25 April 2012 @ 11:44 pm
001 → action; phone; backdated to earlier in the day  
 [action for 624 Topper Street;]

[ Greetings 624! Whatever tiny drone kid you once had in your house is now apparently absent. In it's place is...probably a much tinier non-drone child. Who is currently wrapped up in his blanket and slowly making his way to every room in the house, and not even bothering to knock when he barges right into your room to look around.

Alternatively, he's now found the fridge and is trying to work it open so he can raid whatever is inside. ]


[ And now that things have been properly re-explained to Luca, he's found the phone instead. And is obnoxiously repeating "Hello?" in various levels, at one point plainly shouting right into it. Sorry about your ears! ]