28 November 2012 @ 10:15 pm
[text, to all with computers]
[The revelation of her existence as a data copy was not surprising in the least. That a human was capable of even 'scanning' a data entity was impressive enough, but the fact remained that she was nothing more than a superficial simulacrum.

She had always been nothing more than a superficial simulacrum. This was not a novel sensation.

Yuki Nagato, humanoid interface, quietly sits in her room and types on her computer as the final days of Mayfield come to pass.

>Initiating contact based on previously indicated conditions
>An emergency has occurred
>Permission for further activity is requested

Activation of the Integrated Data Sentient Entity Procedure for Terminal Event Loss Mitigation Emphasizing Vital Organic Life Preservation, subset 'Emergency Mode', subset 'Class 101100101'.



[action, around town]
[A girl in a school uniform wanders around Mayfield impassively, her drifting walk as stilted and unnatural as ever.  For the first time in quite some time, Yuki is being social.

...This mostly translates to drifting straight towards the homicidal maniacs she spots.  Probably not the best idea.]

((Yuki is the godmode of godmodes.  Fighting her will likely lead to your character being subdued, as a warning.))
21 October 2012 @ 09:58 pm
[action, 1485 Kramden, post-dated to Monday]
[Early in the morning, before school begins, Yuki can be found in the kitchen of 1485 Kramden, humming softly to herself as she prepares breakfast for her beloved family. Absurdly shy, she trusts herself only around her family, and though she is aware at this point in her life that she must be adopted, she has never even questioned them as anything other than her family. She quietly bustles around the kitchen, preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.

Yuki adjusts her glasses as they begin to slip down her nose. She has, of course, always needed them to correct her vision.]

[action, school]
[At school, Yuki keeps to herself, much like she always has. She quietly listens during classes and sneaks a peek at the pages of her books when she thinks the teacher isn't paying attention - still, when called upon, her answers are almost always correct, if a bit inaudible. Or, at least, quite close. Between classes, she hugs her notebooks to her chest and keeps her eyes fixated on the floor. After classes, she waits until all the other students have filed out before following after meekly.

The sole exception to this behavior comes during lunchtime, when she allows her mind to wander. On her napkins, as she reads what clearly appears to be a romance from the cover, her hand subconsciously doodles...

'Yuki + Kyon'....

If she ever happens to spot the boy in question during the day, she will start violently and flee in the opposite direction.]

[A voice speaks out over the phone lines, soft, tentative, and confused.]

I... I-I'm so sorry to disturb you all, but... I... I have a question - for... for film enthusiasts. I haven't been keeping track of the pictures they've been showing lately - t-they're all wonderful, I'm sure, it's just that, I... I prefer reading, but, um, if it's not too much trouble... May I ask if... if there's been a science fiction film lately? ...I've been having... very strange ideas, you see, and I... oh, I can't remember attending, but I'm sure I must have seen them at the pictures.

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25 July 2012 @ 08:11 pm
[action, park]
[Information acquisition has been completed. Information compilation is now necessary for a full analysis of all events that have transpired since her droning over eight months ago. In the park, Yuki Nagato quietly sets up the laptop that had been extorted from the Computer Society and prepares to set to work. It would be necessary to restructure this primitive piece of Earth technology to be more efficient in its capability of interpreting data.

Yuki has never been terribly subtle around computers. The sound of her typing can probably be heard on the other side of town. She keeps her entire body rigid, with the exception of the fingers that move at inhumanly fast speeds. It was a pity humans only had ten of them.]

[appearing on every regained computer in town (with your permission)]

[action, store]
[Yuki eats what is put in front of her.  The trouble is that, being female and also mindlessly obedient, she has somehow been coerced by her drone parents into shopping for the whole family (actually, all it took was a single request).  Yuki wanders the aisles with a blank expression on her face, walking on tip-toe with her body tilting forward as if she were about to fall.  She had been given a list.  Otherwise, she had been told to purchase whatever she would like.

She does not like anything.  It is therefore wisest to pick at random in order to ensure the maximum possibility of picking foods that would be appreciated, which is why her basket is filled with such things as pickled beets, creamed corn, spreadable sausage, and fruit salad jello.

...Yuki pauses by the wine rack and reaches for a fifty-dollar enormous bottle of red wine.]

14 July 2012 @ 12:59 pm
[action, 1485 Kramden]
[Yuki awakes.

No sudden start, no jolt out of bed.  Simply an opening of the eyes after an unknown period of time spent unconscious.  ...This is already abnormal enough.  She does not need to sleep.  The possibility that she had died for unknown reasons lingers briefly before a quick scan of her memory banks convinces her otherwise.  No.  From her last moment of consciousness to the present, no reformulation or otherwise manipulation of the data comprising her physical body had occurred.

The last date she remembers is November 10th.  ...Today is, from a calculation of humidity, heat and miniscule differences in ultraviolet wave intensity emitting from the sun, high summer.  Most likely mid-July, considering that Mayfield liked to present itself as a location corresponding to a point in the northeastern United States.  ...Curious.

The girl silently passes out of the room, retrieving a book as she does so.  Though outwardly presenting the same as the residence she last recalled, it appeared she had once again changed addresses.

A few moments of examination and her whereabouts are made clear.  1485 Kramden.  July 14th.  She had been droned for over eight months.]

[Near-silent breathing noises and nothing else for a few moments, familiar to anyone who had ever had the pleasure of having a phone conversation with Yuki.]

...This is Nagato.  Yuki Nagato.  Requesting data pertaining to the period of time between November 11th of the previous year and the present.

Information on the recent incident regarding the carnival is particularly desired.  Further requesting permission to observe any physical objects of interest found and recovered.

[action, park]
[After being debriefed on everything she had missed, Yuki will be found resuming her normal activities as if nothing had happened.  ...Her normal activity (singular) consists entirely of seating herself in the park and reading in silence.]
20 February 2012 @ 12:49 am
O̵n̨e̡.̶ ͝M̴o͠n͡day̧ ̵M҉o͢r͢n͟i͘ǹg͞.̛  
Action A: 1652 Albright Lane//Housemates

[A girl awakes in her bed, a girl Mayfield is familiar to, but herself unfamiliar to Mayfield. Confused moments swing in pendulum for almost an hour as she watches the world outside. All functions have ceased. The Data Integration Thought Entity has been disconnected from her, as well as any synchronization with any past or future self. The data in the space is encrypted to her, or at the very least is currently beyond her manipulation. Judging from the technology she could guess a temporal displacement, but any module of transportation is beyond her. A million theories flood her interface mind, but none can be made certain without access to some of her more intuitive functions. With a blank stare, one that won't likely be leaving her face any time soon, she turns to gather data as best she can manually. The interface wanders around the house, observing the structure of the home and gathering what she's going to need to do. She stops when she notices a photograph. Gingerly, Yuki lifts the photo from its stand for further inspection.

Fabricated identity...]

Action B: Mayfield Streets//Mayfield High

[Not too much later, you can find Yuki walking down lane after lane towards the Highschool. Not too much different from her previously fabricated existence, she walks slowly and silently. Expressionless and emotionless. At the point in which she reaches the school, it'll take a few futile tugs on the door before it becomes apparent that there's a holiday being observed today.
February 20th was nothing special at North High.

If she had any opinion on the matter, it couldn't be something positive.
Maybe a little careless of her.

But alas, today she goes without and simply turns to leave.]