13 April 2012 @ 10:55 am
007 - out of puns  
[Like the others, Naal quickly realizes as she wakes that she's not in the right body or the right room. But despite spending a fair amount of time around Sora she doesn't immediately realize it's hers; to her this is just like when she first awoke at Mayfield. Like everything's been reset. Though she does notice that the body is older this time, which is... strange.

She is curious enough to go look for a mirror though, and is mutely shocked when she sees Sora staring back at her. She doesn't know what to make of this at all, but if she's Sora then maybe Sora is...

[Action, 2238 Stevens]

[Cut to 'Sora Himoto' running awkwardly down the street to the neighboring door like she's, you know, used to having way shorter legs, and hammering at the door with surprising intensity for the usually-reserved Naal... though in Sora's body it probably doesn't look strange at all.]

Hello!?? [Yeah she's yelling too. Sora's voice sounds weird in her skull but... no time to worry about that. There are bigger problems if she's right and they've been switched.]
25 March 2012 @ 08:02 pm
Death Census  
[Phone, unfiltered]

What is a communist?

[Context? Who needs context? Well, it's not exactly hard to guess that she's dutifully filling out her forms...]

27 February 2012 @ 06:23 pm
Pet shop of the damned!  
A: 2238 Stevens Road

[Naal got a package today. It's pretty conspicuous; it's easily three feet on a side and has, uh, air holes. Rather than try to bring the bulky box inside she's examining it on the lawn. But that only happens for a few seconds; she quickly seems to get excited and tears open the cardboard!

...and from inside bursts a GIANT SPIDER. It's grey and covered in dense hairs, a bit like a tarantula, and has some elaborate white markings on its back. But who has time to think about stuff like that, it's LEAPING ONTO POOR DEFENSELESS NAAL AND... uh... making lots of chittering noises?]


[Yes those words just came out of little doom-and-gloom I-am-already-dead Naal's mouth. Also: this may be the only time anyone in Mayfield, her family included, has ever seen her smile. No she didn't get droned just in time to think that her box full of spider is puppies, she just treats it like one anyway. CHERISH THIS SIGHT. Or run screaming in horror, whatever floats your boat.]

B: Around Town

[And now she's taking it for a walk! Maybe it's running up to you or chasing a squirrel or climbing a tree but... probably not. Mostly it just rides around on Naal's back like a big fuzzy backpack. It's really kind of lazy like that.]

14 January 2012 @ 11:37 pm
005 - ...could wake the dead  
[Phone; around 3AM]

[For the first hour of the alarms and headache Naal was busy enough getting ready for whatever trouble they foretold not to care about them; for the second her usual tainting-reinforced stoicism forestalled any complaint. By the end of the third she's starting to look worn out. And sound uncharacteristically snippy. Sleeplessness she can and has dealt with for long periods before but continuous loud noise is kind of a weak point of hers.]

...this noise is intolerable. Nothing's even happening. If any of you have found anywhere it doesn't reach, please, consider inviting a guest.

[The suburban jungle; shortly thereafter]

[Or if you like you can come across Naal while she's hauling her carcass in the opposite direction of downtown, trying to find somewhere quiet. It's hard to really make out the difference at night, but it's a bit... darker around her. And the sirens sound a little more distant. Though clearly not enough to suit her.]