19 September 2012 @ 10:02 pm
Riddle 046: Trinity War  

It doesn't take long for the two drone kiddies to notice dear ol' dad as he makes his way up the driveway after returning from school, and they rush towards him in excitement.

Daddy! Daddy! they call out. You got something in the mail!

One of the children, the smaller one, wobbles forward with three thin, long boxes that are about twice his size, only to trip over his own shoelaces and fall forward. The boxes break his fall and he, in turn, breaks into the topmost box. Edward sighs, rolls his eyes, and wanders out of the car, curious about what it is he's been sent this time.

Then he comes to a stop, having recognized a very flat yet very familiar face. It's Batman's face. Attached to a life-sized, cardboard body. If that isn't enough to rile up the kids, they tear into the other boxes before Edward can say a thing to stop them. What should be in the other two boxes but matching cardboard standees of Superman and Wonder Woman? Maybe it's a trick of the light, but the fuzzy little eyes of the drones seem to glow in excitement.

Can we play with them? Huh? Huh? Can we?!

Edward almost feels as though he should stop the children from damaging the standees further, but... ultimately decides against it. It's been a long couple of weeks. Instead, he'll move to the front stoop as the kids make their way back into the front yard. He sits back, pulls out a cigarette, and lights up, watching with an almost bored look on his face as his drone children singlehandedly destroy the Justice League.


Later on in the evening, Edward finds himself---you guessed it---at his old lair underneath his old house. Though in recent times, it's not much of an evil lair anymore. Still, as both a place for him to collect his thoughts and a bunker for emergencies, it's still an invaluable spot for the Riddler. Right now, though, he appears to be more concerned with taking stock of rations and consulting his inventory than with any other sort of brainstorming.]
11 August 2012 @ 11:22 pm
Riddle 045: Could you repeat the question?  
[My, oh my. Where does the time go?

As it turns out, Mayfield had taken away more than Edward Nigma's life this time around. He had also lost a month. A month that could have been spent productively, actively searching for the answers that this town was oh-so-unwilling to yield. Still, he supposes it could have been worse. They could have left him for dead this time.

But they decided to bring Edward back. And Ema along with him.

So, question: What next?

Answer: Pick up the pieces.


You may catch the Riddler wandering around Mayfield throughout the day as if trying to discover something, anything out of place. Though he'll spend most of his time investigating the town at large, he does have a final destination in mind: his old abode, 726 Anderson Lane. He's headed there for a few key reasons.
  • If anything crucial has happened in the past month or so, there's a good chance that Susan, Luke, or Slugger will be able to get him up to speed.
  • He'll be able to piece together his old notes once again, if they're still where he left them in the lair underground.
  • All of his things are still there. At least, he hopes they are. For whatever odd reason, the town had decided not to bring any of Edward's suits, equipment, or question-mark-themed doodads over to his new home at 462 Stone. Meaning that, if they haven't disappeared altogether, they must still be at his old home.
Once he makes it to 726 Anderson, he'll try walking through the front door. ...Only to find that it's locked. He'd reach into his pocket and get out the key, only he doesn't have one to this house anymore.]

Oh, for the love of---

[Don't tell him he has to break into his old house.

...He's going to have to break into his old house. Terrific.

Well, he might as well see if the back door is unlocked, at least. He wanders around the side of the house but stops in his tracks as soon as he makes it into the backyard.

Someone appears to have stuck a familiar-looking cane into the ground... Who could have---?

Don't be stupid, Edward. Do you even need to ask?]

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