19 June 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Episode 3: King for Today  
[A. Action // 1766 Beaver Street // Backdated to Father's Day]

[It's Father's Day! Despite her own lack of knowledge of the holiday, Flonne seems to have put a lovely spin on it. Starting with a healthy or at least edible breakfast, put together with a little help from her drone mother. She even threw in a stack of pancakes for her drone brother.

It's strange. Yesterday, she was only thinking about how to use the day to thank Almaz for all his help, and now that's it's finally here -- Flonne is steaming ahead at full speed!

There is a knock coming from the other side of the door of the master bedroom, from the corner of a short wooden breakfast table being carried by Flonne. It has been stacked with a set of silverware, a plate with pancakes, eggs and bacon, orange juice and a side of toast. A bouquet of flowers has been tucked under her right arm, and a chocolate bar is balancing precariously on her head.

Good morning, Mr. Almaz! ♥ I brought you some breakfast!

[B. Action // All Day, Around Town]

[But Almaz isn't the only one who lucks out today! In fact, all the men in her life that she has had the pleasure of being acquainted with will either receive a personalized greeting card or a fist full of hand-picked flowers fresh from her own home garden.

On her way to stuff the goodies in mailboxes or deliver them personally, you might see her walking down the street with a bounce in her step.

[C. Phone Call to Cain Knightlord ([personal profile] kinship) // Hackable]

Hello? Mr. Knightlord? [Because old habits die hard.] It's Flonne. I hope that you are well.

Anyway, I wanted to apologize. It seems that I wasn't able to be of any help to Charles. He didn't seem to take my proposition as a babysitter very well.
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15 May 2012 @ 10:55 pm
Episode 2: Word to Your Mother  
[A. Action // 1766 Beaver Street // Backdated to Mother's Day]

[Flonne comes bursting in through the front door, with a bouquet of flowers wrapped up together with a pink ribbon in her arms. Her hands were full, and so she actually forced the door open with the heel of her right foot. Whoops.]

Ms. Seras! Are you home?

[She steps inside of the house, looking quite pleased with herself. -- After waiting a minute or two for the person in question to answer, Flonne heads into the kitchen to fetch a vase for the flowers. It'll be better to surprise her if she isn't home right now.]

There is still a lot that I'm trying to understand about this town, but at least I can try to follow the local customs in the meantime.

[The tap flows with water pouring into the vase.] She might not be my real mother, but... It's the least I can do for her allowing me to stay in her home.

I hope that she likes them.

[She puts the flowers into the vase, water and all, and then sets it down on the kitchen with a little card that says: "Happy Mother's Day! ♥"]

[B. Phone]

Hello? ... [Ahem.] My name is Flonne, and I am offering my services as a babysitter. Payment is negotiable, and my schedule is very flexible!

I love being around children, and people have told me that I'm very good with them. Um... So, if you're interested in hiring me, then please feel free to contact me at this number or write to me at 1766 Beaver Street.

Thank you!
24 April 2012 @ 11:14 am
Episode 1: From One Hell to Another  
[A. Action // 1766 Beaver Street]

[It's a pleasant spring morning in Mayfield. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and Flonne is slowly waking up in a daze. Dressed in a set of girls pajamas with a floral print, she brings her arms up in a stretch and yawns.]

Aaah... Good morning, every--

[She blinks, and then takes in her surroundings slowly with her eyes now opened. Her bedroom is simply decorated, with pictures and a dress hanging up that she doesn't remember owning. Her Prism Ranger and Effort Ninja Gorrilian memorabilia is strangely -absent-, causing her to break out in small panic, second to the fact that this clearly isn't the Overlord's Castle anymore.]

Wh-... What is going on? Where am I?!

[B. Action // Morning, Around Town]

[After exploring the house, Flonne cautiously made her way outside with a "Nin nin nin..." here in a whisper and "Woosh!" there. It earned her a few strange looks from her new little drone brother, who was waiting for the school bus to pick him up and take him to Mayfield Elementary.

She got a few teasing remarks from him earlier this morning for sleeping in and not being ready in time for breakfast. Strange... she didn't even remember attending high school in the first place. She laughed it off and said that she would try walking there, thinking that it would help "wake her up."

It was a good enough excuse as any, and would give her time to look around the town until she could find her way around this strange new place. A Fallen Angel dressed in a grey jumper with a pink blouse, and matching dress shoes
16 February 2012 @ 03:45 pm
THIS IS SO UNFAIR!! I got really hurt and missed out on the biggest and bestest and most special holidays of them all?! Quick, someone should level up their engineering and build a time machine so that I can go back into the past. If I---wait, what day is it again today?

[ Someone might have just been too distracted by flowers and their effects to notice that the holiday was going on. ]

Oh and um, that person who hurt me? That's alright. I'll forgive you since you weren't camping my spawn♥

[ Even though she is Seriously Behind and Missed All The Things, Flonne will still be visiting each house to leave 5 and a half Valentine's (some people might have a "pet"). They are cheesy 1950s Valentine Cards with stickers pinned right through them like arrows.. because really, that's her style. ]