20 August 2012 @ 12:43 pm
[Upon having noticed that she had somehow gained the ability to phase through solid objects, Audrey had done what any teenager would do: stick her hand through absolutely everything

This is how she ended up in front of someone's house with her arm stuck through a now-solidified mailbox. She does not look nearly as concerned as she should be.]
11 July 2012 @ 02:03 am
[Action: 917 Bilko Boulevard]

[Well! That sure was a fun week of being nervous and not knowing what was happening. Now it's time to

When Audrey wakes up, there are two packages waiting for her, which isn't normal but is pretty exciting. The first box has the dress she was going to wear for her birthday party-- cool! The second box... Well, it's empty. That's disappointing. All that's in it is a picture of her mural from back home; yeah, it's nice to have a reminder of it, since that crazy baby man destroyed it, but what's she supposed to do with a picture...?

... She nearly falls all over herself running to the backyard, but it's worth it. There it is, right there on the back of the house. Her mural.

Jumping up and down is totally the appropriate reaction, right?]

[Action: Around Town]

[But, of course, an artist's work is never done, so Audrey will be on a quest to find herself some paint! You may find her:

A. Standing outside of the hardware store, looking pretty put out. Apparently, painting a house is too far into the man's realm for the drone's taste.

B. After she's finagled someone into getting her paint, she'll be rolling the cans home!


Rolling them.]
09 May 2012 @ 10:56 pm
A. 917 Bilko Boulevard

[Audrey had been excited to wake up in the morning. She was going to meet up with Ted and take care of the sprouting little tree in the center of town, which was pretty much a living dream for her.

Which is why she's vastly disappointed (and also a little confused) when she wakes up in a room that isn't her own, in a house that seems unfamiliar. But, that disappointment doesn't last for very long; in fact, it disappears the moment she opens the front door.

She steps back, eyes wide, hands clasped over her mouth. This has to be a dream, but even her dreams were never this... beautiful.]

B. The Park

[If you happen to stop by the park today, you may happen upon a teenage girl trying to climb the trees, or sitting in the grass picking flowers (and weeds) to make chains for her hair. She seems to be having a pretty good time.]