21 May 2012 @ 09:34 am
Third Cookie || Popcorn and M&Ms are delicious  
A. [High School]

[Eb's treat for the day is popcorn balls with M&Ms mixed in. They don't seem as popular as his cookies, but he's still cheerfully giving them away.]

Here you go!

B. [Drive-In Theater, evening]

[Eb is working the ticket booth at the movie theater tonight. He looks a little bored behind the smile, but he's still doing his best to be cheerful.]

Going to see Singin' in the Rain?
03 April 2012 @ 03:52 pm
Second Cookie || Sugar and Spice...  
A. [High School, Monday; Open to all, but only targets get chili cookies.]
Targets: Davesprite ([personal profile] cawtier), Touma Kamijou ([personal profile] punch_illusions_get_harem), Jade Harley ([personal profile] echidna), Amaimon ([personal profile] ceilingdemonis), and Claire Stanfield ([personal profile] railtracer)

[Ebony has a basket today. The basket is full of bags of six little chocolate chip cookies and are tied with various colored curling ribbon. Five of these bags are for intended prank targets and are tied with red ribbons. Within these special bags are five regular chocolate chip cookies and one chili chocolate chip cookie.

The little demon is handing out the bags of cookies to anyone who wants one, but he's careful to only give his targets the red ribboned bags.]

Here you go.

B. [Everywhere else, whenever]

[Need to prank Eb? Just want to chat? Feel free to approach him!]
11 March 2012 @ 02:07 pm
First Cookie || Nothing Says Home Like Chocolate Chip  
A. [Action: 1487 Kramden Road, morning]

[The bed feels empty. That is his first thought upon waking, before his eyes open. His second thought is, I should make pancakes this morning. He rolls over and reaches out expecting to find his husband Chris or at least some warmth in the bed where he'd been only to find... The edge of the bed? He reaches out for Chris with his tail only to find... Nothing? He can't feel his tail! He sits up and looks behind himself. Nothing there!

Except pajamas.

He squeaks and scrambles out of the bed in this small, strange room. He opens the door and pads out into the living room and the kitchen...]

Where am I?!

B. [Action: High School, throughout the school day]

[There's another new student. At the moment, he's a little reserved, but he has a tupperware full of homemade chocolate chip cookies and he will offer one to anyone who approaches.]

C. [Action: About Town, afternoon]

[Ebony is a little lost trying to find his way home. He still has some cookies left in his tupperware if you would like to go talk to him.]

I think I'm lost.