12 September 2012 @ 07:13 am
When You're Awake...  
[Rin had to go looking for her other friends, making sure they were all right. After that fiasco that had wrought their impending doom, she had been leery about assuming everyone got out okay. She hadn't noticed it herself, but some people didn't make it out. So, she was headed over to Yuna's place, hoping to god she hadn't gotten hurt or killed.

Knocking on the door, she contended herself to wait.]
27 August 2012 @ 09:26 am
Follies in Cooking  
1. [Action - Rin's Household]

[Rin was feeling adventurous in her cooking that day, as she mixed together a bunch of things in her marinade. A little of this, a little of that, some wine, maybe a lot of wine. She was working on making a sauce from the wine too. When it was all done, there was a faint blush to her cheeks as she had tasted some of it, and continued to taste all through cooking.

But it was just cooking right? Nothing for it!]

2. [Action - Anywhere in Town]

[Rin was giggling as she stumbled, leaning on the fence. She had definitely gotten drunk on the fumes and the constant taste testing and she was leaning on a fence, trying to get herself steady. Her cheeks were flushed and if she knows you, she'll probably give you a happy smile and a biiiig hug.]
11 July 2012 @ 04:56 pm
Regains of an Interesting Methodology  
[A. Stevens Road - Locked to Housemates]

[When Rin got the boxes at the front, she was worried. Three for each of them? Well, excluding Scott but still. Bringing it into the living room, she set them down and counted them out. Three for Nozomi, three for her.]

Nozomi! We've got mail!

[Opening the first one, she blinked at the sight of a cell phone adorned with butterflies up the side.] What the heck is this?

[Phone - Drone Lock]

Is it common to get a whole bunch of things that you didn't expect you would get? I got a pile of stuff in the mail today, and so did Nozomi.

[Phone - Marisa]

Marisa, you know how you said you wanted to check on my magic and stuff? I got something new in the pile. It's, well, it kind of looks like I get a massive power upgrade sometime in my service as a Precure, since I've got a whole new costume, transformation device and magical attack.

[Phone - Yuna]

Hey Yuna, I got something cool in the mail. Want to get together so I can show it to you?
08 June 2012 @ 11:25 am
Another Friday  
[1 - 2242 Stevens and Area]

[Rin was feeling a little put out that she hadn't received anything in the mail, but it wasn't so bad. She wasn't looking forward to anything else that marked her as a potential villain later on. As such, she was finishing the laundry, not trusting her drone mom to throw out the boys clothing like shorts that they had, or worse, donating them to some kind of charity. They were hers, darnit. She couldn't play futsbal in a dress.]

[Phone/Action - Private to Madoka]

Madoka, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the flower shop today. I can show you around and help you with your garden. It is a little early for seeds but we could probably get some seedlings instead. What do you say?

[Phone/Action - Private to Yuna]

Hey Yuna, I was wondering if you wanted to go and play some sports or do something like that this weekend like we talked about earlier in the week when we were kind of out of our minds. Gimme a call back? I'm going out to find flowers with Madoka first so we can make it a date.

Er, I mean not a date, I mean just as friends and stuff. Yeah. [Ogod all the awkward. That AU did a number on her.]

[Phone/Action - Private to Gohan]

Hey Gohan, I was just wondering if you'd like to do something this weekend. I've got plans with a couple of friends but it is summer after all now so... gimme a call?
24 May 2012 @ 10:47 am
Not The Best of Days  
[1 - High School]

[It wasn't often that Rin had to deal with fans of her athletic ability, but it was the first time that drones were coming up to her, praising her like she had suddenly gotten the level of popular status. Which, admittedly wasn't a new thing since her school back home often praised her for these things. But there were girls hanging on her every motion.]

Rin! Do you want to come to the malt shop after school?

Rin! Come help us design something for this home ec project!

Hey beautiful, do you want to go out tonight?

[Someone help Rin before she explodes from all of these questions and does someone an injury?]

[2 - Anywhere - Hospital]

[Having escaped the drones somehow, Rin had managed to get home in time for a phone call demanding why she hadn't shown up for two days at the hospital as a candy striper. Two days. Oh dear. With that in mind, Rin found a uniform in her closet and charged out the door, struggling on her outfit as she made a beeline for the hospital. Darnit if it wasn't one thing it was another!]

Phone - Filtered from Drones

Is it even POSSIBLE for one day to go by without this place making me completely bonkers? Not only I suddenly became popular but I just spent four hours as a candy striper. Who does this to me without asking anyhow?
08 May 2012 @ 01:40 pm
What A Day  
[A. - 2242 Stevens]

[So... Scott was droned. Again. She hoped it wasn't a common coincidence. She should really call his date once she figured out who it was. As such, it was down to her and Nozomi again for who knows how long.

Recently, Rin had been thinking about herself, being a magical girl. Going into her room, she pulled the mask from its hiding spot and looked over it, sighing to herself.]

How am I going to tell Nozomi about this?

[B. - Around Town]

[Darnit, even Teddie had been droned. What was this, a wholesale? And even Dr. Doof wasn't around anymore, his drone... not even here either. She was in a bit of a funk and thinking about her problems when she might run into you, not really thinking about it.] Oh, sorry.

[C. - Rec Center After School]

[Rarely anyone came here anyhow and it was good enough for Rin. Despite the teenagers all telling her she couldn't play since she was a girl, Rin took up a ball anyhow and kept shooting into the right goal. And then she did some laps, trying to get back into a modicum of shape. This was, to be honest, frustrating and the week was possibly going to get worse.]

[D. Phone]

Um, to those who know Scott Pilgrim, he's been droned. Again I think. I remember he had a date for the prom so I was hoping to get in contact with the girl who he was going with and let her know? Thanks in advance.
14 April 2012 @ 11:37 am
Freaky Friday Precure Style  
[A. Stevens Lane and Surrounding Area]

[After the initial shock of being in Nozomi, Rin had gone about her day with her usual aplomb, cooking and cleaning before the day hit. It was Friday after all, and it was a nice day out all things considered. Her housemates can find Rin-In-Nozomi dressed in a dark pink and black dress, looking kind of sharp today.]

[B. Anywhere in Town, Morning]

[Rin's rather enjoying her time out, giving Nozomi's body the workout of a lifetime. She's exercising in the park, or maybe taking a jog across town. She is giggling though at the way that she was running and leaping.]

I'll bet Nozomi didn't expect me to work her body out. This way she'll get in shape as long as I'm running with her!

[C. Phone]

So... anyone have any idea how long this is going to last? It couldn't be too long, could it? The body swapping I mean.

[D. Anywhere in Town, Evening]

[Rin is wondering just how far the abilities go, and she holds up Nozomi's wrist.] Precure Metamorphose! [In a flash of light, Cure Dream stood there, and she adjusted her belt and jumped in place for a moment.] Seems all right. Doesn't look like anything's missing.

[Holding up her fist, she incanted,] Precure, Rouge Fire! [And was disappointed.] Figures. It didn't work. That would be the case probably since I'm Dream and not Rouge...

(ooc: responses will come from [personal profile] notjustafake since I'm too lazy to make a Nozomi journal for this.)
08 April 2012 @ 09:57 am
Sink into the Darkness  
[A. 2242 Stevens]

[There were a couple of unexpected surprises for Rin today, and not very good ones either. For instance, Einhard had been droned. Damnit. She was still hoping to keep on good relations with her drone in case she ever came back. Secondly, boxing glove. Ow.

Nursing her jaw, she opened up the second of the box and leaped backwards from it just in case. Finding that nothing leaped out of it, she crept up towards the box and peered inside. Inside was a creepy white mask that looked suspiciously like a...]

A... kowaiina mask?

[Indeed it was a Kowaiina mask, and one that was oddly shaped like a face instead of a hooked nosed thing. Reaching down, she picked it up and shivered at the feel of it. It was unusually smooth, and shaped a lot like it would fit... her own... face...

With great effort, she tore it away from herself and held it out at arms length. Okay, that was creepy. She's just going to put that away for now.]

[B. High School]

[Rin couldn't stop thinking about that mask she got as she doodled in the lines of her notebook. Why did she get it? Was that a sign that... she was destined to turn evil? No, it couldn't be. It couldn't POSSIBLY be that. Really. She was a Precure, she didn't do stuff like that.

But there was always dark magical girls in those television shows Nozomi and Urara loved.


Anyone wanting to get her attention will probably have to poke her by now.]

[C. Bowling Alley]

[Clatter. The pins were knocked down as Rin picked up another ball and lined up her shot. Bowling she didn't do often, but it was a nice past time in Japan. And it was something that was keeping her mind off her potential 'possibly evil' situation.

As such, she's distracted by the pins knocking down all the time.]
20 March 2012 @ 09:37 pm
All the Screaming - Frontdated to Day 2  
[Things had gotten really weird lately, with all this slime around it. Rin was feeling irritable but more importantly, she was nervous. Nervous because the mood slime was making her feel like there was something lurking. Something unnatural.

It was then that Rin turned the corner, and there stood a large umbrella with the foot of a man and a sandal. It had a round eye and a tongue which reached out and licked her.

Rin stood there for a moment, before she opened her mouth and screamed before fleeing the scene. More ghosts poured out after her and she kept screaming as she ran all the way back home. You may intercept her or help her along the way, but eventually she makes it back to the house where she slams the door and turns --

-- and there's a ghost hovering there who licks her again before vanishing.

Too tired to scream, Rin collapses in a dead faint in the doorway.]
13 March 2012 @ 09:23 am
Days Upon Days of Routine  
[A. Action - John Doe Park]

[There was a Rin doing exercise in the park; push ups, sit ups, general warm ups. She was dressed in a severely modified track suit left over from one of the drone boys that had once made up their family unit, and the sleeves were pushed up and tied off with twine.

Falling into a martial arts stance, she moved around, trying to get a feel for her motions again, remembering the lessons Gohan gave her. It was in the middle of this kata that she slowed to a halt, wiping her forehead.

Going over to the pile of rocks that she had set up, Rin hefted one up, testing its weight. One verbal command later and Cure Rouge stood there, holding them with ease. And with that in mind, she threw it high into the air as the butterfly on her wrist sparked.]

Precure Rouge FIRE!

[BLAM, the rock shattered under the flaming butterfly impact, and fell to the ground.]

Nice, that worked out awesome. Now to see about the rest of it.

[Carefully, she moved over to the large boulder, and began to tug at it, the boulder shifting out of its foundations and soon Rin was holding it over her head.]

[B. Grocery Store]

[Having finished her workout and testing of Precure powers to make sure they were all working, Rin was doing the groceries. It wasn't that she didn't trust the drone mother to do her job, but it kept her occupied. She's looking a few bruised apples and putting them back while making a face.]

[C. Malt Shop]

[Rin wasn't a popular girl, considering her tomboyish ways. But there was a lot of things to taste there. She wanted to take a short break and get a soda before she returned home. She blinked at the menu.]

The heck is a float?

[D. 2242 Stevens - Housemates/Neighbors]

I'm home!

[Ignoring the cheerful welcome back from their drone mother, Rin brought the groceries in and started putting away the groceries.] Hey, Nozomi, Einhard, you two home? Whatcha want for dinner? [And totally consigning the meatloaf to the rubbish bin; it didn't taste good anyhow after the last fifteen meals of it.]
16 February 2012 @ 07:40 pm
Blowing Off The Day  
[Locked to Housemates]

[When Rin's eyes snapped open on the morning of the 15th, a sickening dread fell upon her person. It was the dread that she had just spent the last few days making a absolute fool of herself.

Crawling out of bed, she looked at the wilted roses and then felt absolutely sick, if only for the fact that she had practically hung over Nozomi without remorse. She was her FRIEND, not her... AUGH!

Tiredly, she dragged herself to Nozomi's room and knocked on it.]

Hey Nozomi, can you come out here for a second? I need to talk to you.

[Elementary or High School depending on the time of arrival]

[If it wasn't enough, the elementary had suddenly handed Rin her graduation papers and she was now in the High School. To be a freshman all over again, it was absolutely paralyzing. The jocks were making fun of her for being a girl who liked sports, and there were the popular girls who she gave no attention to.

She wasn't a nerd, so they couldn't hold it over her head. But they were being really mean.]

[Anywhere in town]

Precure Metamorphose!

[The magical butterflies swirled around Rin as her transformation took place. Deciding to go out on a training session, she punched and kicked, kicking up a storm of motion. She felt faster, stronger, like her powers had returned after opening that box a couple of weeks ago. Her hand ignited and she punched into a tree, cracking it before it went up in flames. Whoops. Fortunately it dissipated quickly, and she winced.]

So much for keeping a low profile while burning off steam...
13 February 2012 @ 09:57 am
Fourth Flame  
[At home]

[The Stevens had a addition of flowers this morning when Rin came down for breakfast. An array of white daisies and red roses were there. Examining the flowers, she smiled.]

Not bad choices. I wonder who brought it here though.

[Plucking one out of the vase, she had the urge to fit it into her hair despite her usual tomboyish behavior.]

Aaaah this is nice~ I hope the others'll be up soon so they can see it.

Elementary School or Anywhere

[Later on, Rin was still feeling atop the world as she practically floated from place to place. Her first crush had finally blossomed into view, and she was giddily going from class to class, doing her work in a daze and dotting her is with a heart. She was smiling widely. Care to find her in a good mood?]