02 June 2012 @ 08:47 pm
017 ~*~ Not your mistress and maid  
(AU Information) )
[ Action : Mayfield Elementary (backdated to the 6/1 - the last day of school!) ]
[ Even though she dislikes being around so many humans, the smaller ones are more tolerable. This is one ofthe excuses she has made for herself as came in for work today. Meiling understands (and dreads) what happens to people who skip out on "work", even if the concept makes little sense to her. She only needs to do things for herself, and not others! Not like this, anyway. But she supposes these tiny, weak humans are not capable of doing things for themselves to such an extent at this young age.

You can find her doing one of several things:

A. Mopping the halls. And by "mopping" I mean she is dumping the entire contents of the bucket out onto the floor (yes, even if it's dirty water) and then just sort of pushing it around with her mop. It doesn't even matter if you are standing nearby or not. (Though if she knows you, she'll be nice and splash AWAY from your feet.)

B. Someone told her to clean the erasers. Meiling takes a pair in her hands, steps out into the hall, and slams them together with such force that it manages to create a nice, huge cloud of chalk dust! And also demolish the erasers in the process. Hope you weren't standing by her when it happened.

C. The windows are dirty on the outside, so Meiling is washing them off with a hose. Simple, right? Except she isn't bothering to see if any of them are open or not, first. That better not be an important book or assignment you were working on!

Worst. Janitor. Ever. ]

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane]
[ There is one redheaded youkai, sleeping peacefully in the yard. The way she is curled up you wouldn't think she was any sort of threat at all. Though she is squishing some flowers that she might ordinarily have been more careful about — which is odd enough by itself — but is there... blood on her white shirt and baggy pants? It's not just a little, either.

...It might be best to let sleeping dragons lie. ]
07 May 2012 @ 04:20 pm
016 ~*~ "The lifespan is the same, whether it is spent laughing or crying."  
[ Action : Multiple addresses ]
[ Do you like gardening? Meiling certainly does. All this week, she's going to be at this when she isn't at her job cleaning Mayfield Elementary. You can find the redhead in the following yards, planting new flowers, trimming hedges, pulling weeds... just being a happy little busybody.

+ 1647 Albright Lane
+ 340 Brady Lane
+ 752 Partridge Drive
+ 506 Ricardo Street

Poke her. Help her. Wonder what the hell she's doing. Meiling is focused on her work, performing all tasks by hand even if a spade would help most. It doesn't matter to her if she gets dirty or scratched. She feels that she has to do this.

—though hard work IS hard, so she can just as easily be found napping in those yards, too, as she takes a break. ]
26 March 2012 @ 10:54 pm
016 ~*~ Earning Her Keep  
[ Action : Around Mayfield : Tuesday morning ]
[ The red mist in the morning brought about a nostalgic feeling at first. It reminded her own home and the adventures had there. That feeling was quickly replaced by a sense of dread when Meiling realized that it was the very same mist as home, and thus there could only be one culprit behind its reappearance here in Mayfield. Remilia!

—and the last time it was invoked? Well. Let's just say things got rough for the SDM crew.

Without wasting a moment, she changed her clothes and bolted from the house; taking to the air in order to avoid bumping into things on the ground. The problem was that flying in this red mist was about as difficult as walking in it.

Anyone who has the same idea might spot a long shadow quietly slightering its way through the sky. It's either a dragon, or maybe it's Falcor. Hard to tell in this mist! But she's doing her best to dodge any skyward obstacles. ]

[ Action : 506 Ricardo : Tuesday, all day ]
[ She has to admit, it feels good to stand watch again. There have been few chances to really make herself this useful, so she's pleased to stand at the front of the yard while Remilia tends to her business inside.

Perhaps you're here to challenge her mistress?

Perhaps you're here to challenge the gatekeeper, instead.

Perhaps you're just sneaking by because Meiling is not always the most attentive...

Whatever the reason, whomever approaches the property (if her eyes are open), will get a smile and a wave because, well, not all visitors are automatically hostile. ]

((OOC: Related to the Scarlet Mist player plot~ Expect fighting in this post if your character makes themselves out to be a serious threat to Meiling or Remilia. No death, no dismemberment, but no spell card rules either. Danmaku is non-lethal, but not exactly fair to those who aren't good at dodging.

Bendy-time means no fight is first or last, but Meiling won't be down for the count for long if someone manages to beat her. Questions? PM me!))
04 March 2012 @ 02:48 pm
015 ~*~ ( ●ω● )  
[ Action : 340 Brady Lane : March 4th ]
[ There is a 7 foot tall fluffy panda in the yard, tending to the flowers. It is wearing a familiar green cap with a gold star on it.

That's it.

That's all the context you get. ]

[ Action : Around Town : Monday, March 5th ]
[ Said panda is running errands, today. She doesn't seem to be bothering any drones, who greet has as "Mrs. Hong" all the same, and she stops to smile and chat with them as if nothing was amiss. ]

[ Eventually, she shows up to work. So have a giant panda janitor mopping the school halls, kids! Don't be afraid; she gives rides. ]

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05 February 2012 @ 10:49 am
014 ~*~ It needed ketchup...  
[ Action : John Doe Park ]
[ The park, more or less, looks like a warzone. A myriad of scorch-marks and holes pockmark the grass, trees, and benches. Someone has been busy peppering the area with danmaku, but the damage is actually pretty minimal. It was done to catch the attention of the drones and anyone else who had been present, but no one was actually hurt in the crossfire. An amazing thing feat, and tiring, but then again she has yet to kill anyone (that wasn't a ghoul or a zombie) her whole time here and would like to keep it that way. ]

[ Meiling is currently resting against the base of the statue of the Mayor ... or what's left of it. The monument in question is missing most of if above the knee. Arms are broken off and cast to the floor, but the top half is missing. Are those... teeth marks? Hard to say, but there is no other traces of it. It couldn't have just vanished.

All there is now is a stump against which the gatekeeper is resting, bloody bandages wrapped around her neck and forehead. Despite her slumped over position her brilliant blue eyes are alert, watching for any police officers or other town workers who might try and scold her for what she did. If it's a distraction that man wants, she is happy to oblige. ]
30 January 2012 @ 12:37 am
013 ~*~ Something beauty rest won't fix  
[ Action : 340 Brady Lane ]
Cut for blood )

[ Phone : Afternoon ]
[ Meiling doesn't bother to filter this. She's too... scattered, still. She's cleaned up and bandaged up but it is taking all of her energy to keep her body in the state it's in. She sounds sleepy. Strained. ] Sakuya? I'm... do you remember that dream we talked about? I'mmmmm... having it again. [ Hopefully her friend will understand that vague message. She doesn't want to worry others. No. Maybe she can still fix this... ]

Everyone.... else, I hope you're okay. I'll come if you need me to come but I'm also staying inside for... for a while.