18 August 2012 @ 09:37 pm
first ▲ no good very bad day  
[Bunker Street and beyond...]

[Good morning, Bunker Street. You have a new neighbor. He's not as new as he could be, since he's been in town before, but he's new enough to this street! He doesn't need any explanations about where he is or why, because Amaimon knows. He knows he's been turned into a mindless drone for months and months, too.

That part is only a minor irritation. He easily takes that out on the drone family he's been stuck with. He didn't need them alive to bug him, anyway.

Now the part when he sends out his greenmen to check on certain people, however... That is where everything goes wrong.


[His demons never found the Okumuras! But that can't be right! Big brother would never let them out of this cage and leave him in it! He would never! No, no, obviously they were cowering somewhere!]


[Amaimon's search takes him out of his own house and off into, well, any other house. He can't remember which address the two had been at before, so he's baring into houses at random until he turns them up. Sorry, but you might find an angry, blood-splattered demon ripping your door open soon, yelling for someone who isn't even around anymore!]
25 July 2012 @ 02:09 am
chapter 4  
[769 bunker; early morning to mid-afternoon]

[Today is a day of both recuperating and relaxation for Tokiomi. It wouldn't be uncommon to see him sitting on his porch or taking rest in the large chair in the living room, red wine in a glass between his fingers. The look on his face is pretty neutral, albeit traces of content here and there.]

[phone; mid-afternoon]

Rin... when you are able to find time for your father, I must speak with you.

[uptown - tiger field; night]

[In the cover of the night, Tokiomi is deciding to practice his magecraft with the jewels given to him by Rin. A fire or wind spell here or there can be seen fired from the jewels and, once he is finished with that, you might just see Tokiomi practicing a few martial arts moves. So much for relaxation? Tokiomi was never the kind to stay stagnant for too long though.]
18 July 2012 @ 08:44 pm
[Action -- 768 Bunker Street]

[It's just a moment between waking and realizing he's awake before Maine's leaping from the bed and glancing around the room with a low growl. This was not at all what he'd been expecting when he'd been dragged off that cliff, and in his haste and confusion, he's gotten himself tangled up in the sheets. There's a THUNK as he trips back into the wall.]

[Phone -- open]

[He's staring at the receiver, not sure what he's supposed to be doing here because it has been years since he's been able to actually speak, and he has no AI with him to translate. So instead, he leaves a message for the residents; a long, low, growl.]
14 July 2012 @ 10:14 pm
♔ 6  
1. 767 Bunker (closed to housemates)
Read more... )

2. 767 Bunker (open to everyone)
( Spain will be sitting on the front step, petting a large, black bull. The bull looks pretty agitated and whenever a car passes or someone walks by, it'll let out a confused roar and kick the ground. For some, it takes a little longer to settle back into Mayfield. )
14 July 2012 @ 08:41 am
Invasion 13: Truely Christmas in July  
[773 Bunker Street]

[When Keroro woke up this morning he certianily wasn't expecting anything in the mail for him. Thinking it was an ordinary Saturday, he decides to get some fresh air until he find a certain mecha of his parked outside the garage. Were you hoping to sleep in? FAT CHANCE. Guess who's out on the lawn whooping and running around like a kid hopped up on all the candies he could get.]

GEROOOO?! Somebody pinch me, de arimasu! My baby's back!!!

[Streets of Mayfield]

[And now he's off taking the Kero Robo MK II on a spin drive. Better stay off the road, this mecha's pretty huge considering the pilot is only two feet tall.]

09 July 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Connected 1 (Forward dated after Carnivalfield)  

769 Bunker Street

[When Sora awakens, he finds himself in a room he does not recognize. He was pretty sure that his parents didn't go change his room around the year that he left. Looking around, none of the things are even remotely his. Something was up. Raising his hand, he goes to summon the keyblade, only to find it's not appearing. Okay, even weirder. Heading downstairs, the spikey haired hero looks around. Where was he? This was not his island.]


[Picking up the reciever, he brings it to his year.]

Uhhh, hello? Riku, Kairi? You there?


23 June 2012 @ 01:47 pm
chapter 3  
[action: outside 769 bunker street; 1:00 PM]

[Anyone who comes across Tokiomi will see him with his standing atop the roof of his home, a sly grin on his face. He jumps from the roof, falling from a height that could cause one or two broken bones. However, now that he has his circuits back, Tokiomi uses thaumaturgy to manipulate the air currents around him muttering an incantation prior to the spell's completion, landing down on the ground without relative harm. You're free to come up and speak to him, or comment on the trick. The smile on his face shows he is content with the results of his experiment.]

[phone: locked to rin tohsaka; 3:00 PM]

Now that I have properly discovered how to make private calls, Rin... While I am able to perform thaumaturgy once more, I do not currently have any jewels. Would you be able to spare any in your current possession?

[action: john doe park; 4:00 PM]

[Now that he has his circuits back, Tokiomi is going to do a bit of magical practice along with physical training. While he's still an elegant and proper person, that doesn't mean he's going to let himself become completely defenseless. So enjoy watching Old Man Tohsaka doing some Chinese kenpou moves, along with some incantations for Gandr shots. There's an interval of at least 15-20 minutes before he fires another, still trying to get used to the mana drain spells take and adapting to how long their incantations take to speak.]
17 June 2012 @ 12:41 pm
44 Δ Father's Day  
A gift left at 769 Bunker )

[Home (MORNING): 310 Miller Street]

[ It's early morning. So early that it's borderline OOC for her to be up, but here she is, not acknowledging anyone around her. In the kitchen, she's either calmly sipping tea or preparing a backpack full of food to last an entire day (as well as any other guests she might run into). Go on and try to call out to her: she won't hear it at all. Provoking her might not be a good idea. ]

[Action B (ALL DAY): Throughout Town]

[ She remembers last year all too well. With the memory of that and Archer's recent droning, she's not in the mood to talk to anyone. Those who are capable of hunting her down through their various methods are free to find her in any of her usual hiding places, but she's not sitting out in the open. That's too much of a risk with anything that might be going on today. Her earplugs are in tight in her ears, hidden underneath a full head of hair, but she'll pull them out if she recognizes any of her gal pals.

Boys are free to pester her, but they might end up feeling sick for a good week after. Rin doesn't play around when it comes to being told what to do. ]
11 June 2012 @ 11:34 am
Invasion 12: The Real Call to Arms (Back date before zombies)  
[773 Bunker Street]

[Keroro would normally be happy about surviving another sick game the town threw him in; especially if he got some Gundam models as a reward. This time it seemed so empty. He couldn't even bring himself to even open the boxes.]

[Maybe it was because the "children" of the house were now perma-drones who insisted to call him doggy. He never thought he'e use the dog house again but he sought shelter from the drones one that school was out. If you poke your head into the yard, you might even hear some sniffling.]

Stupid Varon-dono, he could've at least waited until I got these Gunpla before he got drones.


[He got better and decided to make a phone call.]

Ah, ah, can everyone hear me? This Keroro, de arimasu. You might remember that Nyanpire-dono called a while back about making a group for everyone the town thinks as a pet? We are serious about but this I promise we're not gonna invade anyone, de arimasu. I haven't been here as long as some of you, but I'm sick of being kicked out of places and treated lowly just because I'm not a Peko, ah sorry, a human, de arimasu.

What do you guys say? If you're interested, we should arrange a meeting time and place.
11 June 2012 @ 04:39 pm
chapter 2  
[action: 9:00 AM]

[If anyone comes across Tokiomi early in the morning, you will notice him step out of his home, plan to go downtown and then notice the numerous zombies that decided to have a picnic (just a term, not an actual one) sitting there on the street. His first reaction is surprise, and then when they come forward, seeing as how he doesn't have any magic he begins to back up into his home.]

[phone: 9:30 AM]

Hm... I was not expecting to see the deceased up and walking around during my stay in this town. Can any of you possibly explain this odd situation?

[action: 10:00 PM]

[The only weapon that Tokiomi has in his hand is a fire poker, though he appears to be expertly using it in fending off the zombies as he makes his way into John Doe Park. His reasoning? While he wouldn't outright admit it, he is worried for his daughters and, if they are caught in a bad situation, he wishes to be able to protect them.]
04 June 2012 @ 09:54 pm
imitation/fake 02: an unlit forge [broom?]  
The forge is unlit/the steel unrefined/still as derpy as ever. AU details within. )

[Morning - 768 Bunker - Housemates and Unexpected Visitors]

[Another day, another morning in the bizarre and slightly alarming town of Mayfield. Shirou didn't really quite understand a lot of events that happened when he thought about it. Apparently, some girl he knew in high school told him a lot of things at some point...Rin, was it? It seemed pretty important in his memory, but he never really thought much of her, even back then. A lot of things in his memory in Mayfield and what he knew of himself didn't add up...which was amazing considering how little time he had spent here.

Oh, well. He figured his 'wife' would be awake soon so he was busily putting together a breakfast for both The Handmaid [he really DID need to ask if she had a name that was easier to use in conversation] and himself. In an apron. While humming a jaunty tune to himself and looking unrionically at peace. Even though Mayfield was a pretty stressful place, something like his old hobby of cooking was very therapeutic for him. So the smell of some delicious omelets are floating around the house...and near the window for anyone passing by.]

[Afternoon - Main Street Barber Shop - Open]

Um...good as new! I think.

[Shirou really hated this job. He knew absolutely nothing about cutting, styling, or anything else involving hair. Him being such an abysmal failure at it might have explained why his hair whitened so early. Or if one needed less cosmic evidence for how much he sucked at being a barber, one only need look at recent drone customers. The lucky ones have a few misshapen hairdos. The truly horrific ones have nearly lost all of their hair with some messily-bandaged cuts here and there (he himself having applied said bandages), and some have somehow gained afros. Of course, drones being drones, they don't seem to mind.]

Oh thank you, Mr. Emiya! I look positively wonderful. [Quote the drone woman who's stereotypical 50s hair had been reduced to a boyish crew cut. Shirou would just laugh nervously and wave at her as she left with a plastic smile on her face.]

Ahahaha...sure. No problem. [He really wishes he was somewhere else right now. Approach him or the horrible abominations he has created?]

[Evening - Phone - Unfiltered]

Hey, uh...is it just me or have a lot of people been acting more strangely than lately? I mean, yeah, this place is pretty weird already with a lot of weird people...erm. I mean that in a good way. I think. But, yeah, is everything alright? This is a creepy and messed up town already. It doesn't do any of us good if we're restless, right?
02 June 2012 @ 04:57 pm
Fifteenth Miracle  
AU Information (contains spoilers for Umineko) )

A: 773 Bunker Street
[Since a servant of the Ushiromiya family has to be up early, Yasu has gotten up, eaten whatever was in the fridge, and is diligently cleaning the windows. Huh. Lion doesn't normally do that kind of housework...]

B: On the way back from the general store
[Since they've run out of some cleaning supplies, Yasu has gone to get some and is now heading home. Unfortunately Yasu may have overestimated how much was needed. Those are an awful lot of bags...]

[C: Phone]
Um... [There's someone taking a deep breath over the phone as though to steady themselves. Even though Yasu has been here for over a year, making public calls still isn't easy. Focus, Yasu. You can do this.] I was wondering...since there are people from different worlds here...some of you have magic where you're from, right? Or...witches, maybe? I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about what they're like where you're from. You don't have to if you don't want to, but...I'd really like to know, if that's okay...

[While that is Lion's voice, it's a lot more hesitant and timid than Lion usually sounds. Weird.]

[OOC: Replies will be from the journal [personal profile] servantmagic! I'll also be using female pronouns to refer to Yasu for reasons stated in the AU info.]
23 May 2012 @ 12:52 pm
chapter 1  
[action - 769 Bunker Street; 7:00 AM]

[The death was too sudden. Too quick. Too unexpected. There were far too many plans for the Tohsaka family, and Akasha still needed to be reached. While Tokiomi had made sure to give his family insurance through one of his daughters, that didn't make him any less irritated. Being pulled from the clutches of death was a shock to him, and at first he believed that it had to be some feat of thaumaturgy. It was only after careful experimentation and analysis that he realized this world did not follow the same logic his own had. So had he jumped dimensions or realities? Impossible for him to do alone... Could it have been the work of one of the magics? Perhaps the Grail had done it? Whatever the case may be, Tokiomi is up bright and early, making sure the house is in proper line by whipping the drones, and any player characters, into shape. Barking orders was never his strong suit, so he's just waking everyone up and commanding them in his sly way. After a few hours, Tokiomi decides to take a reprieve and use the phone.]

[phone - 769 Bunker Street; 10:00 AM]

Kotomine Kirei... your betrayal will not go unpunished. Should you be within the same realm as I upon the current time, do not leave your back open as I foolishly had done. As to any of you out there who understand the term 'Magi', I require an immediate meeting with you at my address. We have much to discuss...
17 May 2012 @ 08:30 pm
First Paint Layer  

Hello? Is this even working? Hello?

I hate to be an inconvenience but could a consort of this planet be so kind as to explain to me how I ended up here? And why I woke up next to a human man who keeps trying to kiss me... I swear if this is one of Mister Hussie's "trollings" I'm going to be severely put out with him. Changing someone's entire species and dropping them on an alien planet when they're trying to bring a recovering patient soup is incredibly ru-

Oh no! Mister Slick!

His soup is going to get cold.

[Around Mayfield.]

[From late morning to early evening Ms. Paint can be found exploring her new surroundings. Feel free to approach the tiny, plump blonde woman wandering the streets.]
14 May 2012 @ 11:45 am
Invasion 11: Sweep square rooms in circles  
[773 Bunker Street, Morning]

[Anyone at this address can find Keroro asleep on the dining table. He would normally crash on the sofa, but he was up all night cleaning the entire household. How did he do it without making a sound? He's Keroro. He can do whatever he wants which includes sleep talking.]

Zzz...No for the last time, that's not how you build a gundam, de arimasu...

Okay I'm a day late but I'd like to offer my cleaning services to all the ladies out there, de arimasu. Trust me, no one can clean a house or whatever like me. If any guy wants to challenge that, come at me bro. Gero gero gero....
12 May 2012 @ 10:19 am
imitation/fake 01  
[Morning - 768 Bunker Street - Action/Phone]

[Out of one hell, into another. The last memory Archer had was fading away at the end of the Grail War and hearing Rin promise not to let his past self follow the same road he did. He smiled at her and spoke with his old voice, then faded away. It was a nice, hopeful memory. But that was the first thing that was wrong as Archer slowly came into consciousness...he shouldn't have been able to remember that so vividly if he had truly resumed his role.

Shouldn't in a flesh and blood body, either.

Or in a bed.

Or in really, really terrible nightwear.

Archer's good at hiding how he feels about things, so while he looked like someone had only stepped on his toe, Archer was rapidly trying to piece together where the hell he was and why he had somehow been demoted from Counter Guardian to some random person in a suit. Once the initial confusion wears off, he eventually finds his way over to the phone and makes use of it.]

Alright. I'll bite. Where is this, when is it, and why am I here?

[The very blunt way of asking this did a poor job of masking both the head-spinning confusion of suddenly being human again and the irritation he had apparently entered the bizarro world of the 1950s.

Boy was he in for a few unpleasant surprises.]
04 May 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Fifth Horror: Prom = bad memories  
[She's still not sure about going. But at least doing something will be nice.

A. Carrie is buying some fabric for a dress. Maybe she'll go, maybe she won't. Either way, right now she's standing off to the side, waiting to get the attention of the drone lady who seems to be ignoring her.

B. At the library, she's picking out some cook books. The pile is just floating in the air next to her. Yup, practise makes perfect.

C. At home, ignoring the drone mother, she's making some supper.] 


.....Um, if people need help with prom dresses....I'm good at making them. I can help.

....has anything bad...ever happened at a prom? ...here...I mean.... really bad.

[Phone/Filtered to Fate.]

.....Can...I talk to you? ...in person, I mean.
03 May 2012 @ 01:53 am
◊11th Ride◊ Alien Youth  
A: 773 Bunker Street

[Varon sighs as he grabs his books for school. It's not a dejected sigh but rather a sigh of frustration. He really isn't looking forward to getting fitted for a suit. He's been listening to the others in his class talk about it with excitement. This wasn't something that he could get excited about. He looks at the tickets in his wallet and shakes his head with his eyes cast up the ceiling.

He knows his not!father is a chaperone. That isn't the problem. His reputation is going to be blown sky high in a grand explosion of probably being laughed at for his dancing ability, something that he had to learn as an assassin and another useless skill that his former employer made him learn. He hopes that his not!father thinks that he needs lessons...which might be inevitable.

He quickly closes his wallet and shoves it in his back pocket in a hurry. Out of sight, out of mind. He grabs the car keys and walks out the door. His nerves are so high on edge he skips breakfast and hopes to dodge the inquisition.]

B: Mayfield High

[The same conversations he hears over and over again fall on deaf ears. He's at his locker and he's doing his best to ignore the drone girls swooning and hoping that he would ask them to the prom.

Varon rolls his eyes while he scans his books. The same questions follow him.]

Do you have a date? I would like to go with you.

Not gonna happen.

[He slams the locker closed and walks away.]

C: After School at the tailors

[Varon sits in the waiting area with a newspaper covering his face and torso. He isn't looking forward to this at all. He hopes that his name is overlooked and he could go home with the excuse that they didn't have his name on their list.

It's not that he's unfamiliar with it, it's just the opposite. Back home, he had to be fitted for suits, but it's not one of his favorite things. If it isn't for Fujino, he would have left a long time ago and forget the whole thing.

The dreaded moment arrives and his name is called...]

D: Back to 773 Bunker Street (evening)

[He enters the house and places the keys on the hook. He didn't bother to pick up the phone this time. He walks straight into his room and closes the door to hang up the suit.]

This sucks.
14 April 2012 @ 05:59 pm
No Salarian Body for YOU: Backdated to Friday  
[769 Bunker Street]

[Barely a week after getting his correct physiology back, Mordin has found himself in the wrong body again. He'll head for the kitchen, seeking his default coping strategy]

Stimulant required. Unnatural events.

[Around Mayfield]

[Mordin still stops occasionally to test the body's capabilities, but generally is on a mission.]

Seeking Salarian. Unless additional mathematical complexity. Regardless, finding correct body desirable.
13 April 2012 @ 08:44 am
Invasion 10: Frog Invader in a Human Body? This can't be good..  
[773 Bunker Street, AM]

[Keroro yawns and  reluctantly rolls out of---WAIT. Something's really off! He looks down. Oh no...This has happened before. He's stuck in a Pekoponian body! Question was who? He rushes over to a mirror. Viktoria's face reflect back at him. Scream that will wake up everyone in the house in





[Around Mayfield]

[After the intial shock wears off, it dawns on Keroro that while he's in Viktoria's body, he could do stuff he couldn't do when the drones were around.]

Guess it's not too bad, de arimasu. Too bad there are no Gundam models to buy here. Would've been my chance to buy all of them.  Now what can I do in a Pekoponian body like this?