15 May 2012 @ 02:44 pm
4 Orphans: [Backdated to Mother's Day]  
[Action; park]

[Dualscar feels uncharacteristically amiable when he awakes this morning. He smiles at his drone wife and drone daughter as he leaves the house and scowls at his drone son as if it's somehow his fault.

He feels compelled to head toward the park this morning and on the walk there he feels obliged to smile and wave at any woman who so much as catches his glance. Though it would appear his idea of a smile looks threatening to unsuspecting females.

Now, he's skulking about the park occassionally picking a flower and thrusting it at strange women, he's aware of how embarrassing it is but he can't seem to stop.

He's hoping he doesn't see anyone he knows out here because he's running out of flowers and dignity.]

26 April 2012 @ 04:46 pm
3 Orphans: We don't talk about fight club. [Action+Phone]  
[Phone to everyone!]

[Dualscar has been staring at the phone for quite some time now. He has a question for Mayfield, but he doesn’t know how to ask it. His drone wife is…kind of freaking him out lately. She’s just so happy, and not in a surprisingly pleasant way like The Psionic’s wife. He doesn’t know how to ask it without her hearing, so he’s locked her in the kitchen.
He barely has the speaker to his face when there’s the distinct sound of a door being kicked open in the background. Those familiar with Mindfang will recognise her voice as she yells into the house:]

HONEY! I’m hoooooooome!

[Dualscar drops the phone to the ground, but he doesn’t hand it up, and thus the next parts of the conversation are open for listening.]

Mindfang--! How did you—ugh. Nevermind. Why are you in my—put that down. Oi!

[Now the sounds of a scuffle are very obvious. Actually, it’s starting to sound quite vicious. The sounds of glass shattering and bookcases being knocked over are becoming more constant and the two of them pass the occasional taunt or curse at each other.]

[Action outside 342 Brady Lane]

[At some point it seems like they’ve crashed onto the yard, anyone happening to pass by will see them tussling and anyone in the area could probably hear them swearing up a storm.]

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14 April 2012 @ 12:41 am
Orphaner Dualscar ==> Be the mutant troll jesus [Action]  

[Dualscar has been sleeping a little easier with his troll body, he feels safer than he ever did as a squishy human. While he'd still like his gun back, he can be pleased with the small victories. Small victories that are about to be overshadowed.]

[Action A]

[When he opens his eyes, the first thing that occurs to him is that his room has changed. However, sudden differences during the night have been a regular occurance for him.

When he slips out of bed, he becomes increasingly aware that his body feels different. He puts his feet on the ground for a moment, staring at them before dashing madly to the bathroom and staring in horror at the mirror. This is fucking impossible. This is a horror terror.

What have they DONE to his BODY!?

He's going to stare in horror at the mirror for a while, people within Sufferer's home may run into him doing so.

Eventually, he will change and proceed to march toward his home looking for

a) His beautiful body or b) Psiioniic, who is obviously behind all of this.

For the Sufferer, he looks uncharacteristically angry and he strides with his chest puffed out.]

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20 March 2012 @ 05:54 pm
One Orphan [Action+Phone]  
A. 342 Brady Lane.

[Dualscar wakes with a start. The last thing he recalled was the sound of Highblood's laughter and the sight of well...quite a bit of his own blood. He presses a palm to his face, grumbling under his breath about terrible nightmares.

That's when he notices he's pink.

He rears back against the bed and wakes his drone wife, who is offputtingly pleasant about almost being smothered to death. So much so that he decides he's getting the fuck out of that bed. She leaves him in peace and he paces the room before coming downstairs, only to be informed that pajamas are not for leaving the house in.]

B. Around town.

[So. He's pink, squishy and in a strange place. If he didn't know the subjuggulators better he would assume it was a joke.

As a seadweller, he's always had a strong connection to the ocean, but it seems to have waned. In his heart he knows that if he can find the ocean he'll be able to find his way back home.

Now he's shouldering his way through neighbourhoods, trying to find it and failing quite horribly.]

[Back and incredibly displeased he demands his wife tell him the information he needs. She directs him to the phone and watches as he attempts to use it.

There's a long pause before he speaks.]

This. Isn't. Fuckin' Funny.

[He drops his voice lower.]

Where is Her Imperiousness?