11 August 2012 @ 12:00 am
vingt-six † puppies come in all kinds  
[Phone - Public]

Good morning! This call is addressed to anyone who might be interested in keeping a pet. I have... a number [because hell naw she's not going to say 15 on the phone provided a few didn't get lost along the way already] of Scottish Terrier puppies that are looking for new homes. They're around a year old, purchased at the pet store here a few months back. The previous owner can no longer take care of them, so I was hoping that maybe others would like to adopt them into a different household instead. They're docile around people and enjoy playing outside a lot, they're also all fit and in good health. [Not a direct result of being intimidated at will, forbidden from showing their muzzle in the house when a certain household member is also around, and forced to look for their own food half the time because the food's limited in the backyard, nope... THESE PUPPIES DON'T HAVE SPADES TO SPOIL THEM ANYMORE, but they do look ok and they're drone animals so no one can tell. SHHHH....] If you'd like to meet them in person, please feel free to drop by at 1125 Taylor Road at any time this afternoon. Thank you for your time!

I. Taylor Road ;; Afternoon

[there is like

a dozen or something of Scottish Terrier puppies wrestling with each other on the front lawn. Ciel's somehow managed to gather them together after all, what a miracle... She doesn't look too enthusiastic about this, though, adjusting her glasses as she gives the animals a flat stare.

Close by is an angelic boy dressed in white with short and smooth black hair loitering by the fence. ...Oh wait, maybe that boy is the reason for her indifferent mood. Ciel's never happy when Merem ([personal profile] splitthebaby) is around, is she? But Merem at least seems to be enjoying himself with the puppies. It's not like he can talk to animals and is here to judge any potential pet owners because he cares more about drone animals than humans or anything, NOPE


((OOC: Joint prompt with Merem Solomon, tags will be separate to make it easier for everyone o/))

II. Church ;; Evening
[Business as usual. If the Sister isn't in the front pretending to be reading the Bible but actually working on less holy things busying over something, you can probably find her in the back kitchen. The lights are all on there, easily noticeable from the side windows to any outsider. That means the place is open for tea and sweets and dubious sound spiritual advice for any wary of mind. Got nothing especially interesting planned for the night? Why not drop by? Everyone's secretly heretical anyway.]

III. Church ;; Night
[It's past 10pm, and the lights are out. ...That is, except for a very dim one placed above the door to the back entrance of the Church. A robed figure slinks out, headed towards the small cluster of woods past the storage shed. It's late and no one really comes to the Church except for select losers. Yeah, this may look fishy, but Ciel can totally take a few steps around her own Mayfieldian natural habitat without getting accosted, right.


IV. Around town ;; Late Night
[Patrol as usual. As we know, old habits can be hard to break. It's not like anything exciting ever really happens after midnight in Mayfield, but heck, Ciel HAS gotten a few kicks in the past stalking vampires and scaring them without actually doing anything because lol OP vampire hunter with all her regains back. GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE, HAH.

...ER, that is. She'll be swinging by the streets, traveling by hopping lamp posts and roofs and etc as usual, gonna stop by the park and downtown a bit to ultimately end up at Makeout Point. The view is nice, alright... And there just might be something up there, that she may or may not wanted to check up on. Also out for a midnight stroll? You might just run into her! ...Or she might end up stalking you for a bit. Hey, she never denied her line of work to be questionable...]
28 May 2012 @ 09:55 pm
5th [action]  
[The Park]
[This time, the park isn't a partially ruined mess.

Nope, today is a science day. Multiple tables have been dragged together. Along them are sticks, stones, pipes, and a few other random items. Truly an assortment for the scientist. Well, one table does have a microscope at the end. Microscopes are needed for SCIENCE.

Of course, there are papers with badly, badly drawn diagrams. Don't make fun of Merem's art skill!

What's all this for? He's waiting for Marisa to show up, as promised. She's got a few things to learn so her own training can continue.

If you're not Marisa, you're free to chill out with Merem. He's more than willing to share his knowledge of nature, at least. It's his biggest love aside from history.]

[1125 Taylor]
[Welcome to the kitchen of Ciel's house.

Where Merem and Marisa are finished with making curry and are now chowing down.

Don't you want in, Ciel?]
03 May 2012 @ 11:06 pm
4th [action]  
1486 Kramden
[Knock knock.

Merem wants to see Arcuied and this is where she lives. The vampire has one goal in mind, to ask her to the prom. Unfortunately, this will be a difficult task, even for him to complete. So his knocks are rather...timid at first. But they grow stronger. And louder if Arcueid doesn't hear it the first time.]

The Park

[What a disaster. In case you haven't guessed, Merem couldn't even work up the nerve to ask Arcueid what he wanted.

And that left him very angry and depressed, which meant only one thing in vampire physics.

Three trees ripped up and a broken bench. Plus Merem sulking and trying to contain himself. It's not wise and cool to show off like this.]
28 March 2012 @ 08:56 pm
4th [action]  
[Today, there is a knock at your door! But it's not that usual vampire brat standing there once the door opens. Instead, it's a teen girl with white hair, also known as the Rat King going around as a human.]

Good afternoon. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about the supernatural?

[It's survey time....]
24 February 2012 @ 09:51 pm
3rd [action]  
[There's nothing suspicious here. Nothing at all. Well, except for the moe faced mechanical doll and the carpenter working hard on the side of a garage. The garage at 1125 Taylor, as a matter of fact.

Sitting on a chair watching is Merem. With him are quite a few rats and a few birds. Also, surprisingly, both of his arms are gone....]

Did Ciel really say that? That's rather embarrassing, I'd imagine.

What was that...?

[One of the rats chitters and then they all start rolling around, one flopping right off the chair. Merem ends up laughing along with them.]

A good king likes to help out but...heh. He can't help his appearance. I think they call that Plumber's Disease, by the way.

No, no, don't keep making fun of him. You'll hurt his pride. And Lady Windup doesn't exactly have a sense of humor. She'll take what you say literally so be careful.

Though did you hear? The Rat King has been hanging around with girls lately. I wonder if he's taken a liking to them. He might end up being more human than me before it all ends.

[He tilts his head as another rat speaks up.]

Well, he is more properly behaved and groomed than you. Of course he'll get free food. What? You think that's all it is? Hm....

Instead of pondering that, how about you get back to work. I'll have something special for you once it's all over.

[All the animals bound down from the chair and start to help out, carrying tools here and there and keeping things level. Thankfully, the creepy one sided conversation is over but it's like he's really Snow White.]
13 February 2012 @ 11:12 pm
2nd [phone]  
For over eight hundred years, this has been the source of all my troubles with that foul, fake Princess and her cohorts. That Altrouge will never understand because she was never human to begin with. She never understood what it was like to look up to someone who appreciated you for your own talents.

[Oh god he has to suck up a gulp of air THIS IS TOUGH.]

The Princess of the True Ancestors, Arcueid Brunestud. I want you to know that I love you. This isn't a sudden thing either. I....I have loved you for over eight hundred years but I simply refused to say anything. Now that has changed.

[One guess on which flower he had. Oh well, he almost feels better that it's out now. But he also doesn't look WISE AND COOL anymore.]
12 February 2012 @ 02:10 pm
1st Spellcard: Transcendence of Faith "Armed Only With Prayer"  
Action A: 842 Hastings Boulevard; locked to housemates

(Greetings, housemates! You have a new daughter/sister in your home who's understandably worried about her new location and the loss of her powers; unlike typical Mayfield newbies, however, Reimu here has gone and pretty much littered decorated the entire house with paper charms to ward off the evil that brought her here. You just might see her writing up a few more charms or hanging up the finished ones, but she's taking as much of her shrine as she can into this new place.)

Action B: Outside 842 Hastings; Open to all

(With the house now buried protected by charms and seals, Reimu, in an unfortunately gray plaid dress, sits outside her home in a state of meditation and prayer. With her hair bow gone, her long hair flowed with the wind. While she should investigate the area, the lack of her power and even her normal clothes made her feel vulnerable. With her shrine gone (again), the yin-yang orbs missing and the Hakurei border nowhere nearby, Reimu resorted to prayer as her only means of leveling her mind so she could think rationally.

Translation: this is the best time to annoy her and disrupt her with whatever you want. Fellow Touhou girls are more than welcome to taunt greet her and tease comfort her regarding the formerly powerful miko of Hakurei losing everything but her sense of self.
06 February 2012 @ 07:02 pm
1st [action 1650 Albright/voice]  
[Greetings members of 1650 Albright.

I hope you weren't looking to have the drinks in the fridge because Merem is drinking them straight from the carton/jug. Minus the milk, of course. You can never be too sure.

He'd eat all the food too but meh, it's just not worth suffering through the bad taste. But he does have a big smile for whoever is walking into the kitchen.

Of course, he does have questions to be reserved for the phone too.]

Ciel. I seem to have moved somewhere else. A shame this had to happen so I'll work to rectify that a little later.

So, tell me, who out there wishes to speak? I'm sure great unspeakable things have happened so feel free to release all your woes to me. It'll make you feel better.