18 June 2012 @ 03:29 pm
Text 03 | Looking for a job is much easier here than at Ikebukuro  
A. [Action >> Around Town]

[After talking with Kuro-chan about finding a job, Kida decided to go look for one. He's not having any luck because he doesn't know what to do... He's just walking around town looking for a job. Anyone want to scout him?]

Hmm... I wonder what job should I do. Maybe I can be a bartender! Just kidding! I'm too young for that. Let's see...

B. [Action >> At the Park]

[Kida is sitting by the bench He looks through the paper to see if there is any job openings or any opportunities for him to get some money. But there's so much to do yet, very limited to his age group. What to do... And the paper is kinda weird.]

I never knew the paper has such weird news on there...
31 May 2012 @ 01:32 pm
Text 02  
[Kida is just strolling around town. Not only getting used to this place but to also figure out why he's been getting this strange feeling.

He is just around town. Just stop him to talk to him. He's feeling pretty restless from walking around.]

Phew... I think I'm starting to understand this town quite a bit...

[He stands upright and screams out loud towards the sky]

19 April 2012 @ 07:25 pm
Text 01  
[Kida is in his room sleeping then wakes up in pajamas he didn't wear but he was too drowsy to notice. He automatically reached for his cell phone which obviously isn't here. He noticed that it wasn't there and started to look around for it. Then he noticed that he's not where he was last night. He rushed out of his room and down the stairs, catching a glimpse at "family" photos. Doesn't seem like he was ever in these pictures but it seems as if he was here his whole life.

But that didn't calm him down one bit. It was strange.

. . . How did I end up here? I was sure I was with Saki the last time I saw her. I took a nap and.. That's right! This is a dream! That has to be it!

[He proceeds to pinch himself and it hurt really badly.]

Ow! Ok.. It's not a dream. Then where am I?

[Voice: Phone conversation:

Kida looks around and spots the phone. He starts to dial numbers he knew unaware of the fact that he's not in Japan anymore. But either way, he's looking for someone he knows or at least someone who can explain to him the situation. Well?

[Action: 912 Bilko: In/Front of house:

You would see Kida outside the house in his pajamas, directionally challenged, looking awfully worried and shocked. The houses look all the same. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS PLACE?!


You can see Kida trying to solve this mystery in the house. There may be a lot of noise if the neighbors can hear anything but most definitely people in the house can hear.