10 April 2012 @ 08:55 am
Ding Level 5  
[502 Ricardo and Neighboring Areas]

[Thrall had found a card in his package that morning from the mailman. Turning it over, there was a rushing noise and the similar light swirling around him. As if something was unlocked once more. Reading the text he chuckled.

Ghost Wolf
6% of base mana
2 sec cast.
Turns the Shaman into a Ghost Wolf, increasing speed by 30%. As a Ghost Wolf, the Shaman is less hindered by effects that would reduce movement speed.

Walking out the door he concentrated as his hands glowed with power as he cast the spell. His body changed in an instant and a cloud of smoke and sparkling magic as he was now a Ghost Wolf which scratched his hind leg.]

How interesting. Perhaps I will go out for a run today then.
02 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
The Prankpire Lurks  
[Nyanpire didn't really get the survey he had to fill out. And he didn't really get the message he received in the mail. But hey, he didn't usually get mail, and if he was getting mail, then it was probably important that he do what the mail said. Pranks? Tricks! He could play tricks! He could be sneaky-sneaky and play lots of tricks....]

Locked to Netherlands )

Locked to Yamame )

Locked to Ran Fujimiya )

Locked to Thrall )

Locked to Panty )

After the pranking, 1649 Albright Lane

[Pranking is hard work. Nyanpire is half-asleep on the front porch, stretched out and basking in the sunshine. Maybe... maybe he'll play more pranks on his friends when he's all rested up...]
22 March 2012 @ 02:38 pm
Ding level 4 - Mood Slime Day 3  
[Thrall was NOT PLEASED. Not only he had stepped in mood slime and he was crackling lightning as he strode along, but he was being HAUNTED. Not just haunted by any normal spirits but the spirits of Taretha and Cairne. At least he thought it was them. They kept dive-bombing him as he fended them off several times with blasts of electrical discharge. Re-killing a ghost was possible back in Azeroth, but it was also something that was driving him mad because of his guilt of their deaths weighed heavily on his head. Everywhere he looked, the ghosts of fallen heroes also strode behind him, ranging from the figures of Sarufang the Younger to simple children who were slaughtered in the various wars.

Finally he turned towards the two ghosts and the phantoms of various other Azerothian denizens and yelled at the top of his lungs,} WILL YOU ALL PLEASE GO AWAY!

[This was accompanied by a massive crackle of lightning splitting the air.]
18 March 2012 @ 09:39 am
Ding Level 3  
A. [Around Town]

[With Pokey droned, Thrall was feeling a little melancholy. He hadn't in him to stay around when his not-son was acting like everything was on cloud nine. And thus, that meant a jog around town. The massive black man was still moving quick, slowing to greet non-drones in his path.]

B. [Phone]

It appears that one of my housemates has become a drone. Is this a common thing for things to happen in this town, after a certain period of time? If it is, I do not like it.
07 February 2012 @ 04:08 pm
Ding Level 2  
Action - Home

[It appeared the postman had brought him something that morning when he went out to get the mail. Bringing it into the house, he unwrapped it to find a curious board that had little parts lit up on it.

Picking it up, Thrall almost dropped it when it burst into golden light, swirling around him. Instantly he felt something settle back into his body, like a calming power, yet turbulent.

When he opened his eyes, lightning crackled from the two orbs that were alight with the power of the storm.]

My power... the elements, I can feel them once again! Truly this is a gift to have this part of myself back.

[Reverently, he set the box down, the plaque having vanished into thin air after doing its job.]

Action - anywhere

[Thrall could feel it more keenly now as he took his walk after work. The crisp air flowing through the trees, the smell of nature, it was like taking his first steps into the world of shamanism once more.

Moving deeper into a secluded area, he set up a target. Content that no one would get hurt if he tried out his abilities, he took aim. The storm grew around him, and lightning crackled as thunder split the air for a brief moment. And then, he thrust his hand out as a bolt arched from his hand, and split the rock in half. Another blast struck the rock, and then jumped to a fallen tree and another. And a third was blasted off its perch from a gust of wind.]

Excellent. No further testing is required I see.
14 January 2012 @ 04:29 pm
Ding Level 1  
1. 502 Ricardo Street - early morning]

[Groaning from the noise, Thrall knocked over the lamp. Rolled. And fell off the bed.]

By Mannoroth's Spear what in blazes?!

2. 502 Ricardo Street on the Front Porch - Morning

[Thrall was still trying to adjust. Considering the rude awakening, he had climbed out of the oddly comfortable bed and he had spent the morning meditating. He was still unused to the dark skinned human form he had, but he supposed it was better not to scare people with his Orc-ness.]

Spirits I implore you, answer me. Tell me what this place is...

3. Park - Midday

[Deciding a more natural location was needed for this, Thrall had built a fire in one of the unused picnic campsites and had squared away a little thing of rocks. He sat there meditating, trying to reach the spirits of Earth and Fire.]