10 August 2012 @ 03:03 pm
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[1664 nelson street: 8:00 AM]

[It had happened in an instant. They were so close, they were going to defeat fate... and Keiichi, holding the torch high, had fallen. A single bullet had hit it's mark, and the cold brush of death had once again taken it's victim. A toss, a turn in the children's room of 1664 Nelson was met by Keiichi throwing his head up and arching his back.]


[Had it all been... a dream? No... that was impossible. He could see it so clearly. Takano had clearly--]


[The pain, it was still there. Keiichi's hand brushed along his chest and, once his shirt was risen, he found no wound. But he felt it. He knew for a fact it had happened. It was extremely vivid, far too realistic for a mere dream. But there was a problem... Once the shirt was lowered, Keiichi made a very shocking discovery.

This wasn't his room.

That wasn't his shirt.]

W... Where the hell am I?!

[Trying his best and I mean his absolute best not to panic, the boy jumped himself up out of bed. An entire hour was spent running around the house, trying to take in any familiar details. He couldn't see anything... but then caught his eyes on a photo. The photo pictured many strangers that he didn't recognize, which caused him to nearly break out in a cold sweat. Was this the afterlife?]


[Nope, it wasn't. Evidenced by how the teen tried to pinch and tug on his cheek. He wasn't dead, he could still feel it. He wasn't dreaming because the pain was very real. So what the hell was going on here? All Keiichi could do was take the phone off the hook and reach it over to his ear... But who to call? Who to communicate with? Once he let out a harsh breath into the phone, he noticed that it had seemed to reflect across the home. Perhaps others would hear him too? The normally confident, explosive orange flame had a very large hint of worry in his tone as he spoke.]

[phone: 9:00 AM]

L-Look! Someone tell me where the hell I am! The last thing I remember is... [...] Ah! Rika, Satoko, Mion, Rena, Shion!! Can any of you hear me?! Are you guys alright? ....Did you make it out alive....

[The final question falls as his voice falls. He wasn't even sure if they were here, let alone if they'd ever hear his voice. What if they had perished? What if all of their efforts had been in vain, and they couldn't break away from fate's cruel grasp? A long bit of silence is heard over the phone, before Keiichi finally mutters.]

...If you guys are out there... please... answer me...