22 October 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Less Awkward Than His Canon Memories!  
[Action: Mayfield High]

[Science has, of course, always been Neville's favourite subject]

Hey, you got any ideas for the science fair yet?

[Action: 1486 Kramden]

[Neville is putting his bag in his room when he notices something odd on his desk. Gum wrappers? Why does he have these?]


[Action: 435 Peepers]

[He's been trying, he really has. But he just needs to see Rory.]

18 August 2012 @ 11:08 pm
Shot 1 :: Returning  
[A. 431 Peepers Street :: Morning]

[Tyve knows something is wrong when the smell of gunpowder and the great outdoors is missing as she wakes up. Last she remembered was she was of course on the front lines in the middle of a war. This was not it. This is further confirmed by the stranger in bed with her and the pictures she obviously doesn't remember being taken. It dawns on her as she takes stock of her surroundings that she's back in Mayfield. As to why, she's not sure, but she does find comfort in the fact that she knows what she's up against.


She hopes.]

[B. Phone :: Morning :: Open]

[She's not quite sure how long she's been gone yet, but she figures she'll give this a shot.]

Hello? [There's a pause. Of course the phone should work just fine. Why was she even asking?] It appears this place has brought me back. I don't know who's still here but, this is Tyve Russell-Rasmussen speaking. [Of course it's mostly the same old Tyve...Just sounding a few years older.]

[C. Around town :: Most of the Day :: Open]

[It seems like this place has barely changed and Tyve is now about the town, visiting old friends and acquaintances and getting reacquainted with the town. While it may have been only a small amount of time gone for those in the town, it's been years for her.]
13 August 2012 @ 05:04 pm
♔ TWO  

Oh no. Oh no no no no no. Don't think you can pull this different-country-multiple-worlds thing on me again. And just when I had convinced myself that it had all been some weird daydream! Wake up, Anya, we're not doing this again.

...Yes, there's no way home, I know, they told me last time. That doesn't mean I believe it, nor does it mean I'm going to be any less mad about it.

And just how long has it been, exactly? Because it looked like springtime, but it certainly doesn't look like that now.

[There's a pause, and her voice is quieter when she speaks again.]

...There was a boy. Here. He claimed his father was Emperor of Russia. Is... is he still here?

[ ACTION | 435 Peepers Street ]

[There is an awful lot of door-slamming as Anya proceeds to investigate the contents of every room and cabinet of the house. She pauses in the living room to pick up one of the framed photos off an endtable, frowning. Overly happy children. Her and an unfamiliar brown-haired man.]

Well. They changed the photos. That's something.
14 July 2012 @ 06:20 pm
001 ▲  
A. Action | 434 Peepers Street

[ When Toothless wakes up, it doesn't take him long to realize he's not in Berk anymore. Also, there's a doghouse on his back.


Scrambling up, the doghouse topples over, and Toothless turns around in circles. First thing's first, he's going to investigate.

So, household. There's a dragon pressing his face against your windows.

What do? ]

B. Action | John Doe Park

[ Eventually, Toothless gets tired of the house, and decides to search for Hiccup. He finds himself at the park, which is the only place in town, it seems, that has an acceptable amount of room to roam.

Don't mind this slightly agitated dragon tromping around. He's not usually this grumpy, promise. ]
12 July 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Dai San Wa ☆  
1. [ 436 PEEPERS STREET | Morning ]

[ Woah, Yukko got something in the mail? Awesome!  It's like Christmas in July! 

She quickly swipes the package addressed to her and begins to claw at it frantically. Oh boy oh boy, she wonders what's inside! Finally she manages to get the tape off and throws the cover off to reveal -

A can of wasabi.


[ And Yukko feels really crappy now. It's like receiving a can of wasabi has just ruined her entire day. Or it could be that this whole experience has been a drag and the wasabi just broke the camel's back. She's doesn't even know anymore.

All she knows is that the best thing to do when you're depressed is to stuff your face with food.

Several Prompts under the Cut.  )

3. [ BURGER BONANZA | Afternoon]

[ Yukko has finally arrived at the fast food joint. She has taken a booth by herself.

Along with the wasabi, Yukko has also received a package her summer uniform, a white outfit with blue stripes and a tie. She does not look all that happy about it though. She has her elbows propped on the table, holding her head up with her hands. She's ordered plenty of food, enough burgers to last her an entire week but she doesn't seem to want to eat any of it.

...  [ Sigh. ] It's not the saaaame.

4. [ PHONE ]

Because Yukko is behind with all the recent shenanigans. )
07 June 2012 @ 09:06 am
Dai Ichi Wa ☆  
1. [ 436 PEEPERS | Starting House, morning ]
Gosh this intro is pretty long! )

2. [ HIGH SCHOOL...? | Daytime ]
[ Okay, yeah, Yukko is still freaking out by the time she runs out the door. And by running, Yukko is actually zooming down the street as fast as she can. Speedy Gonzales ain't got nothing on her.


Wait. Isn't school out for the summer?

Yes. Yes it is.

Cut for several sub-prompts! )

3. [ AROUND TOWN | EARLY AFTERNOON, open to everyone ]
[ ... and of course after Yukko realizes that school is out, she can't find her way back. Everything looks the same, how could she ever find it?

Yukko is thinking that, maybe, if she keeps wandering around aimlessly, the house will suck her in like a blackhole. Even though she isn't sure how that would even work...

So Yukko's going to be wandering around town, anxious, excited, lost and painfully alone.

Do your worst Mayfield.

4. [ PHONE ]

So, it's summer vacation? Great time to be brought here, huh? It could be worse - they could have brought me in during exams! Ha ha, just kidding! But I guess this is kinda cool! The longer I'm out of school, the better!

[ Yes because this totally makes up for getting kidnapped... sob. ]
01 June 2012 @ 08:57 pm
06 ~*~ I'm not the man I used to be..  
[ 436 Peepers Street ] (cut for TL;DR) )

[ Phone : Midday ]
[ When she comes over the receiver, there is something distinctly different about her voice. She no longer sounds perpetually uncertain; speaking in a confused rush. No, the woman is taking her time and picking her words carefully, rather than extending them in order to let her thoughts catch up with her. ] Good day to everyone. The weather is pleasant, so I have decided that I will take respite in the park this afternoon. I will be bringing my writing tools with me, so all who find comfort in the written word are welcome to share in my company.

Until that time, however, please indulge my curiosity. It has been some time since I have laid eyes on texts from my time, and before. What are your favorite stories or poems? How was the author able to draw you in?

Or, if you would prefer, describe to me the most breathtaking sight you have ever witnessed. I am eager to spark my imagination.

[ John Doe Park : Afternoon ]
[ As promised, Yoshika can be found in the park. She has rolled out a checkered blanket — sufficient only because she does not own any other type of mat. On it, there are drawing pads, note pads, pens, pencils, and brushes all laid out. Someone had gone shopping and found themselves somewhat disappointed in the tools this town offered.

Alas, she will have to make due with what is around. The woman can be found writing in a notepad, or perhaps chewing on the end of that brush (she might be fully alive now, but some habits die hard), or just staring off into space as she admires the scenery and attempts to find some inspiration. It's a slow process, okay? ]

((AU information)) )
22 May 2012 @ 02:35 pm
[Action - Peepers Street in front of his house]

[There's a guy stumbling out of 436, looking shocked and confused and soaking wet. He coughs a few times, doubled over on the sidewalk, his body rather obviously trying not to choke. How'd he get so wet? Who the hell knows.

Maybe you should go and ask him why he's making a puddle in the middle of the street if you're so curious.]
17 May 2012 @ 12:39 pm
first corpse ➸ action / phone  
[a. action: 435 peepers and beyond]

[Now that Molly's at least a little bit in tune with what's going on here, she's set about exploring the place she's apparently got to call home now. It begins with a thorough investigation of the house, checking every nook and cranny for—well, she's not sure what, but something. Then, she spends some time wandering around the yard, looking in the mailbox, the empty doghouse, digging her toes into the sandbox.

Satisfied with this investigation, Molly takes a walk down the street, around the neighborhood, just trying to get a feel for Mayfield. It's creepy, she thinks, but splashed with little pleasant touches that make you feel at home, even if you're nowhere near home. Not the worst place she could be, she guesses.]

[b. phone]

[A shuffling sound, and Molly clears her throat.]

Erm, right, yes, hello. I'm here, now, I suppose—

Oh, right, my name is Molly, Molly Hooper.

[A muffled groan, like she's rolling her eyes at herself. Which she is.]

I just wanted to say hello to everybody, and I look forward to meeting you all!
06 May 2012 @ 11:23 pm
001 -- {action/phone}  
[ Action, 435 Peepers St.: Well, this is certainly a familiar sort of forward-dated to May 07 post in the late morning for Rory Williams. Strange bed, strange house, strange woman claiming to be married to him- the children he never actually had, the wallpaper, the picket fence.

Yes, hello again, Mayfield. He supposes he's lucky enough in being able to remember being here before- not often that he remembers seeing that first-hand. Or maybe that depends on how long he's been out of it. And as opposed to a morning spent pressed against a corner in the living room, this time he just goes ahead and has a seat on the couch where it's easier to reach the phone. It's harder to be intimidated by the place than it used to be, which. Well, he doesn't expect will last all that long. It might just have to do with frankly terrible timing to be pulled out of the TARDIS and away from Amy.

He'll take it while he can get it.

Phone: ]

Right, um. Rory Williams speaking. Again. If anyone remembers me. However long it's been. [ Very smooth, man. ] Which I was wondering about, actually, if anybody could give me the date, because I think it's been a while. I'm mostly just calling out for that and to say hello again, and I'll probably be working at the hospital if anybody could use a nurse.

[ Annnd a hesitation, because he's debating asking if specific people are around or still around or came in and left and came back or anything crazy like that. He decides against setting up for disappointment. ] Yeah, so. Guess that's it, thanks.

[ More Action: From there he figures he may as well take a walk and see if anything drastic has changed. Stop by the old tin spaceship location, head to the park, hit the streets and scope for familiar faces and eventually camp out in the hospital whether he's employed there yet or not. The relatively small world is his oyster, as you can see. ]
14 April 2012 @ 12:22 am
Five Doomed Timelines - You Never Know What Matters Until It's Gone  
[Action; 436 Peepers Street]

[It's first thing in the morning and who's in the kitchen? It's Kyouko, making sandwiches. That's right. Not even. Eating them. Just. Making sandwiches. Plural. And stacking them up.]

Awwww yeah, lining up like so many chumps waiting to get served. Only we ain't serving them nothing, we're serving them to the other chumps because they are goddamn sandwiches. Chump sandwiches being served to chumps. Fucking chump cannibalism up in here, someone call Chumpibal Lector, his order is ready. Because we can make so many sandwiches. So. Many.

[Davesprite is so happy he has thumbs again.]


[The phone calls starts.]


[And then hangs up. Then the phone call starts again.]

Hell yes.

[And then hangs up. And starts once more.]

Hell. [Hang up/Call again] Fucking. [Hang up/Call again] Yes.

Working this phone like Willis works that bald head of his. This phone is getting so worked. Gotta pay it some goddamn overtime. The doorknobs and the windows too. All of them just fucking fall before the might of opposable thumbs. Holy shit, it is just unreal how OP these things are. Twist tops? Un-fucking-twisted. Handles? They are goddamn handled. With real goddamn hands. Yes.

Oh and to the girl who is now in some orange crow body: hahaha sucks to be you. Try not to laser too many people in the face.

[Action; Anywhere]

[Dave in Kyouko's body can be found running around town, opening random doors and windows partly because having thumbs is awesome but mostly because he is a jackass and figures he might as well commit as many crimes as possible while in someone else's body.]

[OoC: Answers will be from [personal profile] finallyhasthumbs]
13 April 2012 @ 10:55 am
04 ~*~ O, when the Saint goes hopping in...  
[ 5719 Cunningham : Morning ]
[ Just when Yoshika had become used to her new, living body in Mayfield, they had to throw this at her. She has managed to make it out of bed (somehow) and get into clothes (again; somehow), so now it was time to try to descend the stairs and figure out where she was, and what was going on.

But stairs, being what they are...


Now Yoshika rests in a pile at the base of the steps, quite lucky she didn't actually break anything, but moaning pathetically all the same. ]
What's haaaappening? [ And why does her body ache so much, even before that stumble? ]

[ Anywhere : All Day ]
[ She's dressed in a breezy number, not seeming to care that her new body is not in the best condition due to Miko's health. The cool air feels good on her skin, and helps take her mind off of the aches and the itching. Every brush of cloth on her skin just set her teeth on edge, but the plan to just go out naked was halted before she could try it out. (What is modesty?)

Maybe if she found Miko, she could fix this? She did say she worked with the living, and they're both not dead right now!

To reward herself for not dying so far, Yoshika is out wandering to try and find her way home. She has to find some landmarks, as she doesn't actually know where the street that Miko lives on is at, and she has this tendency to get distracted along the way. ]

[ Oh, and it seems like some drone kids mistook her odd walking habits for a game, so now she can be found either jumping rope with them, or playing hopscotch. Or with you, if you're playing those games, too! ]

This is... reaaaally tiring...

How can she live with her body like this?

[ I'm sure she'll make it home. Eventually...... ]

((OOC: Body swap with Toyosatomimi no Miko! Replies will come from [personal profile] false_administrator.))
13 April 2012 @ 10:22 am
6 ♊ There is some irony here, we're sure of it  
A. Action. 724 Anderson.


[Upon awakening, the Psiioniic notices something. Firstly, there is not a body sans legs cuddling up to him. He kind of misses that, you know. Secondly, while the person who that other body belongs to does have quite a bit of hair, it is not nearly as much as he is feeling all around him right now.]

[And then he realizes who actually has that much impossible hair and promptly wakes up so he can flip his shit.]

[And that, housemate, is why a high pitched voice is cursing up a storm enough to make sailors blush. Psii is currently confused and in an empress' body that has horns too big and too much hair. Kind of panicking right now, not gonna lie. His enormously long horns are knocking into everything, and he's kind of gotten himself tangled up in all that hair.]

B. Phone.


[Pick up the phone, Mayfield residents, and you may hear the voice of one Her Imperious Condescension...]

Wow, and right when I thought you couldn't get more fucked up, Mayfield.

[...Except does she usually swear this much? The Psiioniic is not a happy camper.]

What kind of messed up joke is this? First you did that- that thing with my best friend and now you're shoving me into THIS body? What bullshit are you smok...ing...

[He trails off.]

[There's a long moment of silence.]

[A giggle. An excited giggle. Then, whispered very quietly-]

Messed. Is. This. First. Best. Shoving. Bullshit.
Okay, you know what, never mind that. Mayfield, I need all the 'S' words and tongue twisters you can give me.

Now. Thanks.

C. Action, midmorning. En Route to 431 Peepers


[After the initial thrill of finally being freed of a lisp, Psiidence has realized that he should probably go check on his own house and Milla, just to see if she's been bodyswapped too... and also, yeah, to see if that Batterwitch is messing up his body.]

[There's just one problem.]

[And that problem keeps getting trapped around lightpoles, fire hydrants, trees, small animals, and children.]

[Yeah, Psiidence hasn't exactly mastered the art of hair yet. So feel free to come across the poor guy, trying to untangle his hair yet again... usually by going at it with a saw he managed to somehow find.]

[Yep. Leaving behind a trail of massive chunks of hair until he gets to Milla's house, no big deal.]

D. Action. All around Mayfield.


[Having a bit of trouble? You might suddenly find a tall alien woman with a a cute bob haircut, a pretty dress, and a bright smile on her face trying to help you.]


[Are you a teenager or a child? Do you look like a teenager or a child? Then you may find that very same tall gray alien woman waving you over!]
Hey! Excuse me for a second, come here!
09 April 2012 @ 08:36 pm
03 ~*~ Home is where you bury your dead  
[ 436 Peepers St. : Morning : Open ]
[ You would think that retrieving one's own gravestone would be the cause for alarm, or at least grief. On the contrary, Yoshika is clinging to the freshly unwrapped stone block with such a huge smile on her face that you would think she had won it at a raffle or something.

While her mind may be scattered, and she forgets a lot of things, there is one thing that is rarely far from her thoughts:

Home. ]

[ Phone : Open ]
You knoooow...? [ For a second, it's as if she was going to just stop there. No one reasonable would trail off like that, would they? ]

This town could really learn a thing or two about reviving bodies from Lady Seiga. I died twice already and I feeeelt really icky afterwards. It's not supposed to be like that!!! [ Yes, the regain reminded her of something she meant to comment on weeks ago, but got distracted from. ]

[ 436 Peepers St. : Nighttime : Open ]
[ Yoshika is nowhere to be seen. The headstone sits in the yard, unattended, with nothing but a fresh track of dirt in the grass showing where it was pushed into place.

And that's all there is to it. But there's something odd about that track of dirt, isn't there? Maybe it's worth inspecting... ]
03 April 2012 @ 08:47 pm
Septiņi ● Action  
● Action ; April 1th ; 432 Peepers street ; Locked to Blind Mag

Pranking attempt number 1 )

● Action ; April 2nd ; 1247 Williams road ; Locked to Magnus

Pranking attempt number 2 )

● Action ; April 2nd ; Around Mayfield ; Locked to Bart

Pranking attempt number 3 )

● Action ; April 3rd ; 7133 Brooks lane

[It’s no use, Latvia just doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed today. Whatever strange disease was afflicting him has obviously spread. Every so often strange voices seem to circulate in his head, as much as he strains to he can’t pinpoint who they are or what they say. Eventually he manages to drag himself to the bathroom without being sick and tries to take something for his headache before flopping back into bed and trying to get some sleep.

If you’re worried about him, you can pay him a visit. If you saw him around town yesterday it was probably obvious that there was something wrong with him]
25 March 2012 @ 11:15 am
quatro! [backdated to yesterday afternoon]  
[ Milla is cheerful as ever when she picks up the phone. ]

Darlings, did any of you get that strange census in the mail?

cut for length and colored fonts )

[ Purple is Milla, yellow is Psii. ]
20 March 2012 @ 02:52 pm
[ oo2 - I was wrong, I confess ]  
[ Action ]

[ A - 432 Peepers - Morning ]

[Following the night where he all but carved up his facetwin in the driveway, Nathan has been pretty ghost-like in terms of how often he's seen around the house. Mag and Austria and most importantly Shilo have had a great lot of space to themselves. This morning, however, he can be found in the kitchen.

Doing battle with the toaster.

Before anyone thinks he's gone completely round the bend, as he jams a chair up against the back door, the chrome toaster on the kitchen table suddenly leaps for his head in a shower of angry sparks.]

[ B - Mayfield - Late Morning ]

[Today was a day to take the car. An altercation with a set of dustbins as he crossed the street on his way to work has him in a right state, fretting about leaving the girls home by themselves. He's not particularly watching where he's going.]

[ C - Hospital - Afternoon to Evening ]

[A lot of people have come into today with injuries, so he's caught up in the hustle without any time to stop and think too much, in his element. Are you a new patient who's been attacked by an unreasonably angry person or object? He can help with that. What about any fellow doctors, care to approach your usually quiet fellow physician about any help? Nurses, any charts that must be seen to or enraged patients that need to be restrained?]
24 February 2012 @ 03:08 pm
one ✠ action/voice;  
a. locked to 435 Peepers

[Had she fallen asleep after Mag had left her house and she'd begged her father to go after her? Shilo didn't know. What she did know was that it was far too bright outside her window, being used to unending grey skies as she was. It wasn't as noisy, either. She opened her eyes, and...this was definitely not her room. None of her posters, nothing of her bug collection, not the plastic-canopied bed.]

What the...?

[She gets up - oh. It's nice to have real hair and not a wig! But that's less important than figuring out where she is. Shilo dresses - in as low-key a printed dress as she can find in this weird closet - and goes downstairs.]


b. Mayfield High

There's another new girl among the ranks. She's quiet, mostly focused on her books, but she seems fascinated in biology class. Still, she's trying not to touch anything or anyone more than she has to. What's her deal?

c. phone; unfiltered

Hello. My name's Shilo. This is going to sound weird, but there's not a big deal here about people getting surgery, right? Not because they have to, but because they want to.

[She has no idea the of the size of the can of worms she's opening.]
21 February 2012 @ 07:45 am
❦♕❧ One  
{432 Peepers Street}

[Austria had been reluctant to open her eyes as she laid in bed. She could feel something was off from the moment she'd started to wake up. She was quite positive that she was not in her own bed, as she rolled over to bury her face in a rather stiff pillow. She reached a hand over to pet the other side of the bed, only to hit air instead of more mattress as she was used to. This was definitely not her bed.

Perhaps, she'd wandered into the wrong room in the middle of the night without realizing it. Her house had been going under continual changes and renovations as of late and she could have easily slipped back into one of the servant rooms in a sleepy daze. However, that failed to explain her change in dress. The cotton night gown she was now in felt coarse against her skin. It was a complete divergence from the soft chemise she had gone to bed in.

Opening an eye, Austria was certain that she was not in her home and this room was not to her tastes. Pink with white trim dominated every aspect of the design and her belongings were nowhere to be found, replaced with foreign looking little novelties. The closet, incredibly small, was filled with barely finished, unfashionable dresses that were in no condition to be worn cleaning, let alone out and about.

Had she possibly been kidnapped, she began to wonder? It certainly wasn't an impossible idea, but she was Austria. At another time this might have occurred daily, but not now. Not when her dominion and power stretched throughout Europe like it did. Whomever it was that had taken her hostage was obviously no ordinary individual.

Quietly she rose from the bed and made her way to the door, testing the strange doorknob. She hadn't been locked into her room, obviously her kidnapper did not mind if she roamed around on her own. Moving slowly and quietly she makes her way through-out the home. She didn't have time for this kidnapping nonsense.]

{Around Town}

[Hesitantly Austria wanders around town, continually reaching down to pull at the hem of a dress she'd found in her closet. It was much too short for her liking. A young lady's ankles and calves being visible was completely inappropriate, however she couldn't very well wander around in nothing more than a nightgown.

She could have stayed inside, but she was rather convinced there was something decidedly off about the house's other residents and she wasn't entirely sure if they were even remotely trustworthy. She needed some time alone to gather her thoughts regardless.

Tugging her hem down awkwardly again, she hoped her visit to Mayfield would be nothing more than brief.]
21 February 2012 @ 01:40 am
Arrival )

[Action - Throughout the Town - Early Morning]
[ His wife told him he had to go to work. He told her that he didn't have a job, not the kind she was harping about anyway. Hell, he didn't even know who she was, or the brats that were his supposed children. She wasn't having any of that though. She was smiling even more audaciously, and he assumed this was how she showed irritation. There was no winning, it seemed, so he decided to roll with the waves.

He still wasn't planning on going to work. There were plenty of reasons. Biggest one? He had no idea where he was.

So. Step one. Find what the hell this place is. Spike decides to hit the concrete. His coat is draped over his shoulder, and he's giving everything a once over. Needless to say, he does not look impressed. Rather bored, actually, like he's been kidnapped ten times over and this was nothing new.

He's trying to be inconspicuous, but he has a green jewfro and a slump as wide as a camel's back. So.

[Action - Grocery Store - Late afternoon]
[ Spike eventually finds himself buried deep within the confines of the Grocery Store. He's propped up against a wall, his face buried in a magazine. Occasionally his eyes will linger away from the magazine, but only for a second before diving right back in.

It doesn't look like he's here to buy anything. Actually, from the rather heavy bag at his side, it appears as if he's already checked out. Spike is not hiding this fact whatsoever. It also doesn't look like he's going to be shoplifting today either. He's got all the necessities. Nope - all he plans on doing is sitting back to read every last magazine on the shelf, no matter how bland and uninteresting the content is.

He is currently on Ladies' Home Journal. Exciting stuff.