11 July 2012 @ 03:56 pm
fourth circulation  
( 916 bilko boulevard; action for scratch )

[ When Nadeko wakes up after all the days of worrying over people who had disappeared - and had now returned - she finds herself.. well, not in her own room. This room is definitely different, even if it's a bedroom in Mayfield all the same, and so she very carefully and shyly sets out to explore. At least her stuffed animals seem to have made the journey with her, since she has one grasped under an arm almost defensively as she makes her way through the house, trying to find out what's going on.

Little does she know that Mayfield just decided to change her housing, so he might find her trying to subtly sneak through the house (in pyjamas) while she actually is pretty obvious.. ]

( phone )

U-um..! To everyone that knows me, i-it seems I've changed addresses.. [ she stutters as she speaks up - speaking in public over these phone lines is scary, okay. ] I'm now living with oji-san at 916 Bilko Boulevard. [ .. ] A-ah, wait, I think most of you know oji-san as.. Doc Scratch, right? But oji-san's really nice, so there's no reason to worry, hehe..

[ so innocent, Nadeko. ]

I also wanted to ask if e-everyone is okay now after what happened.. I don't know w-what exactly it was, but.. it seemed a little scary.. Is everyone b.. back and okay now..?

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07 June 2012 @ 02:35 pm
third circulation  
( phone )

[ There's a pause, as if the person who just started the call isn't sure whether they should really go through with it in the end or not, but.. she does speak up after a little while, a little hesitantly as always. ]

U-um.. that strange thing that was going on last weekend is over now, isn't it..? [ she 'hmms' a little to herself, trying to work up the courage to go on. ] Y-you see.. it's a little strange, since my birthday was Sunday and everyone was.. really strange, so I didn't want to say anything about it..

[ her voice slowly trails off. ]

S.. sorry. I don't remember w-where I was going with this either, so.. I'll just stop now, good day..

( across town )

[ After that rather embarassing moment, Nadeko is just going to flee out of the house and go out, trying to avoid people while walking through town. She's not difficult to spot though with that characteristic hat, so if you want to approach her, now's your chance. ]