01 February 2012 @ 03:20 pm
003 - [Action]  
[At first she thought that this was going to be fantastic. She finally had her fire back, after all! She was surrounded in it. But in her time at the factory, she realized something: she had no control over it. Everything burned at her touch.

Since then, things have only gone down hill. The flames were slowly dimming, and she could tell; the world seemed colder, now. It was all she could do to stop from keeling over in pain.

This is where you can find her during the day: ]

[A: Outside 1124 Taylor Road, Early Morning]

[Looking rather embarrassed, being completely naked - what with the Mayfield-provided clothes having already burned off some time ago. She's doing her best to cover herself up, but now she's in the driveway, wondering exactly how she's supposed to get in without burning the house down - with her in it. So she's shouting at the house, simultaneously trying to draw attention to herself and not draw attention to herself.]

Hey, goblin boy! Shit, what was his name... Beast Boy!

[B: Wandering the streets]

[Now dressed in her standard fireproof outfit, Chandra can be found wandering the streets, notably sticking to the pavement and away from anything flammable. Still, there's scorched pavement left behind with every step. She also appears to be shivering, oddly enough. Do you dare approach? Run away?]

[C: In the park, afternoon]

[Chandra's given up and is now in the park, chasing any animals she can find. Unfortunately, this is leaving something of a trail of fire in her wake. The park is burning; what do you do?]

((OOC: Chandra has been experimented on! The details are here.))
25 January 2012 @ 12:43 am
002 - [Phone]  
[Chandra actually sounds pretty amused, for once.]

Hey, good job over at the dairy, whoever you are. At least you actually bothered to do something, instead of all the people sitting on their asses. Yeah, I said it. I'm glad this happened! Maybe people will actually start trying to get out of here! And hey; when in doubt, go with the biggest boom you know, right?