18 July 2012 @ 08:33 am
// Rebel 1 \\  
[Action; Morning ; Throughout the whole town]
You have to be fucking kidding me!

[That was probably one of the most annoyed yell and introduction ever, as people around the Ricardo street will probably hear it as well, no thanks to a certain blonde (he's not a dhampir yet) guy just storming out of the house, and pretty much just walked through the whole damn city in an attempt to cool down. If you wish to confront this guy at this moment? Feel free! Although he's not going to be in the most talkative mood.]

Alright, enough with these incredibly stupid jokes, Mayfield. I want to know one thing and one thing only.

[There's a beat.]

...Whatever, 's not like I can ask this public anyways.

[Aaand he's going to just hang up since dammit indecisiveness since when did you come back.]