25 June 2012 @ 10:11 am
#5 - Carnival  

[He'd spent a few hours at the Carnival.  Those few hours turned into an entire day of trying to keep people out of the Freak Show and off the rides.  The drones didn't listen at all.]

There is definitely something wrong with that Carnival!  I've never seen--

Nobody should go to it.  Again, nobody should visit the Carnival.  Please don't!

[It's very easy to hear that he's frustrated and basically disturbed by all of it.]

[Action] - Mayfield Police 

[He'll go to the police station.  If there is another police officer there, he will ask them to help him.  If not, he'll leave.]
23 April 2012 @ 04:27 pm
#4 - Regain  
The first disappointment came when he got a package in the mail that was much too small to hold John.  Keith knew it couldn't possibly be his friend, not unless something disastrous had happened, so he took it into the house before carefully opening it in the living room.  After digging through packaging peanuts, he finally holds a photograph of white clouds in a perfect blue sky  It felt a bit cruel, and he gave a long sigh, exasperated.  

And then the lamp crashed into the wall, right at that moment.  A few startled blinks later, he'd blown out a few windows in the front room in a fit of exuberance.  

. . . that was a mistake!  He'd be sure to fix them first thing tomorrow.  But he had his powers back. ]

[The second disappointment was the next morning, when Aoife kissed him good-morning.  Then she asked him what he wanted for breakfast.  After asking for a fried egg while half-asleep, he sat up worriedly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.  She never asked him what he wanted for breakfast.

It looked like Aoife, but it wasn't her.  She'd been droned.  He'd run a hand under the pillows of the bed to make sure, and there wasn't an axe or blade left behind.]

A -- 919 Bilko Blvd - Action for housemates

[Right now, as it was his day off, Keith is in the living room.  He's going to perform a little test, namely, how the windows manage to perfectly repair themselves overnight after he shattered them the day before.  And that's why he's popping out a few front windows with his powers, intending to stay up all night to watch them fix themselves.  

Housemates and neighbors, feel free to ask what is going on.  The breaking glass is definitely loud.]

B.  - The Park - open to all

[So much for his plan, after accidentally falling asleep, he'd hurried downstairs and laid a hand on the cool glass of a perfectly repaired window.  It really was something.  He was pretty sure, though, that he was more bothered by it than amazed.

It was a bit lonely in the house at night.  Mamizou was good company, but not wanting to wake her he'll leave the house and go to the park. 

And then he'll really start using his powers.  If the windows were a good indication, he didn't have to worry too much about damaging the park.  It would be fine in a day or so, Keith thought.  He'll use a gust of air and his own power to get himself about 5-6 feet in the air, a subtle blue glow enveloping his body, and then he'll let those garbage cans have it.  Happily, he'll send one soaring high into the air, then another, and another, holding them there.  

This early, he had little worry about being seen.  It is loud, though.  He'll stop after only about 15 minutes, satisfied.  He could really use his jetpack.]

C.  Mayfield Police Station - the next morning - open to anybody and co-workers

[He had office work today.  Although he missed being out meeting new people and trying to answer their questions - with answers he, himself, found sadly inadequate - today was an office day.  He was by himself, at the moment, so Keith plays a little game.  After folding a sharp-looking paper airplane, he's using just his fingers to send it short puffs of air, keeping it aloft and turning it slowly through the office.  It was a good way to practice some focus, some control, though he'd done it so often by now since he learned he was a NEXT that he hardly had to think about it. 

It wasn't as if he wanted to do any paperwork, but he also wasn't sure what to do.  If a co-worker shows up, he told himself, he'll ask for their help with this filing right away.  It wasn't good to be idle.]

02 April 2012 @ 04:07 pm
#3 - Prankfield  
 [A] - [for Anakin [personal profile] chosen_to_fall , Fujiwara no Mokou [personal profile] reflames , Mion Sonozaki [personal profile] envyspites , Will Schuester [personal profile] bustsamove , and Ilsa Higa [personal profile] ooeeooahah  ]
[Once he'd gotten home from downtown, Keith had found the letter and what Shirley had done made much more sense. 

What a strange town. . .

While not exactly competitive, an idea suddenly struck him. He was used to games - Hero TV, for example - and he enjoyed them. Maybe if he could help some people but still play the game, it would be worth it.

Which is why the people in his letter are going to get a knock at the door, or a ring at the doorbell. When the door is opened, the only thing that will be on the porch is a pastry box and a note.  You've been ding dong ditched!

 The pastry box has pie!  Delicious, normal pie, to make up for the trick. The note reads: 
Have a nice day. 

p.s. You may want to stay inside. 

It may be possible to catch him though; maybe he's tripped, or maybe this house has something magical about it, or maybe there's a sneeze from those bushes or behind that fence.  But he's trying very hard for a clean getaway!]
B. - Anywhere
[That was better.  It was a bit strange how he felt so much better after leaving his notes; less tired, so much less that it was noticeable. He's going to walk home quickly though; he definitely understood he was a target for othe-- Oh, that was a nice cloud in the sky.

Maybe he's a little less focused than he hoped.  And he'll definitely be helping anybody in need.]

30 March 2012 @ 01:58 pm
[ This morning, Keith was woken up from a blissful sleep by a ringing phone asking him why he wasn't at work.  After double-checking that he was still in Mayfield, and double-checking that he was still without his powers, he'll reply.]

I'm sorry, but . . . what?

[And get an ear-full, possibly a few threats.  But Keith was a patient man, and eventually he got the message that he was expected at the police station.  

Still . . .he just wasn't sure why.]

A - Mayfield Police Station

[The answer comes to him when he's staring at a desk with a name-plate on it.  

Officer Goodman.  

There's also a metal foot-locker on the desk with his name on it, containing a full uniform, a pistol and holster - and a badge. 

Officer Goodman.

It wasn't as though he weren't qualified for it; he was, most likely.  He was even happy to serve, and he got happier the more he thought of all the people he could help!  But there was still a very small and very confused part of Keith that was hoping he would wake up at home after going to a bar with Tiger, Fire Emblem, or Bison and this was all a strange dream.]

I don't remember applying for this job at all.  But I also don't remember coming here at all, not one bit. . .

[He's mostly talking to himself.  He could probably use a little help.]

B - Mayfield Elementary School

[Oh no!  That was really unsafe!  Little kids crossing the street all by themselves with no adults in sight!  This road was so busy, there was probably a car driving down it right this minute --

--it was probably just a few miles away, is all.  Nevermind, he's just going to make sure that all the little ones get across the street safely.  Extremely friendly Officer Goodman will just be stopping any kids before they go out into the street and making sure it's safe for them to cross.  Are you going to listen?  Are you driving?  Are you going to stop?  ]

C - Anywhere in Mayfield

[Okay, well, patrol.  That was something he knew how to do!  Sure, he'd patrolled from the skies, but Keith was not one to be defeated by the details.  You might catch him in the patrol car, walking about, or maybe writing a ticket.  Have a concern?]

09 March 2012 @ 11:16 pm
 A - 919 Bilko Blvd - for housemates

[Keith was an early riser, not out of any real joy in being up in the morning, but out of necessity.  There was training to do, and John to walk, breakfast to eat and people to meet with.  He just couldn't afford to linger in bed.  

Which is why, when he wakes up and sees an unfamiliar clock next to an unfamiliar bed, and it's already past 8AM, he's wondering what happened.  He definitely remembered going to sleep last night in his apartment, definitely, but he's not there anymore.  

So he'll turn, reaching over for what should be John, but instead is a woman he has never seen before in his life.  His hand is resting on her hip, and he'll freeze, at a loss for words.]

B - The Police station

[Once he's managed to get the short version of Mayfield, he's more than worried about where John could be and who is taking care of him.  He really needs to get out of here, so he'll go to the only place he can think of that might be useful.  ]

C.  Anywhere in town

[Clad in the only clothes he could get a hold of quickly, a bright blue tracksuit, and frustrated about his lack of NEXT powers, Keith will be sadly walking the streets of Mayfield while carrying an armful of papers.  If someone were to pass him, he'll be handing them one of the papers, which turns out to be a flier.]


Golden Retriever 

named JOHN

Please return to 

Keith Goodman 

919 BILKO Blvd

I'm sorry, really, I'm very sorry to bother you.

But if you see him, you'll know his name is John by his collar!  He's my best friend.

[Later, he can be found looking a bit discouraged in John Doe Park.  He's sitting on a bench with the papers stacked next to him, shoulders slumped.]

D.  [Phone]

I'm sorry to interrupt anybody on the phone, really I am, but I'm really confused about what is going on here.  Is this for Hero TV?  Is this something the sponsors or Miss Joubert came up with?  I really don't think it's possible that I could forget about getting married, so this can't actually be real, can it?

Is anyone there?  I keep trying the numbers I know and it isn't working.

E.  [Phone]  

I found a strange animal in the park!  Is anybody missing a creature with a long, flat nose, and a long flat tail?  His name is Perry Doofenshmirtz.  [He slaughters the last name, though.]