04 March 2012 @ 02:38 pm
The sixth bunny: Don't feed rabbits chocolate  
Around Mayfield

[He knew he shouldn't, but the chocolates looked tantalizingly good. So, when he saw that the drones weren't looking, Mesousa grabbed one and (slowly) dashed out of the house.

Soon, the effects of the chocolate starts to kick in. Mesousa would be feeling like a teenaged bunny again, hopping around looking for a nice girl bunny to rub noses with, but since chocolate is incredibly poisonous to rabbits, instead, he can be found slowly walking down the streets, looking a somewhat odd color and occasionally resting against a signpost looking like he is about to vomit.]
09 February 2012 @ 06:35 pm
The Fifth Bunny: An Apology, Earlier this morning.  
[Mesousa was feeling really really bad about what he did while under the influence of the crazy drug. It took a few days, but he finally managed to trick the drones in his house outside long enough for him to use the kitchen so that he could make up for it.]

A - Around Town

Mesousa can be seen wandering around the streets of Mayfield, struggling to pull a red wagon filled with Tupperware containers. Inside the containers are two rice balls an a number of Rabbit Apples. Mesousa's paws are bandaged up.

B - 1649 Albright Lane, 311 Miller St, 312 Miller, 945 Buelah St, 950 Buelah, or 773 Bunker (Please specify where!)

There is a small white rabbit who is struggling to poke at your doorbell with a stick that he seems to be having trouble holding onto. Behind him is a wagon full of Tupperware containers with food in them.
01 February 2012 @ 05:33 pm
True Breaking Bunny (Backdated to Jan 31)  
[A|Action|Outside Mayfield Hospital]

[Mesousa exists the hospital in what seems to be almost a haze. He is intently licking his paws, which, like much of his body, are covered in drying red and purple blood. He begins to walk down the street into town, seeming almost as if he is floating as he walks. Occasionally, the bunny give out a laugh of pure glee in between licking the ends of his paws.]

[B|Action|Around Town]

[While walking down the sidewalk, the spacey bunny trips over a small rock. When he regains his footing, he lets out a scream made of pure bunny rage before running over to the rock, picking it up, and hurling it at a the nearest passerby.]
17 January 2012 @ 09:03 pm

[Mesousa lets a phone call ring to every house in Mayfield. He sounds ecstatic.]

He's gone! The evil clown man is gone!

When the sirens woke me up this morning I though he has set fire to my hutch again but it wasn't on fire and and and the people inside were alive and there wasn't blood everywhere!

And I can use the phone t..[you hear the sound of a phone receiver clattering on the ground.]

But I still don't have any thumbs...