30 January 2012 @ 12:46 pm
action/voice; someone's out of the factory  
a. outside 626 Topper;

[Anyone passing by Topper Street will notice the carnage outside 626. Some of the windows are broken, there's blood spattered on the inside and outside walls, and there is a pile of dead drone bodies beginning to pile up.

In the center of it is Martha Jones. Her breathing is labored and her movements are jerky, but the most obvious thing about her is her anger. She's seething under the surface, even if she's silent for now.

Oh, and she's gnawing on a dead drone's femur.]

b. Mayfield's streets;

[A little later, after regaining some of her mobility, a bloodstained Martha goes out into the town. She's muttering to herself, things like 'get this noise out of my head', but more often than not, she's snarling a name. Doctor Doctor Doctor. When she stops? She's tapping out a drumbeat rhythm, and she's breathing hard, growling at anyone passing by.]

c. phone;

[Martha's voice is hardly recognizable as her own anymore. She screams one single word into the phone before slamming it down:]


[ooc: in both a and b, due to her surgery conditions, Martha may lash out physically at your character. She won't be consciously looking to kill, but she's likely to bite or try to bite. Let me know if this isn't okay and I will avoid it!]
24 January 2012 @ 12:00 am
voice; dated just before dairy log starts  
[Martha will be short and to the point.]

If anyone is going there and needs patching up after, 626 Topper. If it's too bad to get here, have someone come get me. Martha Jones.

[All responses, unless noted, will be action.]