaving his notes; less tired, so much less that it was noticeable. He's going to walk home quickly though; he definitely understood he was a target for othe-- Oh, that was a nice cloud in the sky.

Maybe he's a little less focused than he hoped.  And he'll definitely be helping anybody in need.]

26 March 2012 @ 02:06 am
{ .01 - carry me home tonight  
[ 3474 Erwin Rd - Morning ]

Don't you fret, my dear It'll all be over soon )

[ Mayfield - Around town - Afternoon to Evening ]

[This is not Murkhana, he's certain of it now that he's stepped outside. There's nothing of the grand skyline the capital city presented, no distant sounds of the ocean to his ears. That the sky is empty is a concern-- he can't get a bead on where the closest spaceport might be. Vader squints beneath the glare of the sun, but it's nothing compared to double noon on Tatooine. He's on his way swiftly, maybe a bit unsteadily at first, his center of gravity still off without the Force to make up for the difference. To anyone in town he'll read pretty easily as a newcomer, with how he's looking at everything.

To anyone even with a moderate level of empathic ability? He's radiating barely-lidded anger, beneath which curls a lapping flame of suspicion and fear, a powder keg ready to go. Vader might pause to ask someone a question before moving on, his brows knitted, his mouth set in a hard line.]

What planet is this? Where is the nearest spaceport?